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Our Warning Process


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Warning Points.

Warning points are just what they sound. They are points issued by a mod for content that dose not follow the community guidelines. The system is in place to ensure a fun, fair, and enjoyable time here at AF for everyone.

Are Warnings Permanent?

While most warning points that are issued do in fact expire there is certain circumstances where the staff may wish to issue a permanent warning which dose not expire. This type is normally used for repeat cases, or in cases a staff member feels it necessary.

The Breakdown

There is a maximum of 10 points a member can be issued. In this case, its game over 10 points means you have been banned from AF permanently. With that said, we do want to do our best  to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to avoid this. This is why most warnings issued are only worth 1 point. Though please keep in mind warning points do stack. This means if you already have 1, and are issued another you then will have 2, and so on.

1 Point - (No Further Action

2 Points - No Further Action

3 Points No Further Action

4 Points Your posts will be moderated for 7 days.

5 Points Your Posts will be Moderated for 15 days.

6 Points Your Account will be Banned for 12 hours.

7. Tour Account will be Banned for a full 24 hours.

8 Points Your Account will be Banned for 5 days.

9 Points Your Account will be Banned for a full 30 days.

10. Your Account will be permanently Banned from AF.


How We Go About This.

The list above is a outline for how a typical course of action will go in this situation. Though any AF Staff member dose reserve the right to skip a step, and apply more points then the minimum, if they feel the situation calls for it. In a dispute situation AF Staff will always have the final say in such matters. With that said we will do our best to provide a good explanation for our actions whenever possible.

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