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Who is your favorite anime couple?


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even though is a desguised canon, my ultimate couple in anime universe, even before knowing about LGBT+ and those thingies, is nothing more nor less than Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. (And lets be honest, if even Bandai-Namco - who did this card collection back then  does this, how not to ship xD)


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Miroku and Sango (Inuyasha)


Sousuke and Kaname (Full Metal Panic)


And if I'm in the mood for tragedy and depression, Hige and Blue (Wolfs Rain)


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Of the ones I've seen, Tomoya and Nagisa from Clannad would probably be first.  Then maybe Shana and Yuji from Shakugan no Shana.  Irie and Kokoro from Itazura no Kiss or Kaoru and Aoi from Ai Yori Aoshi are others that come to mind.  For pure cuteness it'd be tough to do better than Takeo and Yamato from Ore Monogatari.

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