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Creative Corner Rules


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The Creative Corner

The Creative Corner section is a place where members of the community can share their art, writing, and other forms of expression. Its a wonderful, and fun place to get, and give advice on becoming a great artist. Anything from fan art to fan fiction, and their original counterparts are welcome here.

The Rules

So with any great thing there are boundaries that must be understood in order to preserve its greatness. Here are the basic rules when using the Creative Corner.

1. No Art Theft:

Art theft is the stealing of someone's art, and reposting it as your own without giving credit where credit is due. This is the most commonly seen in the form of reposting, but tracing someone's art (viewing it and making an exact trace) is also considered art theft, and thereby not allowed. If you have permission to post someone else's work, please indicate this in your original post of the art so that it is clear. Please be advised fan art itself is not art theft as it is fair use in a transitive form.  The same applies to fan fiction as well.

2. Mature Content in the Creative Corner:

Of course this is always a big one when people are talking about writing, or art, and that is where to draw the line on mature content. Echo content is allowed , but it must be labeled in the thread title, and content hidden behind a spoiler tag. Part of being creative is having as little censorship as possible. No hentai or R18 content.

3. Posting in the Creative Corner:

You are allowed to post as many topics as you wish in any of the sections, however if you are updating your art showcase, or a fan fiction please post the next entry in the show case, or story in the same thread that you originally started unless it is an entirely different form of art, or story, or something different altogether. 

4. Criticism in the Creative Corner:

Of course where there is art in any form, there is criticism too. They go hand in hand to force us to learn, and improve. With that said, constructive criticism is welcomed, being mean or rude is not allowed. If you truly do not like a story or work someone did, the best thing to do is click on to the next one. Artists can be very protective of their works, or writings, and they often value constructive criticism to improve themselves, so please keep this in mind while commenting on art or writing.

5. Videos in the Creative Corner:

While sharing videos is allowed across AF, please do not use the Creative Corner to promote your own personal YouTube channels, or other streaming services. The one exception to this is in the tutorials section. You are allowed to post video tutorials of your own making here for others to view. With that said it must be done in a educational manner, not for self promotion, or advertisement.

How to use a Spoiler Tag.

Here is how to apply a spoiler tag to hide adult only content, or content you wish not to show directly.

Spoiler here
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