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A place to discuss random confessions that you might want to get out of your chest, even if they are harmless, random and with a bit of slice of life attached.


For example, I will go first.


I confess that when I was young, probably 10-11 I would watch Sakura Card Captor with a fear of my parents finding out, since it was a girls show I feared they would scold me for watching it or label me as an homosexual in family reunions because I liked magical girls. So what I would do is watch it in the lobby and swiftly change channels whenever a family member walked by, this would usually make me lose keypoints of the series and a lot of combat scenes - character development, but eh, well, nothing I could do about it.

In the end it was the right choice, as my parents did confessed that they were glad none of his kids liked girlie shows and that the catholic values were being uphold... wut?

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3 hours ago, CypherCode said:

label me as an homosexual in family reunions because I liked magical girls

I would have guessed liking girls makes you heterosexual? 🤣 Also how good was Sakura Card Captor!

Just joking, but I get what you mean. What a man/boy should or should not do has changed quite a bit, and when I was that age watching a girl's show was also something people laughed at you at.  I don't even know if there are any girls' and boys' shows anymore?
For me it was watching football/soccer which, apparently, was something boys were supposed to do? I didn't dislike it but I wasn't crazy about it like many of the rest of boys my age.

Haven't yet thought of something for this thread from my own experience.

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On 3/8/2019 at 11:45 PM, Illusion of Terra said:

I would have guessed liking girls makes you heterosexual? 🤣 Also how good was Sakura Card Captor!

See this is what confuses me, watching girls do girly things somehow means you are gay, but watching sweaty men play with balls and manhandle each other is somehow what straight guys are supposed to like~?

Anyways jokes aside, uh... yeah can't think of anything to confess. I am pretty open with the mistakes I've made and don't see anything I do or enjoy as somehow "wrong". I will be a good sport though and throw something out that maybe counts.

One of my favorite pokemon is Sylveon. That probably should be embarrassing, or something? 

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I thought of something but it is quite somber, so be warned if you are not up to it.

This is not something that I per se would have to confess but it is somewhere up there. In high school one of the girls in my class was to get married righter after graduation. I didn't know her future husband and had never met him, but I knew her and she even invited me to her wedding, which I could not attend. Before graduation we had something like a class trip somewhere. On that trip however, she made out with said friend which I personally find quite terrible. After the trip she even invited him to the wedding, which I never understood why exactly. Sufficed to say he didn't attend it, and neither did I, for a different reason though. I always wondered if I should have tried to get in touch with her future husband. As far as I know they got married soon after, but I don't know what happened afterwards. Don't know if this is a confession per se though.

@SanguineTear what's wrong with Sylveon, it's great!

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