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**Possible Spoilers** Shinigami theory (Death Note)


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Ok, so this is probably going to sound like me rambling. But what if Shinigami are formed when a person dies from suffering, after causing people to suffer? This would most likely explain why the shinigami look humanoid and (cannonically) have rotten insides. If this is true then the leader of the shingamis (the ‘old man’ as ryuk calls him) is likely the only true god. This would also fit in with the thoery that Light becomes a shinigami after dieing, as he bled out on a staircase, and was you know, Kira. If you agree or have any ideas to add I would like to hear. Thanks

-Limbo Bilbo

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Ryuk did say that people like Kira who used the Death Note don't go to hell or heaven after they die. But I'm not sure if that means that he will become a shinigami. Might be, and there might be hidden clues within the manga/anime which people never paid attention to.

What I don't understand is how you come to the conclusion that the leader of the shinigami is "the only true god"? If shinigami were only created by people with a Death Note who cause others to suffer, then the leader of them, who I assume is a shinigami?, would have to have been a person who made others suffer. But how did this person get a Death Note in the first place. I don't think there is enough to argue for the idea that the leader of them is a kind of god (outside of shinigami being considered gods in Shinto in general).

Maybe someone with some background in Shinto and Japanese literature has more insight to this though.

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Light becoming a shinigami after dying would be hella awesome, but I agree that it is at best unlikely considering how evidenced a person he turned out to be. He started out with the best of intentions as most do, but then fell to corruption and therefore lost sight of well everything except his self imposed goals. In other words just going on this, and my knowledge of the series, and Japanese mythology thats what I can assume at this point. I will certainly be doing more research on this though.

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