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I kind of have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand I feel like it could generate more interest (and income) for the series & anything that makes a season 2 more likely is welcome. But I’m not sure why a new translation is necessary. Granted I’m not familiar with the manga or speak Japanese so there could be valid reasons. But I’d still like an explanation.

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Well, except that the ads (or your subscription fees) are what is paying the animators to make the stuff you're watching "for free".  Ain't nothing for free.  Sure, you can get away with it.  You can

@The History Kid Glad you’re enjoying it, definitely one of the funnier recent series IMO. There’s a movie coming out in Japan soon, hopefully CR will stream it eventually The char

KonoSuba is a pretty fun anime. I'd recommend it as a comedy to anyone who likes fantasy RPG elements. It's got a raunchy sense of humor at times, but the subtle jokes are what get me.

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This has the potential to be interesting <fingers crossed>🤞 


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2 hours ago, Ohayotaku said:


I still think someone should run with my idea of doing The Silmarillion as an anime series too though.  :)

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