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Favorite non-anime TV series

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Non-anime tv series exist?!?!?! :o I had no idea! xP




All joking aside, ever since they changed the airing of The Blacklist to Thursday nights...I haven't been able to watch it due to work. :'( That and NCIS (which I also haven't been able to watch the new eps for due to work) were the only non-anime tv series I've watched recently.



I also like comedy detective shows like Monk .

Monk was great. I was sad when the series ended. I watched every episode when it originally aired.

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I'm obsessed lately with White Collar :3


But I love all the Law and Orders


Watched House of Cards recently, and yesterday I checked out Flash but didn't click with me, really made me miss those days in which Smallville had great episodes

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I enjoy Modern Family and a few Netflix originals. I also like Gravity Falls and the 2k12 TMNT series.
Finally! Someone else who watches the 2k12 Turtles series!
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Why do you write 2K12 instead of 2012 ? it just seems odd to me...
k means thousand. Like if you wrote 1K the person knows you mean 1,000. Anyway, I guess it's so people know to say 2012 as opposed to 20 12. Also, in the turtle community people write it out this way. Same goes for the 2003 series. It's usually referred to as 2k3. The 1987 series is referred to as "OT", which means "original toon"...probably. lol


I grew up with the OT and watch the 2k12 series. Never watched the 2k3 series. Couldn't get into it at the time.

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I don't really watch much TV other than sports and the news.


The last couple series I watched was Blacklist and House of Cards. I heard The Player was good. I might try watching that.

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k means thousand. Like if you wrote 1K the person knows you mean 1,000.

I know but it just seems like it takes more time and effort to type out 2K12 instead of 2012 , which is why it's odd to me. also numbers and letters are separate things they shouldn't be put together in such way it's just not right (though that might just be the OCD talking).

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The Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead

The Strain

Game of Thrones

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Spartacus: God's of the Arena

Spartacus: Vengeance

Spartacus: War of the Damned


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BBC Silent Witness


BBC Death In Paradise

Once Upon A Time

BBC Citizen Khan

BBC Doctors

Coronation Street

Sofia The First

Sheriff Callie's Wild West

The Furchester Hotel


Outside of these 10, I don't watch anything else non-anime wise :)

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th?id=OIP.M6db8969d60641b3d85b16b41fd35c11ao0&pid=15.1 Prison break is my favorite non anime show of all time.

tumblr_mgcrmc3UQM1ql6ycyo8_250.gif Theodore bagwell was such a great character. If you haven't watched this show, you really should; Its great.


2nd non amine fave show is... MLP!!!!



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