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Favorite non-anime TV series

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I really like these television series a lot.


Veronica Mars (Anything with Kristen Bell I will watch, in a heartbeat)

Vikings (Got to represent that Nordic heritage after all)

Criminal Minds (Interesting storylines and quite dark an atmosphere, with superb acting)

CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) More along the lines of CSI NY and Miami. Great stuff!

Sea Patrol (An Australian made series about time spent and cases solved, in the navy)


and that's about it really from me.

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Non anime television? Letzee...


(in no particular order)


• The Grand Tour (Auto)

Basically an idiotic car show hosted by the folks that were previously responsible for making Top Gear one of my favorite television shows of all time. Sadly, since they've departed, Top Gear has gone down the drain in my opinion, but this one has stepped in to fill the void. It isn't quite the same (sadly, there have not yet been any

), but it has had a fair bit of utterly hilarious silliness all the same.


• Doctor Who (Scifi)

I don't think I really need to talk much about this one.


• Law and Order (Crime drama)

The original, in all of its classic glory. Watching it from the start can be fairly interesting, as they did a fairly good job of keeping current with technology and social issues as time went by.


• Columbo (Detective)

Follows a highly intelligent police homicide detective who intentionally gives the appearance of being a bumbling fool as he goes through various cases. The interactions between the murderers and the detective tend to be extremely amusing, particularly as they come to the slow (usually - some are a bit more savvy than others) realization that the guy isn't as stupid as he seems.


• Agatha Christie's Poirot (Detective)

Directly inspired by Sherlock Holmes, the Poirot series of books were published between 1920 and 1975, and take place at between 1916 and 1949. The show does an absolutely wonderful job of adapting the stories, complete with a cast of actors that are all magnificent. The stories themselves have a fair deal of variety to them, and a surprising amount of humor to be found.


• The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Detective)

No, not the modern BBC version with that one actor that people seem to love falling head over heels for - I'm talking the older series that ran from 1984 to 1994, starring the One True Holmes, Jeremy Brett. Having seen a little bit of Sherlock, I can say without any hesitation that it simply does not measure up to its older cousin. This older series has better acting, better writing, and frankly in my opinion superior characters - which may seem odd given that both of these shows share the same source material, however the modern characterization of Sherlock is... a... bit of a stretch.


• The Twilight Zone

I refuse to believe that any explanation is necessary.


... and yes, most of my favorites are old detective shows. I blame my wife, since she's the one that originally introduced me to the genre a couple years ago. Honorable television show mentions go to Monk, Mystery Science Theater 3,000, and Kitchen Nightmares (primarily the UK version).

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If I was forced at gun point to pick a single favourite it'd be Always Sunny in Philly since I've watched every season except for 11 at least 10 times (which is not an exaggeration, I really have). Other than that though:


Top Gear UK, even the really bad early seasons

Grand Tour

Sneaky Pete

Get Down

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The Wire trumps all.


The shows I enjoy now are Fargo, Legion (Noah Hawley should be swimming in awards this year thanks to these two shows,) Better Call Saul, Silicon Valley, Sense 8, and some others.

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Planet Earth - I'm not much fan of nature, but after watching Planet Earth. The show gave me a greater appreciation for mother nature and the wonders she holds. A wonderful done masterpiece if I do said so myself.


C-SPAN - My most trusted source for news and I enjoying listening to viewers who call in and give their opinions on a topic.


Investigation Discovery - So many crime shows to watch.



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I'm currently watching the last season of Black Sails and yeaaaaah, it's amazing, can't wait to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 5 <3


My favorite character from Black Sails would be Vayne, his personality is indeed the one of a true pirate and captain, ayy!


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