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New slang that annoys you


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7 hours ago, Seshi said:

@Greeneyes y'all isn't slang... now you're just hatin on southerners... lol

Thank you for saying that ^_^  I use y'all a lot myself!


I personally can't stand "Roasted".  One of my coworkers uses it constantly and it is getting to be really annoying.  "Baby-daddy" is another one I find annoying.  Please find some other way to refer to your ex...like I don't know....your EX.  I had another coworker in the past who talked about her "Baby-daddy" almost nonstop.  Wanted to pull my hair out.  I don't need nor do I want an explanation that you had a child with the guy everytime you want to refer to him, no matter how short the explanation is.

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Since I don't live in an english speaking country, I hardly ever hear english slang that often - really, mostly through the internet. I do use 'yeet', 'sheeesh' and 'skurr' from time to time (and other hip hop ... noises), though mostly ironically. I often use 'stacy', 'chad' and 'normies' with my friends, and I like to annoy my non weeb friends with 'can I get an UWU?' 

What annoys me is when people talk like: "yo, yo, dude look at this! shit's sooo liiit, brah." (and yes, some people do that in German too. They don't even bother translating it...)

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I wonder what foreigners think of english slang like they are learning the language and hear someone say Yeet and like wtf is that..

I mean who can define what yeet means?


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@Greeneyes For non-natives slang is a lot like dialect.

The differences between y'all, all y'all and y'all all, is just as weird as the different uses of yeet. But in general you get a rough idea by hearing people use it, yeet. Also you don't really hear too much slang if you are not living in an English speaking country because most things you hear in English will be rather professionally made stuff that use standard English. So you don't really even hear about slang that often.

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This thread is giving me flashbacks.  When I was in about second grade we lived for a year or so in Huntsville, Alabama.  Back then that was pretty deep south and the accent/slang was pretty thick.  My dad was from S. Carolina so he was used to it, but my mom and my brothers and I had lived on the west coast (US) for virtually all of our lives.  Fortunately kids that age learn fast so after a few months my mom developed the habit of using us kids as translators.  :D

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My God that video reminded me of trying to have a conversation with my 13 year old sister lol.

I admittedly say "yeet" a lot but only because I like the way it sounds~ lmao.

"Weird flex but okay" is really the only one that gets on my nerves for no particular reason.

So does finding these phrases slightly annoying and confusing mean that I am getting old now? 😧 

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