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Journey of the Dimensions (working title)

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Hello everyone my name is Julian Barragan but y'all can call me Jubacard here lol. 
I'm a proffessional filmmaker from Colombia that for some reason decided to start writting a manga lol. 
I'm familiar with the rules of story structure and I add my flare to it, but this is for sure my first attempt at a shonen format. 

As per Ryan's suggestion I'm reposting here, would love to get this story polished into the best it can be. 

The lore of the story Centers Around The Morai Agency. They have the job of fixing time anomalies throughout space and time. Matsuko is our rebel member of Morai, and ise, our protagonist is a first semester college student who doesn't know what to do with his life, they meet and go on crazy space and time adventures. 

It's done in a screenwritting format but with some liberties taken. 
Every type of comment of suggestion is recieved! thank you! I wanna write as much as possible.  If any of you want to draw any of the situations or characters, I'd love to see what this story can inspire. Hey, maybe a collab with someone? 

Here's the story pilot. Not sure if it should be a One shot/3-4 manga chapters or how to properly split them, but as it is right now, it is meant to be read as 4 different chapters. 

Journey of the dimensions Episode 1.pdf


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Are you looking for a manga artist? I'm not a professional artist by any means but I'm willing to do free work to practice. I also write a bit. I'm reading your manuscript right now. Here is my Deviantart if you want to check it out.


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