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Hello all! I will write here, and then also post a file of the same information - about wise sayings of various kinds - and also details for a potential Festival. This is also to save my writing in the public sector so it does not get completely lost while I am moving or something! <3

Hand-Book for Potential Teacher-Poet-Warriors.

By Kody Hunter Tillotson - Phone #: 1-530-919-1753.

This paper is a list of the most useful Human Abilities. Represented by all Snakes and all Culture. A Snake will cause a tree to die if the Snake gives you fruit from the tree - when you have not sampled yet from all of these coming steps in Nature - and so in general it being a message from Nature that to them - you/we smell bad. Never needing to take the fruit from the Snake - is Earthly Love/Vedic/Pagan.

1 and 2 - Guessing and Tolerance - K-Oh: The first sight doesnt matter when it is penetrated by physical Particles of any-kind. Crystals and Metals.

3 - Stealing/Thievery - R: Inherent feelings of being distracted by light should always constantly be 2 generations away from yourself in laughter and humor - this is how micro-organisms work. When a Woman or even Universe Goddess gets distracted in a way to create an image of Eternal Life, keep it 19 generations away from yourself in facts - this is how daemons work. When a Child becomes distracted, keep it 28 generations away from yourself in examples - this is how an Earthly-Creature works. This is Radioactive Stones.

4 - Pride Tolerance - Ee: When just Women are distracted, Eternal Life is created. This is Rays.

5 - Aspiration Creation - Ay: One thing being easier than everything else, is itself just a Universe Goddess. This is Earthly Gases.

6 - Non-Tolerance - Ee: “Going too far” - itself - remains un-accepting of a Universe Goddess or even a Woman - if she completes 19 or fewer steps of anything at all - but will accept her in varying levels on her way to completing 28 or more steps - and even then, will only trust her and other people when looking into their eyes. The number of Women seen completing a step - is carried over to the next Woman completing steps - for people effected by this state. This is Oils.

7 - Image Rest - N: Being stronger and faster than everything else means never looking the same. This is Heavenly Gases.

8 - Love Strain - G: Only for people who want to be left alone does speed equal diversity. Sound.

9 - Animated Pain - Ah-L: This is The Science of Imagery, of Eating as One Breaths, while Perfecting the Dwelling Land. This is Living Things.

All of these steps at once is Humor or Laughter - while none of these steps at once equals Sex. Not wanting all-of these steps at-once - is self-conceit or death - by way of smelling bad to Nature. All of this is Universal Love - as apposed to Earthly Love.


Here is a proposed Monthly Festival - which is aimed at completing every single one of these coming image-activities in-order - within that Month. It is a complete balance of Earthly Love and Universal Love - and controls all-time. All winners will receive one free life-affirming service from all Sciences, Cultures and Religions - like building a house/food forest for you, or even access to rare elements. This will be guaranteed by nature - even if a new physical living image of all Sciences, Cultures and Religions has to be created by nature right there on the spot to serve you:

1 - MS: Without even having finished yet - Guessing-about Universal Tolerance - is quicker than The Stolen Image of Creation Ability giving particles of information to Pride Tolerance - when Non-Tolerance and Image Rest cant recognize Love Strain moving towards Animated Pain. This is the Strongest Radiation.

2 - V: The first breath gives all sciences and cultures - so much that a person has to sense a new thing twice before noticing it. This is images.

3 - W: When it always feels like clothes can turn into anything you want, the physical Universe will make decisions for you, because of being stuck as-if on a certain page of a book for some strange reason - and so making your own book - then finding new clothes - and becoming in action like the second tree sap of nature. This is any Place.

4 - Ih: The Universal Energy of Love’s particle can be found in every type of city, when wise logical exact word-letter images cause acrobatics of people who collapse all gases at once. This is explosions itself.

5 - P: Failure and all-knowledge and all-power come from another dimension, which itself is 9 distinct packets of out-breath after a sharp in-breath. This is implosion itself.

6 - TThShL: Towns of shadow arising out of no-where - come from giant white Monsters dipping their heads in another dimension and through the roof of a giant white mansion like room - because of the first sexual energy of nature in a person - peacefully and masterfully - fighting the first tree-sap of nature in a person. This is Gravity and Light.


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