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Under Turning Time

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Turning under the tide

I know I've been turning 

Ever since I've been alive


It seems like a cycle that will never end

but I know the ending is around the bend

locked inside an hourglass

simply watching the time pass


I've been waiting for life to start

I'm alone in darkness searching for more

I've been waiting to have a heart

I don't know what I'm living for


Locked in a puzzle that I could never solve

I'm trying my best but I only have so much resolve


Maybe my best just isn't enough

Maybe I should just give up


I've always been the one out of tune 

My fear and my relief 

The end is coming soon


My fate has been locked as I wait to die

My soul has been broken so close to the core

My hopes have been shattered but I still look for more

Can anyone hear me from the outside?


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