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Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

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After ending on an emotional highpoint last week, this week was a wake up call to cold reality. Though as Seshi said it’s better this way because they’re taking the story too seriously to allow Tanjiro to beat a major baddie at this early stage of his training.

They also continue the pattern of offering some insight into the demons’ motivations which keeps them from being just generic villains. Though this was the first time I didn’t feel the slightest sympathy. Rui’s motives just seemed selfish and he was way too sadistic towards the female members of his “family”. I couldn’t really feel compassion for his “sister” either after seeing her betrayal. The argument being she was just doing what she felt was necessary to survive, but still couldn’t feel sorry for her. 

Seshi’s new favorite is more than a little scary 😅 When she opened the cocoon I half expected it to be “Oops, guess I took too long ... oh well, la la la”🤣 Though as a high ranking demon slayer she probably knew she had time and figured he would be safer in there where the demon couldn’t use him as a hostage

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