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Has any one heard of Toomics? The website has Korean/Japanese webcomics. There are free ones you can read and some you have to pay for. I liked this one called "Such a Cute Spy." It's basically a harem/comedy about a female North Korean spy who is tasked with seducing a South Korean math prodigy and bringing him back to North Korea in order to have him create some type of military weapon for them.

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They're one of the banner ads that show up when I view this site. I gave their site a brief look. Looks like it's mainly attempts to imitate manga style comics & most of it's 18+, so not really my thing.

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I actually wanted to work for them.

I am currently looking for a new job and I came across a job opening from Toomics.

Unfortunately it wasn't a remote position but an office-based position. And would require me to move.

So I didn't apply.

But yeah webtoons are awesome and seem to be all the rage now. In Asia at least.

And I am currently making one as well.

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