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Three Items and a way out


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With the aim to save the rest of the passengers, I'd approach the hijackers, throw the boiling hot coffee over them (what a waste of good coffee), then proceed to knock them out using the force of the hardback book, turn to the hijackers still at the control of the plane, use the bullet to take him out, remove him from the seat and proceed the take control, as I call for help one of the hijackers was actually a passenger hiding in the crowd of people, without knowning what was about to happen next he begins to approach the cockpit and picks the book up, approaching me to knock me out with the book, what he didn't know was not only could i see him in the reflection of the window, i still had the pistol sitting on my lap, in a split second i grab the pistol and turn around and throw it directly towards his head knocking him out, I get back to safely landing the plane.


You wake up on the escalator which is on the side of a sky scraper, (you know the one that the window cleaners use), the wind is blowing gale force winds, you wake up and the escalator wont move, you have a pocket knife, a lighter and a mobile phone which has no charge, all of a sudden one of the cables snap leaving you dangling inside the cage.

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