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Which Song Are You Listening To?


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Well, I'm not really listening to a song, I'm actually listening to:

  • Re: Cutey Honey Audio Drama (Volume Harmony), not that I really have a clue what's going on!

It's pretty cool though, after all, it features all four versions of Kisaragi Honey; Masuyama Eriko from the original series, Neya Michiko from New Cutey Honey, Nagano Ai from Cutey Honey Flash, and Horie Yui from Re: Cutey Honey - Masuyama is showing her age in parts, but that's understandable, although I'm not sure I recall Nagano too well, perhaps I'm more used to hearing her German counterpart ;)!


Apparently there is an audio drama for New Cutey Honey too, but not been able to track that one down, although I might check my DVDs just in case, as apparently it was included in 2004 DVD release, and the credits for the first volume does say 2004, still, I assume they probably meant the Japanese DVDs!

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