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Which Song Are You Listening To?


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On 3/28/2018 at 7:40 PM, efaardvark said:

Compared to other options they were great.  A good record player gave you better quality, especially since they usually had a better speaker system connected as well.  The 8-tracks were more portable and more immune to vibration however.  A record player pretty much had to sit still while playing a record.  A tape player you could carry around with you, or even use it to play your tunes in your car as you cruised around town.  At the time the only other way you could get music in your car or walking down the street was listen to AM radio, which was of much poorer fidelity and of course didn't allow you to choose the song.  So yeah, compared to the other options available at the time 8-track players were awesome.

I recently tried to make a sound that wasn't very loud into one that was, so I know how important sound quality can be now--but I guess if you listen to it low enough then that wouldn't be a problem...

Ne, how likely do you think it would be for someone to try and revive 8-tracks?

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1 minute ago, Mars Terra said:

how likely do you think it would be for someone to try and revive 8-tracks

Not very likely at all.  Somebody might do it for the nostalgia factor, but even in its day 8-track had issues.  Vinyl records are still a thing for anyone into analog and/or retro at decent quality.  Anyone else has already moved on to digital media.  I'd certainly never go back to anything analog at this point.  Even if someone just HAD to have tape for some bizarre reason they'd be better going with the later audio cassette format, or maybe something like VHS or Beta.

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38 minutes ago, Mars Terra said:

If you don't find retro things appealing, then it makes me wonder if people cared about antiques back before they were such...

I think that's more an artifact of the consumer electronics industry than anything else.  I actually do like a lot of old/retro stuff.. old furniture, architecture, artwork, etc.  Thing is, it has to be still useful somehow, and it helps a lot if the quality is there.  I have a garage full of old things - toys, books, tools - that I've kept around because they are still usable.  Especially the tools.  I bought them because they were well-designed, I kept them clean and well-maintained, and I didn't replace them with new ones because the old ones were still perfectly good and the new ones in stores really didn't improve on the old designs.

Electronics though.. things change so quickly in the industry, and because of that electronic gadgets are not designed well.  Certainly they're not designed to last long or be easily maintained.  Even the better-made stuff just doesn't feel like it was designed to last.  People don't buy a cellphone for example with the thought that maybe they'll pass it down to their kids when they grow up.  People often do that with other types of objects like tools or furniture.  If I buy something with the intent to keep it for a few decades then I tend to care more about it from the outset.  Electronics is not (yet?) one of those industries where you can really do that.  People know that better kit will be out in 6 months and plan to (re)purchase a new version of whatever widget in a year or three.  Can you imagine still using one of the original iPhones that came out in 2007 today?  (Even assuming Apple still provided support for it.)  Can you imagine buying a Samsung S9+ or an iPhone X today and still using it a decade from now in 2028?  Blame it on advancing technology, consumerism, and planned obsolescence.  :(

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I loved the original Xenoblade on the Wii.  One of these days I'm going to have to get Dolphin running on my linux box just so I can play this game again.

Now this tune is going to be stuck in my head again for the whole weekend.  :)


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