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Which Song Are You Listening To?


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Metallica fans: "Megadeth sucks!!!!"

Megadeth fans: "Metallica sucks!!!!"

Slayer fans: "SLAAAAAAYYYYYYEEEEERRRRRR! -carves pentagrams in arms-"

Anthrax fans: "I like this band. 🙂"

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36 minutes ago, viruxx said:

I put this title on my watch list. Might fire it up when I'm done with GTO.


I’ll warn you in advance that the opening scene is a pretty disturbing attempted rape followed by the baddies meeting a deservedly bloody end. While it’s not the only dark moment since the the villains typically resort to kidnapping & slavery, it’s the most disturbing moment & probably put a lot of viewers off. The tone afterward is generally more tongue in cheek. Despite being OP, the MC is good-natured, but also something of a fanboy/dork when it comes to fantasy tropes. And there actually is a bit of intrigue in the larger story.  I’m enjoying it quite a bit overall.

Here’s the anime version of the OP to give you an idea of the overall tone


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