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What is your favorite movie?


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It's hard to say, I don't watch movies much and don't remember the ones I do watch very well to be honest~

2 Fast 2 Furious maybe, not quite entirely because of the movie itself but it was the last movie I got to see in our local movie theater before it burned down, and I remember having a blast with my best friend that night. So it sort of stuck with me as being the last movie I saw in a theater and reminds me of all the good times I had there~

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Well, If I am not talking about movies in a series (Because LOTR wins then) and just talking about a one-off. My favorite would have to be V for Vendetta; I absolutely loved that film! 

8 hours ago, Lelouch said:

Hey guys come tell us what your favorite movie is  post pics or just gave name of your favorite 

Movie .... 

I'll start mine is The God father 

Tbh I didn't like the Godfather series. I thought Godfather 1 was pretty good but after that everything just go really boring for me, idk why. 

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I have a few favorites, though Tommy Boy, Happy Gilmore, and Ray Race (with Mr. Bean and Whoopi Goldberg) are up there.

However, I do not watch that many movies anymore, due to the fact that I get more satisfaction from books and manga.

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23 minutes ago, LonelyPoet said:

Right now it's Robin Hood Men in Tights 


Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves is definitely in my top 20 (haven’t seen this one)

Alan Rickman RIP 😢 

I love a lot of the movies with Kevin Costner too.

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53 minutes ago, Sofi said:

I like Spiderman movies

I liked the first Toby Mcguire one, sequels got consistently worse. Couldn’t stand the “Amazing” ones. I really liked Homecoming as a reboot and am definitely looking forward to the sequel. I was going to skip Spiderverse because of it's visual style, but took my nephews to see it and liked it more than I thought I would.

As far as Harry Potter, I liked the first two a lot, the others not so much.

LOTR was pretty good, but I’ve only seen the first of The Hobbit ones.

On a side note, my favorite foreign language film is probably Pan’s Labyrinth

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I have always been more of a tv series sort of person more then a movie/movie series person. With that said that dose not mean I don't got favs. I'd say my favorite movie series of all time is Lord of the Rings followed by Harry Potter series. Star Wars series placing third. As far as live action movies those take the cake. In terms of animated movies then Shrek series takes top spot followed by The Little Mermaid for straight Disney productions though if your adding Pixar to the mix Toy Story hands down.

I do trend to like anime films more then the western ones mentioned, but there is just to many to list.

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I really love a lot of movies to be honest <3 so it's pretty hard to just pick one that is my all time favorite, since I'm a big movie geek. :nerd: 🎬 ❤️( I have seen a lot of movies over the years but not everyone out there ) My top 5 movies I love and are personal favorites of mine are:


🌟 1. )  The Shallows

🌟 2. ) Jaws ( all of them )

🌟 3. ) Godzilla ( all of them )

🌟 4. ) Pride and Prejudice - 2005 version

🌟 5. ) Hush



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