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Death Note Stage Musical

Vivi Hyuuga

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So, apparently, there is a stage musical for Death Note. It is soon to return to Japan with a new cast, so I started looking into it on YouTube. There has also been a version of it in New York, but that version sucks in my opinion. Not only do some of the lyric translations not make sense, but the songs are sung with emotion. The Japanese version, on the other hand, is full of emotion. So, even if you aren't reading the lyrics, you can tell which character is singing based upon the emotions being portrayed. I immediately showed my sisters my favorite songs on YouTube from it and thought y'all might be interested, as well.


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That’s a great idea, I love the music they went with for the musical.

The first song does a really good job of showing Lights inner dilemma and rationale; however crazy it may be 💀

Hopefully it does well and gets mainstream coverage so I can see it too one day. Thanks for sharing 

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24 minutes ago, The History Kid said:

This seems to be a trend that's been starting lately.  Or at least that I've most recently noticed.  I've seen several anime's-turned-musical over the last two or so years.  It's an interesting concept.

Death Note was never one of my things, but I can appreciate the choreography, musical choice, and the intricacies of putting a musical together for it.  Certainly it'd be more entertaining than (I thought) the live action movie was.  I'll have to check out the videos with a better eye later.

I agree, I felt the live action film a little lacking. The characters weren’t convincing to me (maybe Ls Character) But most weren’t really good, especially Light and Misa.

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