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[club] RULES AND REGULATIONS (and other important stuff~)

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 Rules and Regulation's

you may:

  1. gather around and discuss of projects you have (duh, its literally the main point of the club ^_^)
  2. linking of youtube, websites, and the such is allowed, aslong its not blatantly advertising it over and over again
  3. ask for help/recruit members to help you in your project 
  4. in terms of sharing images, if there's more than 1 image to be shared, and or the file takes up allot of space on the thread, please do spoiler the images using [ spoiler](IMAGE FILE HERE)[/ spoiler]
  5. file sharing is allowed, but only with the use of mega.nz, google drive, workupload nonpy.to or AF's file-sharing service (any other file-sharer link may be removed)
  6. future rules may be added or removed in the future

you may not:

  2. steal another user's work/idea
  3. if sharing files, DO NOT use a url shortener (i.e bit.ly)
  4. further rules may be added or removed in the future


general rules apply, refer to AF's RULE AND GUIDELINES in terms of advertisement-restriction.




what do you mean by "projects" ?

when i say projects, i mean

  1. making a game
  2. translating a game/anime/manga/doujinshi/etc. to english
  3. creating an anime/manga/doujinshi
  4. making a youtube video (be it a parody-version of an anime, an original one, non-anime related, anything!)
  5. and many more that i couldn't think up on the spot!




a note: All post/rules are subject to moderator discretion.

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