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If this is a preview of stuff we'll see on PS5....     and btw the licencing terms have changed for unreal engine as well.  Now it is free for the first $1M of revenue... https:

This looks cool and sound like it will have a good story.

Came across the trailer for 198X and I'm hyped to start playing this! You can find out more about the team and idea behind the game. >> https://198xthegame.com/  

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Flawless day-one game support for the new AMD 6800 GFX card(s) .. on linux?  Yes.  Now even gamers can forget the Windows tax.  Buy your own CPU/MB/RAM hardware, slot in your RX6800 (or 6800XT if you have the cash to burn), install the mainline Ubuntu 20.04 with its open-source "amdgpu" driver, install steam, and game on. 

I have to admit this is tempting.  Good linux support is one reason that I've stuck with my "old" RX480 card so long.  Not that there haven't been well-supported cards since the '480, but get past that and we have to talk price/performance. 

And speaking of that $600 price, I'll definitely be wanting to see that come down a bit.  I can wait.  (In fact, I'd have to... like the video mentions nobody can actually buy these cards now anyway due to low inventory.  I could not find any in stock at three places I looked, including Amazon and Newegg.)  I think I'll check again when the after-holiday inventory-clearance sales hit.


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