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Thoughts on Junji Ito Uzumaki


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So I just finished reading Uzumaki by Junji Ito. 

I gotta say I will not be looking at Spirals the same anymore.

But one thing I couldn't help but think Shuichi was like from the very first chapter says let's leave this town. KIrie kept avoided the question and by chapter 18 if I remember correctly she says we need to find a way out. well, what do we have here? 

I never knew you could make spirals into something horrifying. But Junji Ito made it into something horrifying. 

Another thing that I am thinking is so the town was basically a ghost town that rebuilds over years and new people come into finding the town but can't leave but make do with what they have. 

I felt so bad for Shuichi, he wanted to leave but did he know that they couldn't leave the town? I take it probably not. But the time in town vs the outskirts of the town time is way different. I have a lot to say but I I will end on this note, I will be talking about more tomorrow at my manga club on instagram tomorrow.

But I just wanted to dump some of my thoughts on this series here. If you have anything else to add please add it and we can keep the conversation going.


Shuichi is such a good boy and I love him and Kirire together!T-T



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I usually read his collections because I don’t get scared easily at all, and more stories means more scare opportunities. I just wish there were more scary drawings like the ones in Yami no Koe; that would’ve been an automatic 9-10 stars for me. I still enjoyed it though, especially when he decided to use such an odd idea for a horror story. 

P.S. yes, I’m pretty sure it was Chapter 18. It’s called The Labyrinth.

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