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Since this was recommended, and thanks, I decided to try this series out. It's been a while since I've watched anything deemed "new". lol


The series is about a girl who can't make friends. If she makes a friend, her memory resets after one week and she forgets the person so she purposely keeps to herself and shuts people out, being perceived as cold by her classmates and peers. She remembers those whom she doesn't considers friends and recalls her family. One student of her class is very determined to become friends with her and he comes up with an idea to help her with her memory issue.


The series has a very interesting concept and while watching, even before it was kind of mentioned, I was wondering if something traumatic happened in her past which affected her memory as a way of protecting herself. So yeah, I liked this twist and had me curious. I was so curious of this, I watched all 12 episodes.


The characters were all likeable, I felt, and my favorite character was Shougo. He may seem cold, but there's definitely more to him than meets the eye. I dunno, his reactions to the situations around him and his bluntness, I just liked. It worked for the character.


Yuuki, our main character who wanted to become friends with Kaori, was very determined....but also flawed...which was also a nice and refreshing, I suppose. He's very kind and really wants Kaori to get her memories back and to have memories of him and those around them.


My only negative about this series....it felt very incomplete, like there was more to tell. It had the Fruits Basket feel for me, where there was way more story to tell after what the anime showed. So, I will definitely check out the manga in hopes of them delving more into the memory issue and learning more about some of the other characters that had to be glossed over.


If I were to rank this series, it would be a 7/10...based on the My Anime List ranking system.

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