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So, out of curiosity, has anyone here played any MMORPGs or currently play any MMORPGs? Which ones have you played? Which ones do you like? Which ones were, "meh"?


I haven't played many. The only ones I've played have been...


Priston Tale

Final Fantasy XI

Ragnarok Online

League of Legends


The only game in that list that I did spend a lot of time playing was Priston Tale, ironically. I had a lvl 80 something priestess. I worked hard (um, if you can call playing a game that lol) to get her that high. I stopped playing it because of a misunderstanding where I was banned. I tried going back, starting from the beginning, but it wasn't the same. I liked being that level. It made helping other players a heck of a lot easier, especially the newer players.


I stopped playing League of Legends because I moved back to Japan and my laptop isn't the best in the world for gaming. FFXI...I just stopped playing, became bored, but did enjoy talking to people. Same with RO back when that was a new thing.


I downloaded two apps late last week since I miss playing MMORPGs. Celtic Heroes and Iruna Online, but I can only play on my phone. My iPad can't log me in. Iruna Online...is meh to me. Couldn't draw me in. Celtic Heroes is okay for a free RPG.

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Well, I used to play Aura Kingdom and Mabinogi. I stopped playing Aura Kingdom as I really didn't have anyone to play with, and it was only an alright single player game (mostly because of the graphics), the battle system was also pretty good. Mabinogi kinda got old, even though I did have a group of people to play with, the battle system is messed up, and over time, I just lost interest.

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MMOs, for me at least, take what I don't like about RPGs and forces me to play with people in it. (Grinding with people, ugh). But for some odd reason, I keep looking out for them.


Here's some random thoughts on some MMOs I played:

-I pretty much agree with Drill when it came to Mabinogi and Aura Kingdom. We actually tried to play together but I'm always a few steps ahead of him...

-If I had to chose a favorite by enjoyment alone, then Elsword would be my pick. The battle system flowed quite well and had a lot of combo attacks so even if I did only need one overpowered move to clear a dungeon, I could switch off overpowered moves and it wouldn't be nearly as boring.

-If I had to chose a favorite by function alone, Dragon Nest fits quite well. It took things I LIKED about RPGs and I'll just ignore the people. The battle system is like a toned-downed dynasty warriors. Not to mention for the only time ever in a MMO, there are interesting NPCs with decent back stories that have text worth reading even when doing quests.

-Neverwinter or Rift won't install correctly on my computer. >.>

-I REALLY want an English release for Black Desert online and CLOSERS...


So yeah, I've played several more, even some browser ones when I was REALLY bored about a year ago. But what's above is all that I thought was worth mentioning.

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Guest Jupiter

I've played a few such as Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy 14: Realm Reborn, and WoW.


I never play online games for very long. I tend to lose interest.

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I have played... Wait lets see...


Perfect World



Infestation Survivor Stories

Echo Of Soul

Final Fantasy XIV

Rusty Hearts

Lineage II


Black Gold



Ehh, I can't remember other ones.. Lol... Quit them all mostly because I got bored... My favorites were Rift, Perfect World, and Lineage II though. Just stopped playing Echo Of Soul today though. :/ That end game grind though. :P And those survival mmos are very very fun. Mostly quit playing because my computer decided that it was time to break. :/

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