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Community Manager - Vacancy

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Hi everyone:


Community Manager
A vacancy exists for a community manager for AF.  This position is perfect for those that have community experience, are passionate about anime and have a genuine desire to grow the community.

  • Encourage engagement by arranging regular community events
  • Assisting moderators as an escalation point for community queries and resolving member disputes that may arise
  • Optimising features of AF including the Forums, Clubs, Gallery and Blog modules to improve the user experience as required
  • Adjusting user groups and permissions as required to accommodate new ranks, groups, etc.
  • Maintaining the AF Virtual Shop/Point System
  • Help mentor moderators in line with Community Guidelines and adjusting the guidelines as required

Selection Criteria

  • Previous experience with engaging with a community. This experience be from managing an event, social media channel, guild or server
  • Friendly and courteous manner with good written English


  • This is a volunteer position. However, technical mentoring will be provided for this platform and you will gain full access to the platform to help mould the community to meet a shared vision to better unite anime fans from around the world. There is a 1 month probation period for this role to assess suitability.


If you are interested in this position, please send me a message directly outlining your experience and what interested you in applying for this role.

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