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Games that are too time consuming for you?

Guest Jupiter

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Guest Jupiter

The title says it all.


Level Grinding can be a major problem for me as there is a wide spectrum of games out there that require my attention. SO I hate having to spend months on a game trying to perfect something.


If not, than in Final Fantasy we get stuck with worthless and foul characters such as Snow and Hope from Final Fantasy 13. I couldn't stand Hope, but he was a good character and Synergist. So, in a way he was a necessary annoyance for us to meet our goals. I'm sure he has fans, but I'm not one of them. But Snow is a waste character in my opinion. Sure, he guards.......thats about all he is good for. Modded, he works wonderfully. But mainly. I have no uses for this character.


Another character I didn't care for at all was Khimari from Final Fantasy X. Why in the heck did he even exist? Why am I complaining about these particular characters? Well, because they are a waste of time and level grind to me. So I have to resort to other methods just to get them out of the way.


I ended using stat mods to max out my characters.


What I do hate about Final Fantasy games is there are a lot of grind. So, I had to use these set of codes just to get through the game on the PS3. As I have beaten it numerous times on the PS2 ages ago.


So thanks to these mods, I was able to beat it in a week no problem.


[spoiler=Save Edited mods -- Ps3]


20005610 9F860100

20005614 0F270000

00005618 000000FF

00005619 000000FF

0000561A 000000FF

0000561B 000000FF

0000561C 000000FF

0000561D 000000FF

0000561E 000000FF

0000561F 000000FF



200056A4 9F860100

200056A8 0F270000

000056AC 000000FF

000056AD 000000FF

000056AE 000000FF

000056AF 000000FF

000056B0 000000FF

000056B1 000000FF

000056B2 000000FF

000056B3 000000FF



20005738 9F860100

2000573C 0F270000

00005740 000000FF

00005741 000000FF

00005742 000000FF

00005743 000000FF

00005744 000000FF

00005745 000000FF

00005746 000000FF

00005747 000000FF


• KIMAHRI - Be careful with Kimahri stats! You have to face the Ronso at Mt. Gagazet so I'd suggest LEAVING Kimahri's stats alone until you pass that point!

200057CC 9F860100

200057D0 0F270000

000057D4 000000FF

000057D5 000000FF

000057D6 000000FF

000057D7 000000FF

000057D8 000000FF

000057D9 000000FF

000057DA 000000FF

000057DB 000000FF



20005860 9F860100

20005864 0F270000

00005868 000000FF

00005869 000000FF

0000586A 000000FF

0000586B 000000FF

0000586C 000000FF

0000586D 000000FF

0000586E 000000FF

0000586F 000000FF



200058F4 9F860100

200058F8 0F270000

000058FC 000000FF

000058FD 000000FF

000058FE 000000FF

000058FF 000000FF

00005900 000000FF

00005901 000000FF

00005902 000000FF

00005903 000000FF



20005988 9F860100

2000598C 0F270000

00005990 000000FF

00005991 000000FF

00005992 000000FF

00005993 000000FF

00005994 000000FF

00005995 000000FF

00005996 000000FF

00005997 000000FF



20005A1C 9F860100

20005A20 0F270000

00005A24 000000FF

00005A25 000000FF

00005A26 000000FF

00005A27 000000FF

00005A28 000000FF

00005A29 000000FF

00005A2A 000000FF

00005A2B 000000FF




Yep. When the game takes me too long, or there is too much grind. You bet I will turn to mods just to get through it. I think the dev's need to cut down on having excess time to put into a level or having to complete something in their games, they need to realize that the player probably has more games that they would like to invest their time in.


I ended up backing up the beginner save file on a USB flash so that when I start over, I start over with the mods just for play through. I don't have a lot of time now a days and it makes it easier.

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I usually make sure I don't play games that require too much grinding unless I like the battle system a lot like Fire Emblem. Other than that though, I'll probably just drop the game if it requires too much grinding, although, I'm more willing to do some grinding if its meant to unlock something rather than progress through the story.

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Any 2D metriod game, they aren't that long with a guide but I don't want to shot every wall with every weapon just to progress to another room where I do the same thing. Metriod Prime did the basic idea better.

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Every video game can be too time-consuming for me. I'm a filthy casual. lol


But really, having finished Silent Hill 2 the other day, I really didn't want to restart the whole thing again just to get the other endings. The first time through was already pretty frustrating. I get that it's part of the charm of a survival horror, but after a while, it stops being 'horrifying' or 'scaring' and more 'frustrating' and 'repetitive', so. I thought increasing the difficulty would help, but that only serves to frustrate me even more when I got stuck with the first Pyramid-Head boss fight in "Hard Difficulty". I promptly went ahead and deleted the game.


I actually felt the same about Alien: Isolation as well. When the story kinda bored me halfway through the game, there's only the 'survival horror' aspect left, and that entertained me much lesser than Silent Hill 2 did.


I would say, love-sim games and visual novels usually drag out way too much than they need to as well. I'd just stick with a 1 or 2 cour anime. They are less time-consuming.

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I can almost become consumed if the game really keeps me entertained. A few weeks ago I was playing Killing Floor 2 from 11 am to 8 PM. The other day I was playing Dark Souls II from the afternoon till midnight. When GTA V came out I almost pulled an all nighter. It all depends on the game keeping me invested

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Like Hail said, if I like the game it'll keep me into it for quite a while.

I remember spending many hours upon hours of time into Dark Souls Mass Effect 1&2, Dead Space 1&2, Titanfall, Assassin's Creed 2 and Brohoof, Tomb Raider (2013), Saints Row IV, and Fable: The Lost Chapters. I consider these games to be the ones I've spent most time playing over all.

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Basically anything that's not straight-up action all the time. Strategy games and rpgs are almost impossible for me to pay attention to. I got 10 minutes in on Final Fantasy IX before getting bored and quitting.


Ideally, simple games like Stepmania are my kind of thing. Never-ending supply of fun that never gets boring and is always intense.

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Well theres definitely Minecraft, hours just seem to slip by when I play that game smh xD

Other games are the Pokemon series xD



But for me it's games like South Park: Stick of Truth because I feel like I need to explore every bit of everything to get the best outcome and I just sit there for hours travelling the map and getting every thing I absolutely can and then just quitting because of getting bored. Oops.

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FIFA or Football Manager.

hell playing manager mode sure take a while especially if you want to go halfway or all the way from the start.

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super smash bros melee to be good i log 4-5 hours a day usually to stay on top of tech skill not to mention match ups and player match ups combined with reading frame data its almost a full time job

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