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One Year.

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One Year

Years pass by in the blink of an eye
Close my eyes for one night and I say goodbye
If you want me to wake up, I swear I’ll try
But sometimes it’s hard to make it by
‘Cause for the longest time I’ve told a lie
Tightened my jaw and swore I wanted to die
Clawed at my skin till the blood ran dry
And now it seems I’m ready to testify …

I’ve lost years of my life I’ll never get back
Stuck in my mind with this anxiety attack
But no matter how I try it always turns black
And the light in my eyes slips out through a crack …

One year, one year of gain
One year free of this pain
One year my eyes didn’t rain
One year not spent in vain
One year in a new lane
One year with a new train
Of thought in my brain
And I thought I’d go insane
But it looks like I’ve slain
The monster in my vein …

No more blood on these hands of mine
No more embellishing the carved out line
No more excuses of just being fine
No more lost hope on an empty sign
No more, no more, no more of this design …

One year and it’s May’s
Three hundred and sixty five days
Yet I can’t even count the ways
I made it through this to today’s
Special celebration of praise …

One year free of that blackened night
One year free of the stolen light
One year free of my own hearts fright
One year free of all the spite
On year free and I feel … alright.

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Thank you for sharing. Feelings of hope abound in this poem, it’s lovely.

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Thank you @Seshi, I am glad to hear that.

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