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Fairy Gone


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I guess it's been awhile since I created a thread solely based on an anime title. I feel like it should get a bit of attention as the series is not overly bad. 


I can't guarantee that this description is completely spoiler free, just wanted to give you an idea of what awaits you.

Fairy gone is an anime and as the name suggests, includes different type of fairies possessed animals that reside inside people. This is why they are called Fairy Soldiers. Meaning only a handful of people are capable of controlling a Fairy. It's usually done by transplanting fairy organs inside ones body through a special operation, which was used on soldiers to guarantee for winning the war. The anime takes place nine years after a war between two countries (I am not quite sure as what the reason was for the war but guess territory). MC is a girl who is searching for another girl from her hometown she was close to. Fairy Soldiers are simply put war veterans, at least the majority and since the war ended they had nowhere to go but to join Dorothea. (an organization of fairy soldiers which uphold the peace by taking care of crimes related to fairies or you can call it Fairy Police) As though other fairy soldiers use their power to inflict conflicts because they are not happy with the outcome of the war or seek revenge due to their family being killed. So yeah, there are a few flashbacks here and there. There is also the Mafia and other criminal groups. 

She is asked to join Dorothea by the other MC at some point and she is able to use fairies as well. (don't wanna tell why, better watch it yourself) 

I am sure some of you will be disappointed as the CGI for the Fairies are poorly made but this is the only downside I have seen so far.

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I will start watching this soon, then I can have a true opinion of the series. So far from what you’ve told us, it seems very interesting with the concept alone, but the characters and art style all look amazing too. Can’t wait to see what the story plays out like.

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