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Tell me Differently (I Dare You) ~Language Warning (sorry) ♥

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Tell me Differently (I Dare You) 

Life's a bitch, tell me differently, 

convince me quickly. Don't you see? 

You can't save me. 

This itch, just a little thing? 

No, this itch, it does more than sting... 

You wanna hear me sing,

hear me sob, voice louder than a mob!? 

I'll never escape this mind-rape,

never cut through the yellow-tape.

I'll never see the victim, 

because I can't look in the mirror...


Cutting myself with glass, 

shards of my present, 

this ailment wont pass,

forced to accept this dark descent... 


I'm weak, powerless and frail, 

so full of smoke yet I can't exhale, 

can't look past the pale, I'll never man the sail. 

You tell me I'm fine, 

tell me your mine, 

but I'm not blind,

I can't be left alone with my mind... 


"monotony kills family, 

kills hope, kills faith, 

monotony, not death, is the true dark wraith". 

No truer words have ever been spoken, 

so take this letter as, lets say, a last token. 

"A token of what?" you'll ask, heh... 

A token of gratitude and escape from the past... 


In the end this curse, this itch, 

revealed its true colors, 

it was no niche', 

but more a cliche', 

I'm a weak little bitch, 

you'll find this itch anywhere from Japan to L.A. 

I'm not special even in that way, 

I hold no beauty even in my decay,

but could I really say, 

I'd have it any other way? 


I'm not surprised, 

I kept myself apprised, 

knew all along of my forthcoming demise, 

knew all along I didn't deserve a prize, just for participating,

life means so much more than simply living, 

to live means to be powerful, 

not outwardly but in, 

blood boiling defiantly under your skin,  

its about stabbing yourself with a pin

and drawing no blood, 

its about throwing yourself into sin,

and rising clean, no mud,

its about enduring the itch, 

and refusing to stitch up your wounds

at a fucking doctor,

being your own proctor,

and filling you're afternoons, 

with blood-filled balloons! 


And If I can't, no...

Since I can't refuse even this little itch, 

I have no right, to... to live? No, 

I was never doing that anyway, 

I simply have no right to stay, 

and take up space in this universe. 

I have no right to pray, 

for I myself am the curse.

Yea, I have no right to stay, 

so, um... good day.... 


Notes: This poem shows how I look at life, you need to be strong and powerful; don't let anyone or anything bully you into submission, sadly this character in my poem bullied himself to death though. But yea, human will is the strongest earthly force in the universe, the power of belief and the confidence to accept such, that is the point of this poem. (Btw the "throwing yourself into sin" verse doesn't mean literal sin, but just tough situations so as to better yourself). 

Anyway, I hope you all liked it, and as always: please realize you are having a great day! ~♥ 











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Posted (edited)

I hope you get your works published - I love your writing, it’s always something to look forward to coming here 😊

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22 hours ago, Seshi said:

I hope you get your works published - I love your writing, it’s always something to look forward to coming here 😊

Makes me so glad to hear that, thank you very much for the kind words. :) 

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