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1 hour ago, KaiyaSaysHaiya said:

have you read/watched the Hunger Games series?

Yes. While I've not read the books I have watched the films several times, and I worked out who was going to receive Katniss's arrow in the penultimate scene before she loosed it.

All four films had some awesomely impressive special effects, but what I found most impressive was the command of the English language demonstrated by the script writers. They managed to craft dialogue for the actors which enabled them to forcefully express their feelings of anger, rage and frustration without using a single swear word.

In my opinion film studios need more script writers of that calibre, any one can put together a "gritty angry person" dialogue by just writing a string of variations of that over used Anglo-Saxon four letter word that begins with "F",  to do otherwise requires a good command of language.


Do you change channels when a film or TV show has lots of swearing?

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Margherita pizza - homemade crust (sourdough, if possible), fresh mozzarella, home-grown tomatoes sliced thin and freshly-picked basil leaves. 😋

spacer.png (sadly, not mine)

If that isn't an option, then I like multi-cheese pizza. My teenage self would have said pepperoni, which I still don't mind from time to time.

Do you play any instruments? If so, what? If not, what would you want to play?

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I don't think we are too late to make a difference but we do need to do something now about it and stop wasting time. 

Have you ever gone to an anime convention?

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I went to an anime convention every year for nine years I think the first was in 2002.

Why did I stop? Several reasons really, the main ones being a change in personal circumstances and the realisation that most of the other attendees were young enough to be my children or even grandchildren.


What do you think of electric cars?

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I think the new battery has too much of a risk of combusting to be a realistic alternative to gas... it's a nice band-aid, but not a long-lasting solution.

Do you believe in an afterlife?

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