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FairyTail:Dragon Cry




So as of right now i just got done watching Ffairytaildragoncryus.jpg.acc101ca6968674d7786441722fcf24d.jpgairyTail: Dragon Cry.. I've got to say that it was not as bad as what people were telling me. Although, I feel like it went way to fast. an hour movie doesn't give you time to explain a lot of stuff. Like, since when can Lucy change her clothes and basically use the same abilities as her Celestial Spirits? Since when can Charle turn into a cat woman? Why can't Happy turn into a cat man? Why is he still kind of useless? Don't get me wrong, i love happy but i mean come on. Give him some kind of improvement besides turning red and breathing a lil bit of fire because of some fruit he shouldn't have eaten. There was a lot of action which i love, but again it went too fast. It still left a lot of questions unanswered. I know that a lot of my questions can be answered by reading the manga but i don't have the privilege to be able to read the manga. I want to know what you guys thought about the movie, if you have seen it. Enjoy!



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