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    I thought you guys might like to see what I got today, and here is the stuff. I just tried out the dual shock 4 and it worked quite well with the PC version of DQ 11. Looks like I will not need a PS4 just for a few games.
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    For many years now I've lived with my mom, one of my brothers, and his fiancée. I'm coming at this from the older-person end however. My mom is in her 80s, has had one heart attack already, and is not quite able to live on her own anymore so that's why I'm here. She also could not afford to keep this place on her income alone. My mom is long since retired and the only things she does is some of the shopping and 2 or three days a week she cooks. Shopping is because her official class is "shopper" with a sub-class of "coupon queen" .. she has fun with it and I couldn't stop her if I tried. Cooking because she also loves to cook and if I did it we'd all be dead due to food poisoning. Aside from that I'm adulting like everyone else. I work to pay "rent" (which goes towards property taxes and utilities), and I do my own laundry, cleaning, etc. pretty much like I would if I were in my own place. The house even has a separate bedroom + bath apartment that I live in. (In the original, architectural sense of "apartment" meaning a set of rooms set off from the rest of a building.) I could afford my own place, but I feel that this is a good arrangement for all concerned, and frankly this is probably a nicer place than I could afford on my own, especially here in SoCal. There's a lot of other benefits to the arrangement too - like the 10-minute commute to work - that I could list. In a larger-picture sense - if I might be permitted a minor political rant - I think it would be a good thing overall if more people stayed/came together as extended families, since this can be very resource-efficient. Most countries, especially "western" ones like the US get this very, very wrong, IMHO. They are all about consumerism. The Fed tracks "new household formation" as a key economic metric, where more is better. New households mean more houses built, more appliances and cars sold, etc., etc. The economy has to grow at an exponential rate or Bad Things happen. They "target" 2% GDP growth - aka inflation - but they'll certainly take more if they can get it. 10% inflation? Awesome! You want to see a bankster go white, tell them deflation is coming. Needless to say that's a formula for disaster. You simply can't have never-ending exponential economic growth based on a finite resource base. It is mathematically impossible. Especially if your economy is based on consumerism! Eventually that sort of nonsense will collapse, probably taking most of the environment with it. </rant> To be sure, there's some people who just don't get along with their parents/children/siblings. That's to be expected. It does help a LOT if everyone involved is reasonably tolerant and industrious, which unfortunately not everyone is. Dependent relationships are inherently unhealthy. Obviously, best results are obtained when all family members can function independently on their own but choose to live and work together for mutual benefit. But the default here in the US of dumping the kids out on the street on their own in their late teens or early 20s to fend for themselves just makes it needlessly hard on everyone, IMHO. If you can all get along and career, etc. allow for it, I see nothing wrong with living with your extended family. Even if you are paying rent. Prices around here are insane. Rent is over $1,400 for even a 1-room apartment. Even a tiny 1-bed, 650 sq.ft. condo costs nearly $400k to buy, which works out to about $2,438/month when you add up HOA, property taxes, etc. My mom's 3-bedroom place is paid for, so all we need to cover is property taxes and utilities. Even including a budget for maintenance (it is an old house) AND utilities on top of that, splitting the household costs 4 ways is only $350 each. That's easily about $1k/month I'm not spending by living with the 'rents.
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    Deadman Wonderland. It doesn't really need a season 2, it needs a complete redo. You want to talk about shows that pissed me off, this is it. After finishing the series, and being left with a whole hell of a lot more questions than answers, I decided to do some research on the matter. So apparently, if you didn't read the manga, like me, don't even bother with the anime. There are so many things left out from the manga that it makes the show pointless to watch. I said the same thing after every episode, "hmm, I guess they'll explain it on the next one." Nope, never happened. ️I realize this might not be the right place for this rant, but I just needed to let that out. Good day.
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    was cooking noodles, when i saw a korean bot attack AF-forums needless to say, i have fixed the problem, and reduced him to ash the only problem is, i forgot i was cooking noodles, and my noodles was also burned to ash f*ck you korean bot, that was my only food god dangit as usual, obligatory song post~
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    Well, this is quite surprising. An episode of Detective Conan came out on Crunchyroll on my birth day, which was a little surprising, though it was mostly right on time. Still, kind of weird, because it never happened to me before.
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    You made flowers grow in my lungs and although they are beautiful, I can’t breathe.
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    I named my Mew, Una, after my my first dog Luna. I could never name another animal or anything Luna simply because no one could ever replace her but I did come up with something similar in her memory (that's just me though).
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    Hopefully this won't upset you. It's the first thing I think when I hear security. But seriously, how do you like it? Have you encountered any dangerous situations? "drug dealer", I lol'd.
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    Oh, my bananas! I am pretty stoked to meet a fellow drug dealer around these parts. Lol. It would be a pleasure to exchange and share our woes and headaches. Thank you so much for your willingness to help me. I will keep that in mind as we become a tad bit familiar with one another. I'm a shy little potato. So I don't like bothering anyone with questions and whatnot (unless it calls for it).
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    My inner fangirl voice came out and shrieked. I grew up with Furuba (when it first came out) and that was the only anime I waited for with new volume releases for the manga. I really enjoyed both the anime and manga. 15 years man! I am so excited to learn more of this and to hopefully see it take the stage once more.
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    That is correct! Very much agreed! Unlike most animes, this series left out a lot of important information and pretty much just seemed like it was just a game with prisoners. But there's a deep-rooted reason behind it and whatnot. On top of that, there were barely character growth and just a lot of questions. It's like, at least get the basics down first. But what do I know? I really adored Yona of The Dawn. I felt like it was a good first season and was so excited she was able to see him again. That confrontation after all that chaos. Yet, I hoped for a season 2 to continue where they left off. Just when she finally got some balls and determination...they cut us off!
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    Finally finished working through my Swift book, so I guess it is time to try making an app. I was thinking of doing a text-based RPG, which should be very doable on my own, and help me practice the concepts I learned. Sadly, I will have to start from scratch, due to the fact that using code I have will face obvious problems that come from stitching things together, though it still has useful data.
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    @XII360 ~gives directions~ Enter Christmassy store, wander around store aimlessly, notice ornament that makes you think of her, stop and check price. If price makes you grunt appreciatively, proceed with ornament to register. If price makes you grunt in dismay, place ornament back and continue to wander. Repeat process until gift is located. Return to first ornament if unable to find anything less expensive. @Sassy binging is for weekends...
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    Up to episode 5 of 7 Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments and enjoying it.
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    For me it all started with the Iscandar & Comet Empire arcs of Star Blazers which forever changed my perceptions of what animation could be like. Was so into it and I would actually set my alarm when school was out for the summer just to watch it & then go back to bed afterwards because it was on at like 5 or 6 am. Watched all the syndicated stuff like Battle of the Planets, Tranzor Z, Voltron, Robotech, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, etc. I missed out on Toonami because I didn't have cable back then. Started buying anime VHS tapes in the 90's (the ADV/Suncoast era). Not exactly sure what my first subtitled anime purchase was, but pretty sure it was either Ranma 1/2, Project A-ko or Devil Hunter Yohko. I actually got away from anime for awhile when the emphasis shifted over to streaming since I didn't use to have a reliable internet connection. But since moving a couple years back, I've gotten back into it in a big way. Some of my more recent faves are My Hero Academia, Yuru Camp & Konosuba.
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    sends chills down my spine everytime
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    The Pokémon Detective Pikachu trailer was great. Absolutely I will see it!
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    Just finished up Texhnolyze. Two big thumbs up. Even warranted an avatar change. Ridiculously great ending!
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    We all learn through youtube
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    https://comicbook.com/anime/2018/11/12/fruits-basket-new-anime-shojo/ Any thoughts on this? Seems like it's getting the FMAB treatment. I'm super pumped. I've been wanting another go at Furuba for a long time because I feel like the anime did not do justice to the source material, leaving subplots unfinished and some characters never even getting an introduction. It was my first taste of manga/anime and for that reason, it's special to me. I can't wait to see more. 19/11/18 update: full remake confirmed! (thanks Ohiotaku!) https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2018-11-19/funimation-reveals-cast-staff-streaming-for-new-2019-fruits-basket-tv-anime/.139680
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    Whew, that latest episode fucked up big time. It skipped like 4 novels worth of VERY IMPORTANT content, and expected it to be alright by summarizing each novel with 1 sentence each via flashback? Almost everything in the episode was related to something important happening before, like him getting his sword, there's a reason the blacksmith wound up offering it for free, it wasn't just a friendly whim. But now it is entirely just a friendly whim as far as the anime is concerned, and it becomes horrendously written. Kirito explains how "your thoughts on something affect it in this world" so if you believe your sword will hit something harder, it will, for example. They friggin relayed this by Kirito monologuing while laying in bed. Because they skipped a massive and interesting part where he slowly figures this out over time. Why does Kirito have a garden? It's not because he just likes flowers. He wanted to test the "thoughts affect objects" theory by planting flowers that normally shouldn't grow in that area, by simply believing in them growing. But what do we know with JUST the anime? Who the hell knows, Kirito just likes flowers now. The director is absolutely horrendous and I rather despise him. He has 50 episodes to work with and he skips 4 novels entirely. HE SKIPPED 2 BLOODY YEARS OF IN-WORLD TIME. WHO DOES THAT. And thus, SAO is back to being bottom of the barrel crap to me. It'll have to do a HELL of a lot to salvage this mess, but that won't happen, because that director is terrible, and he'll just rush more things and skip other important things because all the show needs to survive is Kirito and his harem and OP edgy sword stuff. Gehh. I'm going back to Hisone to Masotan.
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    Trust me I know your feeling. Having worked a lot in the not to distant past. I am sure the right job is out there though. You'll know when you find it.
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