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    Drew these today, its been over 5 year since I have done a drawing. Hope you guys like them
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    Hey there! Oh my gosh, i was so frustrated because i couldnt talk to anyone about this topic.. But i just realised that i could join a forum and meet some new people with same interests haha😁 This is my first time on forum so i am still trying to figure how this thing works I just LOVE One punch man, My hero academia, Attack on titan etc. Omg guys im so happy to be hereee 😄
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    What I think I look like What I actually look like
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    I just bought a boat
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    sigh Google really dose want to own the world. I mean I like google services a lot, but they really should not be getting into gaming this way.
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    wow, everyone has nice cars .... im just using a japanese bike, thats somewhat busted(but still functions), couse i love it, i've had this baby boy since my first year college, and i dont wanna part with it anytime soon, even though its battery was stolen >.>
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    With the end of the week, comes the end of another wonderful contest. It has been an honor to co-host it for all of you and I am thankful to every single person who saw fit to contribute.Your works were very enjoyable for us all to look upon. Over the weekend, we have looked these over for the following criteria, as listed above: 1. Visible Spring theme 2. Recognized Fan Art or Original Character 3. Given Rating of 1-5 And after careful consideration, we have come to an agreement on the winners of this contest! 🌸Fan Art Category First Place: @Humbby For a beautifully detailed character rendering, and coloring befitting of springtime- you’ve earned 1000 points, and the first place signature graphic. Congratulations! Second Place @TsuchiMaika For a beautifully drawn character adaptation and spring bouquet, we give you 700 points, and the second place signature graphic. Congratulations! 🌸Original Characters Category 1st Place: @Humbby For a beautifully drawn character, elaborately colored with a spring background. You’ve earned the 700 points, and first place signature graphic. Congratulations! Second Place: @XII360 For a beautifully drawn character, with a detailed spring background, albeit less elaborately colored. You’ve earned 500 points and the second place signature graphic. Congratulations! 🌸You have all done well, and earned the recognition of your peers. Thank you again to all who participated. I know you may not have won it this time, but you’ve taken part. And I hope you had fun doing it. Please continue to join us for more upcoming events! See you next time
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    Let’s discuss this years most popular anime for AF! What’s YOUR pick for the top favorite of 2019? ——- The anime I’ve most enjoyed as of June, has been The Rising of the Shield hero (big surprise everyone). I love how the story is fulfilling the points that I’d been wanting to see for our hero and starting a new plot as they venture forth into the coming season. I’m very excited to see where things go from here. Never a dull moment in this anime.
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    Lately I've been reading about the great artist Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello. I'm an enlightened individual.
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    I hate the weather here... last couple days its either cloudy or its Boiling then the day after its alright but then in the evening its raining and it might even go Bam! Bam! Boem! Boem! and the next day its boiling again. Right now its pretty warm and sunny
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    Finally getting my laptop charger tomorrow! It will be my first time seeing AF on anything besides my cell phone 📱😍 Really excited to see what it looks like
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    @Seshi this is all you. You've been bringing new life to this place.
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    Pretty blonde hair and fair eyes, she is mine Like a summer day, she glows like sunshine I'm lost in the blue of her eyes, so fine And her sun-kissed skin is just so divine Ocean in her eyes, still by the shoreline Unmoving in her beauty, walk the line Just as summer fades, seasons realign But she just goes untouched by the deadline Eternal summer, got me on cloud nine It's the very fabric of her design Watch as the sun sets over the skyline Perfect summer day got a new design And her eyes are the true dividing line Between eternal summer or snow line. (Don't know if summer related metaphors count but I gave it a shot.)
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    Space Three Musketeers? https://m.imdb.com/title/tt1725007/
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    Disclosure: I am not a professional artist. I can draw, but not as good as I want to. I am a just a person who wants to get better at drawing. I started this series to share what I've learned so far in hopes of helping aspiring artists like me. There are a lot of drawing tutorials, videos, and courses out there. I'm pretty sure you've seen your share of them. And they are all amazing But I feel like most of these tutorials do not start with the basic step of learning to draw. The very first step you should do in your journey to become an artist. And that is to copy. I'm sure you want to be a great artist. But to be great, you have to be good first. It's a requirement. You can't skip going from bad to great. So don't worry about the "Great artists steal." part yet. (I might discuss that in a future tutorial). For now focus on, "Good artists copy". Now what do I mean by copy? I don't mean plagiarize. That's different. Plagiarism is copying someone else's work and pretending it's you who made it. That is bad and frowned upon. I'm talking about copying so you can learn. No artist is born with an already-defined style. You actually have to find your art style. And to find that style you copy from others. You look at artists before you and copy their style. This goes on and on until you stop copying and eventually mix everything together and generate your own unique art style. So the very first step in learning how to draw, is to copy the drawings from your favorite artist, art style, or anime. Find images online, bring out a pencil and paper, and copy that image the best you can. But as you do, try to observe certain things. Why are the eyebrows drawn this way? Why are the eyes like this? Why is the hair this way? And so on. Copy so you can learn. As a kid I started out by copying Goku from Dragon Ball. I copied him so many times that I can draw him from memory. I also noticed things along the way. How Akira Toriyama drew eyebrows. How he drew eyes. And even how he drew muscular male bodies. Have you ever noticed how almost every muscular male character in Dragon Ball has the same body? 😄 In closing, don't worry about anything else if you're a newbie at drawing. Don't worry about what art supplies to buy or what software to use. Just focus first on copying. And no! don't trace it. (You won't learn hand and eye coordination by tracing) What was the first thing you did to learn how to draw? This is just from my experience. And there is more than one way to do something.
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    It was very fun to participate and I'm happy with the results! duh... But more Importantly this contest got me back Into drawing again which I didn't do for quite a while. Also! Congratz to @XII360 and @TsuchiMaika for getting 2nd places! Hope everyone had a fun time creating their art
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    @Humbby dat crouch tho i can lewd this cough anywho' gratz everyone~!
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    That’s the great thing about streaming series as they air, you know which ones you really enjoy before you buy. Though you still need to invest the time to check them out. Some people don’t feel the need to actually own a physical copy, but you never know when a company could lose the rights to a series or simply decide to take it down to make room for something else. Likewise, I don’t have a lot of time to rewatch series, but you don’t know what the future of the industry is. Plus it’s a way to support the type of series you enjoy.
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    I am not a "gamer" by any definition really. I enjoy them from time to time, but I never claim to be super in the know or someone that lives and breathes the stuff. That's partially why I didn't last too long in the video game store I used to work at. It's E3 Season...and that of course means new title announcements. What are you looking forward to? So far, my interests are on Tales of Arise and Genshin Impact. I do love my RPGs. It seems lately that there are fewer and fewer anticipated titles though, and that's pretty sad. Only being hyped for two seems like such a loss...
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    @Serge heartless @Wedgy this looks like it is starting to get personal. I recommend breaking off the conversation here and going back to the topic at hand.
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    I agree wholeheartedly with this and its the reason I refuse to preorder games in recent years. Preorders more often used to include a really cool incentive, an example I can think of being Wind Waker which I can remember being given a bundle disc containing Z1/Z2/MM/OOT and a second disc with a totally unique OOTMQ game. These days the most you get is early access (usually by a day or two only,) or some meaningless DLC. It used to be a way to get your hands on a copy back when there was a threat of them actually selling out. Now, with publishers making so many copies of the game that it becomes impossible to sell out, and especially with digital being a thing, there's no gain for the customer to preorder. The main problem I see though is that a lot of gaming companies have been taken over by their sales department. They don't care about shipping an unfinished game, figuring they can just put out a day 1 patch for it and nobody will care. I've never bought a music cd with only 3 songs on it and promised another 10 later. What presales do now is create a bottom line to guage the projected success of a game. They want to hook you in a commitment to buying it before anyone has the chance to tell you otherwise. They don't want someone to review their game and give it a (possibly deserved) negative criticism which will affect their sales, they want you to buy the game based only on their power to market it. Preordering something just gives the publisher a sign that you're willing to buy whatever watered-down, unfinished crap they release. So I figure if a game is worth spending my money on, I like to wait a while and see what people are actually saying about it. I didn't buy the new KH game and now I'm glad I didn't. Nor did I buy Andromeda or Fallout 76 and I dodged a bullet there on both. Just like a dog I'm not going to reward a company for what is essentially them shitting on the carpet.
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    depends on what you want to see, action, sci-fi, giant mech, romance, comedy, slice of life. Theres a lot of different kinds of anime. Seems like you like action anime so I can say you might like these Mai-Hime Vandread Black Cat Hitman Reborn Hunter X hunter yu yu hakusho i was reincarnated as a slime magi the labyrinth of magic, 2nd series magic the kingdom of magic fate/zero then the 2rd series fate/stay night unlimited blade works tv series not the movie Baki the grappler 2001-part 2 baki 2011 part 3 baki 2018 boku no hero academia attack on titan fullmetal alchemist jojo's bizarre adventure part 1,2,3,4,5 ghost in the shell tv series cowboy bebop trigun rurouni kenshin samurai champloo
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    Back to Stardew Valley today since I have a day off my course.
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    I have added 2019 in the thread title because Dororo is a remake of the 1969 release. From my point of view one of the best anime this season brought out and luckily it's a 24 episode which gives the anime a lot of room to develop. Dororo takes place in the Edo period or that is what I think since samurai have a huge standing in the society and ronin are considered ruthless bandits. Dororo is the name of the MC (more of a supportive role) who is tagging along with the travels of Hyakkimaru (actual MC) who lost all of his body parts and now seeks to get them back. Through slaying demons he regains one of his body parts. I could surely keep on with more details about the series but I don't wanna take away the joy & excitement of watching and finding out yourself. Visuals are quite well made for a remake and character development is surprisingly better than I had anticipated when I first watched Dororo. Here is a comparison of the 1969 vs 2019 Dororo, if you are interested.
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    Pink Hair from when I cosplayed as Sakura - No costume pics
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    Hi everyone: Community Manager A vacancy exists for a community manager for AF. This position is perfect for those that have community experience, are passionate about anime and have a genuine desire to grow the community. Duties Encourage engagement by arranging regular community events Assisting moderators as an escalation point for community queries and resolving member disputes that may arise Optimising features of AF including the Forums, Clubs, Gallery and Blog modules to improve the user experience as required Adjusting user groups and permissions as required to accommodate new ranks, groups, etc. Maintaining the AF Virtual Shop/Point System Help mentor moderators in line with Community Guidelines and adjusting the guidelines as required Selection Criteria Previous experience with engaging with a community. This experience be from managing an event, social media channel, guild or server Friendly and courteous manner with good written English Benefits This is a volunteer position. However, technical mentoring will be provided for this platform and you will gain full access to the platform to help mould the community to meet a shared vision to better unite anime fans from around the world. There is a 1 month probation period for this role to assess suitability. If you are interested in this position, please send me a message directly outlining your experience and what interested you in applying for this role.
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    I'd have to say FMA:B and the Berserk show ... ***Some spoilers for both shows bellow*** FMA:B: Before watching FMA:B I'd had a lot of people hype it up and classify it as the best anime ever. However, upon actually watching the show for myself, I found it a bit boring and semi-uninteresting when it came to some of the main characters. In my opinion Roy and Riza were an absolutely powerful duo with so much rich history and underlying charisma that I could have watched an entire show about them, but instead ended up with little backstory on either of them. I also had a fondness for Scar and found him to be one of the most interesting characters in the entire show, what with him struggling with his past, his morals and his outlook on life throughout the series. He was just such a genuinely intriguing character in my opinion and, again, I felt like I just didn't get to see enough of him. I also found the 7 Sins very interesting but felt like more than half of them were very underdeveloped. So, out of the seven I would have to say Envy, Wrath and Pride were favourites although I still got that "uneasy" feeling, as if they too weren't as developed as I would have liked them to be ... maybe that's just me though. Alphonse was by far my favourite main character though and the only main character I actually, genuinely cared about. However, again, I still felt like he was drastically underdeveloped and this made me a bit upset because I absolutely adores his character and he felt very real to me, in a way that most of the characters in the show did not. Now, Edward Elric was a character I willed myself to like but just couldn't ... I don't know if it was because he got quite annoying after a while of the same "I'm not short!" lines, or if it was because he didn't make me feel for him the same way Alphonse did, or because he got the most time and still didn't interest me as much as even the side characters but whatever it was I just couldn't bring myself to really like his character. He often got on my nerves with his over-the-top and extremely loud personality which seemed to just take front and center every time he was on screen ... I can't say I hate his character though since he did have some very interesting aspects to him, I just can't say I love him either. Winry was a cute character but that was about it ... I was quite disappointed with how they used her character (only bringing her in whenever it would help Edward) and the "relationship" between her and Edward. In my opinion their relationship felt forced and a bit unnatural, as if it were simply thrown into the show for convenience and the fact that it would further Edward's character a bit and be a means to include a female character more. All in all FMA:B is not a bad show at all, it is very interesting and has a unique and creative plot that did keep my interest. However, I felt that too many of the side characters were left underdeveloped and the main characters (other than Alphonse) did little to pique my interest further than a half-hearted curiosity that soon died out after a few episodes. The only reason this show let me down was because it had been so hyped up before I watched it that I expected it to be at least almost perfect in every regard but it wasn't quite there, if not for all the hype I probably would not have been so "let down" by my expectations were pretty high for that one ... Berserk (show) : I watched all the Berserk movies and absolutely loved them. Every movie had beautiful art and all the characters were amazing, three dimensional and extremely interesting. There isn't anything bad I could really say about the Berserk movies but the show on the other hand ... my, my was it terrible. Upon just starting the show I was extremely let down by the diminished art style and clanky looking character models that left me with the inability to see any real emotion on the character's faces ... the characters themselves were also a huge let down with Guts becoming quite unbearably obnoxious and irritating what with his "humans are ants" mind set and his absolute disregard for others lives even though that was, apparently, what he hated Griffith for (I was also extremely unimpressed with the "berserker armor" that felt more like a convenient plot device to keep Guts alive more than anything else). Casca, who had been quite an interesting character in all three movies, was suddenly a mindless character with no other purpose than to further ... "fan service" (???) in the show and that was a huge let down. Also, I know he may not have had a big role in the movies but Rickert was one of my favourite characters and I was personally let down when he was basically scrapped due to the fact that they brought in Isidro, an extremely annoying and somewhat pointless character who did little to nothing to further the plot. The few good things about the show though were some of the new characters such as Farnese and Serpico who I found extremely interesting, as well as Schierke who was a cute character with a lot of potential. Other than that though I'm not sure what else I can say was good ... the story felt oddly paced, most of the characters were badly written, the art was terrible, the whole thing was just a mess and a huge let down especially since I loved the original movies so much ...
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    Thanks for being here with me, guys. You guys really are fun to be with. I'm headed off for tonight, but give my interactive story a look if you haven't yet! 😊
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    Thank you I'm going through something very similar with an old childhood friend at the moment so thought I would turn it into a story @Kinbaryu I'm sure writing will be great for the both of us
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    Thanks for sharing, your character is very relatable. As far as being a better writer, it just takes practice 😊 so keep going and you’ll reach new ground all the time!
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    I played basketball and indoor football ("futsal") at high school level. Also fought Northern Praying Mantis style wu shu kung fu in my teen age. I currently don't practice any sports.
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    Actually, naps are amazing. I can't help but feel a crash throughout the day, and a nap can really pick me up for the rest of the day. I just have to be careful to not let them go on for too long. According to ScienceDaily, kids who nap are significantly happier, smarter, and nicer. I think the human body was designed to nap. It just seems weird to just sleep for 8 hours, then expect everyone to be fully awake for the next 16 hours without a break. Some people just need to recharge, even if its just for 20 minutes. In fact, I'll take a nap right now.
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    Thank you to everyone for your support 😊 I did put in my application. If you’ll have me, I’d like to try and grow our community.
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    I am intrigued by the idea of converting datacenter processing power into consumer gaming console hardware. Technically it is possible, but there's so many ways for it to go wrong, starting with the price of datacenter cores vs the price of gaming console cores. Gamers are used to paying about $300 for 8 cores (dual 4-core cpus), or about $35 per core in a PS4 or Xbox. Datacenters these days are mostly running Xeons, and those cost over $100 per core, or even more. For Stadia there will also have to be GPUs in the datacenters, so add a bit to that. Business users are willing to pay that because they're making money with the computing power. Will gamers? A Stadia console (the part that you plug in at home, or the app you run on your phone) will probably be pretty cheap. Maybe they'll even include it "free" with a subscription, like the lower-end phones on some cellphone plans. But I strongly suspect they'll more than make up for it with high subscription prices. I can't imagine the overall cost to the consumer being anything but very high. There's also some bad dynamics in terms of pay-to-play. I fully expect there to be "upper tier" subscriptions where people who are willing to pay more for their subscription get more cores assigned to "their" game console, and thus better gaming performance. You thought Candy Crush was bad? Just wait. Not all of it is bad though. If all they're doing is basically streaming results and all the actual interaction between the compute nodes happens in the datacenter then there's all sorts of intriguing options for things like MMORPGs, especially when you throw VR into the mix. Overall I'm looking forward to seeing how Stadia pans out. That said I have no intention of being among the first to sign up.
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    Stalking implies there's something sinister about it, or you're following them around. That's creepy. No. I'm a stationary observer. Ignore her gif, it's all true.
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    Did you look at the writing tutorials we have up? There’s also a group of us making a light novel here too, but it was posted under the Art section, instead of the writing section, since it will have artwork as well (I guess). I would say, pick a genre that you’d like to write for, or an audience, and decide what you want to tell them. Once you get your main points outlined, you can create some main events, and characters. What type of characters like- is it a fantasy where you’ll have talking trees and fairies, or is it more realistic- deciding these points can take you places from the get go, and can be a lot of fun. If you want to start putting up ideas and building on them while receiving suggestions, I’d say make a post in the Project center, or just keep this one going if you want. I’ll come back and check on it for sure.
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    I don't use buses anymore (as I have a car), but when I did use buses - buses running late annoyed me, and several drivers admitted they'd cut routes off so they could get back to the depot quicker just to get home - leaving passengers stranded at bus stops, very inconsiderate of them.
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    I would advise against naming it “The Minnow” (showing my age)
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    Cardcaptor Sakura. Wanted to watch a Magical Girl anime, not really into the genre, and tried Futari wa Precure but this one got repetitive pretty fast, so I'm finally digging through Cardcaptor Sakura. Enjoying it a lot so far!
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    Sorry for that heinous workload @XII360 I’m glad y’all are working so diligently to not let it through. It would be ugly to see indeed
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    I guess it's been awhile since I created a thread solely based on an anime title. I feel like it should get a bit of attention as the series is not overly bad. I can't guarantee that this description is completely spoiler free, just wanted to give you an idea of what awaits you. Fairy gone is an anime and as the name suggests, includes different type of fairies possessed animals that reside inside people. This is why they are called Fairy Soldiers. Meaning only a handful of people are capable of controlling a Fairy. It's usually done by transplanting fairy organs inside ones body through a special operation, which was used on soldiers to guarantee for winning the war. The anime takes place nine years after a war between two countries (I am not quite sure as what the reason was for the war but guess territory). MC is a girl who is searching for another girl from her hometown she was close to. Fairy Soldiers are simply put war veterans, at least the majority and since the war ended they had nowhere to go but to join Dorothea. (an organization of fairy soldiers which uphold the peace by taking care of crimes related to fairies or you can call it Fairy Police) As though other fairy soldiers use their power to inflict conflicts because they are not happy with the outcome of the war or seek revenge due to their family being killed. So yeah, there are a few flashbacks here and there. There is also the Mafia and other criminal groups. She is asked to join Dorothea by the other MC at some point and she is able to use fairies as well. (don't wanna tell why, better watch it yourself) I am sure some of you will be disappointed as the CGI for the Fairies are poorly made but this is the only downside I have seen so far.
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    Love this album... Would anyone be interested in me creating an AnimeForums Spotify playlist? I can probably find most of what we have on here.
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    pinned till 6/10/2019 (asia time) for people to see this (couse to be honest, i didn't see this at all, chances are everyone else missed this too, aside from archie-kun and wedgy) dont be shy and pm sempai this spot everyone~
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    I need to stop lurking and post more often.
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    I've had a brand new 2018 Toyota Prius Prime hybrid since October when one of our Santa Ana winds dropped a tree on my old car. (Also a Prius.) Only had it for a few months but so far it's been great. The electric bits give it a bit of pep off the line, and 140MPG around town if I remember to plug it in. On a recent trip to Las Vegas from Los Angeles it got 69 and used less than a tank for the whole trip. Nice cruise control behavior too.
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    So I’m back home from vacation- it was great but kind of sleepless and less like a vacation in that way I guess. Nice to see you all again
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    Congratulations @Humbby, @TsuchiMaika, and @XII360! Those are some great drawings!
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