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    Today I ran into some pricks that pissed me off so much I wanted to roll up and jaw check them. Sometimes when your really struggling and keep your struggle to yourself you'll run into a few of these particular people who believe because you struggle or live in poverty your at fault or you made poor choices. They believe they can say whatever they want. Be held to a different standard then working folk. It's never that simple though. While its true many people can drag themselves out of the worse situations and when many put their mind to it they can overcome, every circumstance is different. You can't paint one entire brush on a whole canvas. You're not gonna get a different color. I'm not one for excuses. If I did something wrong I can admit it. I'm the type of guy that won't ask for help if I can avoid it. When I do ask for help-and it isn't often- its a hand up. Not a hand out. But then you have these group of people who undermine the very meaning of struggle. They're so blessed with people in their life that CARRIED them or could use money carelessly without any repercussions. They'll utilize nepotism and explain to you your faults are the reason you failed in life. Nevermind they have 5 or 7 people in their life to lean on. Those of us that have to brave and endure alone when we have no one. Or someone who needs to lean on US. And when we do take the risk-the chance to reach out- we're looked at as indolent. We working people who barely make ends meet. I'm really tired of running into these sort of people. Entitled shits who think they own everyone. Or everything. Quite a few people have to adapt a survival-like mentality just to survive... but i've been told countless times by countless people people are good. You can't adapt a survival mentality and leave room for morality. That's bullshit. Only people who can do that are people who never got their hands dirty. These people I ran into today. Hell I swear. Their shit must gold.
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    THE NEW SMALLER CREATIVE CORNER I THOUGHT OF IN MY ROOM! I love when anime have long and descriptive tiles like that... Anyway since there is no creative corner currently and sharing your creativity is fun and I like to to here is my smaller creative corner for anyone to upload and share anything they like... And if I am the only one who ends up posting well I'll damn well keep it goin..
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    but yea, valentines day is coming up, and im still single (#singlelifeisbae) what are you guys gonna do on valentines day ?!, got that "special someone" to spend valentines day with ?, dont got anyone to spend it with ?, busy on valentines day to even bother celebrating it ? confessing on valentines day ?!?!? lets have a discussion of what you guys have planned for valentines day, and overall, for all the single guys out there, lets just drink water (couse #water is best drink) and have a fun THIS-CUSHION (i-i feel like i used that pun before, but eff it) to be honest, valentines day is my "from" (from translates to, came from hospital night duty), so ill most likely spending time, sleeping and playing the rest will be in the pie chart i made, im thinking of saying something to qt junior, but my wimpy-side is also telling me to not do it i will probably get some info from her friend though, since her friend is my partner, and my partner wont mind telling me if she already has that special someone, or not, and if she does have one, well theres allot of fishes in the sea...#denialisbestbae, aside from single...life ? if she doesn't have that "someone special", well, we will see what happens, i am after all the observant type (read: stalker-ish) but what about you ?!, what are your plans (as stated before i told my story, ima just bold it too >.>) check spoiler for pai-chart
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    I currently started Magi The Labyrinth of Magic.
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    It's my Birthday today, hope you all have a great day as well ~♥
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    "...slowly moves both hands towards the lower abdomen of my body, where there is a certain rod in there" BEHOLD, MY SUPER SAIYAN MARA~!!!!!!! im sorry, but also not sorry but being real, id probably, most likely touch my computer, its decent, but having a super saiyan pc ?, sign me the f*ck in at worst itll explode on my face, but what i touch turns super saiyan, im sure the explosion itself wouldn't kill me probably
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    This is the second entry in a series on how to make your own web manga. Now that you have a story idea we can start expanding it. For the sake of continuity, let’s say my chosen story idea is: We have an idea. Not a story. In its current form, it’s useless. It doesn’t give us much information. We have to take it from concept to actualization. We can do this by adding structure. Basic Story Structure Every good story has a beginning, middle, and end. Think of your favorite movie, book, or anime. They all have that. It’s what separates a good story from a bad one. Stories that don’t follow this tend to be incomplete and confusing. Beginning Takeji is a nerdy highschool boy. He’s quite tall and gets bullied for it constantly. This makes him want to quit school. Middle One day he meets a transfer student named Hayato who is also tall. Hayato shows him an NBA game. This motivates Takeji to learn the sport of basketball. With Hayato’s help he gets ready to try out for his school’s basketball club. End Takeji makes the cut and is accepted into the club. However, he also realizes how far he is from making it into the NBA. He has a lot to improve on first. This was only the first step of his long journey. Try reading this story again but skip the middle part. Confusing isn’t it? Club? What club? He wants to make it in the NBA? But why? I thought he wanted to quit school? Try reading it without the end part. It feels unfinished right? It makes you want to know what happened next. Was that it? That’s the whole story? Did he make his school’s basketball club? What is the “Beginning” for? This is where you do the introductions. Where does your story take place? Show the time period and setting. Reveal the main character and side characters. Give a taste of what people can expect. What is the “Middle” for? This is where you tell your story. This part will be longer than the beginning and end. The climax (highlight) of the story takes place here. The middle is the part that people find the most exciting. What is the “End” for? This is where you wrap things up. And provide a satisfying ending. You can also setup a sequel here. Like what I did in my example. Your story’s message should have already been delivered at this point. Our story idea has now been transformed into a complete story. Albeit a very short story. Next stop is to flesh it out some more.
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    That's "Rye-Uh" btw... and hi, I'm new here! *waves* As I mentioned somewhere else, it has been a while since I participated in an online social anime website. I never really have anyone to talk about anime or normal weird stuff on a regular basis. Maybe joining here will change that? Who knows, but I'm willing to find out! Thank you for having me!
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    I was born in Japan,than moved with family to Czech Republic when i was about to start 2nd Grade.
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    japanese musics like these kubz scoutz, couse man, HIS THAT DUDEEE and also, darkkmane vids, my god is his vids top quality, cancer, and funny >.> aside from those, i also check out outsidexbox, magicarpusedfly, and others that'll appeal me jerryrigeverything is a special mention too, that teardowns, durability tests, and sarcasmn is top notch (not to mention how he disses apple's "sapphire rated" protection, god bless this man >__>
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    There are some places that teach philosophy at school, but usually it isn't regarded as worthwhile teaching. I had a debate with some people about it, and a colleague made a pretty interesting point. To argue that philosophy isn't worthwhile is already making a philosophical claim. I get what people mean though, when compared to other fields where the results are directly connected to what you want (for example designing a drug to cure a disease). Philosophical results have more far reaching consequences, kinda like math in a way. Edit: if you are interested in something particular open a topic and we can debate it
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    Oh and let's not forget taxes! The government gets you coming and going🙄
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    I forgot to clean up the little bit of spots. Oh well. I did this for my old discord server. When I tried at anime. Lmao. This is a couple of years old. I just enjoy the colors.
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    Is it possible to have a battle thread on here? Just have a separate forum topic for it?
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    forum games is the best bet...which you've been doing but a specific-thread for it, that'll depend on if anyone is interested in the topics, so for now, i guess forum-games is the way to go ?
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    I just watched my first Studio Ghibli film. Howl's Moving Castle! It was magnificent!
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    I just finished the sketch of my dragon
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    350+ episodes and you expected different? Every season will end that way. That's why I prefer the shorter, one- or 2-season-and-done format. They actually provide closure.
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    I personalty would love to see a cosplay section in the future on AF, but perhaps not just for anime rather more for general cosplay which would cover anime, gaming, comics and beyond. Far as the contest is concerned I'd say sounds fun, but as I only have 2 cosplays myself presently and they are packed away at my parents house I won't be taking part this time. I will however keep a eye on this topic as well as the creative corner category idea as it seems to really being getting popular. In fact personally I think a cosplay forum section would fit rather nice in the Creative Corner category since it is itself a form of artistic expression. I do think the contest is a great idea and would also be good judge if we should add a contests forum section as well for future hopefully more regular contests.
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    @Persona, this is all you! As for me, the best I can do is wear my AoT shirt, lol.
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    I have been a member of MAL since 2009. I find it to be a good place to keep track of all anime that I have watched. I did try the forums, but it isn't the same as other forums such as this one. So I guess all I do on MAL is just keep track of anime. But I come here for the new friends I have made.☺️
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    I only ever used MAL specifically for keeping track of anime. I have been here for 4 or 5 years though, and albeit while I haven't been very active recent years, when I have been active it was a very close and friendly community. Very rarely have I seen actual conflict, and more often than not everyone is friendly. So far I have had nothing but good times here.
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    I guess there is a kind of collectable aspect - especially if there's exclusive "extras" included in the deal - but for me it more about not wanting to lose access to some content that I really like. Stuff has a habit of disappearing without warning from streaming sites. If I like something enough that I feel I might want to re-watch it in the future then I'll get the DVD. In that respect the streaming sites are just a kind of preview system so I can find the stuff I like without having to make a huge investment in purchasing discs, most of which I'll never watch a second time, and many of which I won't even finish. I consider what I've got on plex on my NAS to be my main source of anime.
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    And they say you can't be a gothic loli with an axe😈
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