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    Your daily reminder that you need to wear sun screen
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    Hello,I'm new from China. My English is not very well,and I want to practice it. And I like anime,so I want to chat with everyone here. Thank you
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    Happiest of birthdays @RuthisianCodex!!
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    My latest drawings, mostly drawn from minds but some accessories, environment and outfits are from reference images. and some videos The video
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    Hello , welcome to AF , hope you have a good time . ( I like K-on tooooo ) Itss soo cutee
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    The play definitely didn’t disappoint With the main cast just ad-libbing while the narrator & supporting characters continued to follow the script even when it didn’t match what was actually happening. And their performances reflected not only their personalities, but their current mindsets, especially Uo & Kyo. Hana’s pointed question about whether Kyo is really ok with being alone till the day he dies suggests her psychic powers offer her some insight into what he’s facing. So Tohru can’t help interjecting herself into the conversation & making things sweet but awkward for both of them In the aftermath there were lots of neat little moments. Can hardly blame Kyo for being so freaked out by the prospect of Hana getting into a relationship with his father figure as she would fit the wicked stepmother role perfectly And as awkward as Kyo & Tohru get when they start thinking of each other romantically, when they just talk casually they relate perfectly. I think it would’ve been funny to see Hana’s little brother interact more with Hiro & maybe Kisa. Shigure appeared to be MIA, but as much snideness as he’s already provided, not a great loss. The conversation between Yuki & Kakeru concerning Machi’s dilemma was also insightful. While Yuki acknowledges that people need to learn to fight their own battles his personal experiences have taught him the devastating affect it can have on someone’s psyche when their pleas for help are repeatedly ignored & even a small kindness can help someone find the courage to get strong enough to stand on their own. No, it’s not good to meddle in other people’s business but it shouldn’t be used as an excuse for being dismissive of other people’s suffering either. To her credit, Machi never backed down & while her bluntness might’ve seemed insulting at first, it shows she sees Yuki as a person with his own flaws and is trying to work out his own psychological/emotional baggage which is essential for developing any sort of meaningful relationship. I honestly wish that this was the season’s final episode so I could be confident we go into the break on a hopeful note. Even though next week’s title sounds like it will probably be a positive one, I still can’t shake the feeling of dread that the final one will drop a bombshell & we’ll have to wait until next year for the aftermath. The solution of course would be for me to stop now, but doubt I have the willpower
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    Hey there! I'm know as Swan songs, but I go by many names such as: Reaper, Forsaken, & faceless, but I honestly don't care what you call me. I've longed to join this forums for a good while, but like usual I got distracted by manga, video games, anime; as a result I've never gotten times to really set-up an account on the forums. I've spent a good while spectating the forums from the shadows ( whenever I actually have free time) & when I mean the shadows, I mean watching on a computer from a dimly lit room in an air conditioned room. Anyways, It's good to be apart of a nice community albeit I'm the nicest of people I still tend to get very aggressive during certain topics, but that rarely happens. I really need to stop getting off track! I hope I can get along with you guys. Your local crackhead - Swan Songs
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    Hello, I've been a fan of Anime since the 90s, I grew up watching anime dubbed in Arabic like Grendizer, Mazinger Z and Captain Tsubasa. I then got to watch anime like Lupin III, Cobra, Cat's Eye and City Hunter on several European channels when Egypt went through the satellite dish boom and now thanks to internet the world of Anime is open.
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    Nice to be a part of this community!
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    Someone decided to jack my gaming chair
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    Natsume's Book of Friends is awesome!
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    Yes, I cried. More than once. Even though my own life experiences couldn’t be more different than Yuki’s, the feelings & truths this week really went into some personal territory for me. To be forgotten , to feel unneeded. That your life didn’t matter. At the risk of TMI, I’ll just say that Alzheimer's is a terrible disease & leave it at that. Thank god there were lighter moments as well. Seeing the younger versions of Kyo, Hatsuhara, Momiji & Kagura interact, some things never change Though the funniest was seeing Tohru’s mom go from hysterical parent to hell-to-pay gang leader Also the history behind the baseball cap. I always felt that it seemed out of character that Yuki gave it to Tohru, so no surprise that it actually belonged to Kyo. Funny thing, I waited till morning to watch so it wouldn’t interfere with trying to go to sleep. But now I have to try to put on my public face & go to work. Smartest thing would be to wait until the weekend before watching this show, but don’t know if I can wait that long
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    Tired of console wars. People wanting to pick fights, ugh.
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    @RuthisianCodex Thanks! And BTW somewhat apropos choice of pic. Here's a screenshot from the current game I'm playing
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    Guys..do animes make you feel a certain kind of way too?...after finishing a good anime...I'm left with a big void in my heart..I just get lost in thought...I know I could never be as good as one of those anime characters..but just wanting to be feels good.. the melancholy is enjoyable..imagining yourself as one of the characters feels good..needless to say it helps me escape reality..it fills my head with unrealistic expectations which isn't healthy but it feels good..like a drug..anime girls are like a remedy to sadness..how does it make you people feel?
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    Hello everyone, i am new to forums and stuff but i want to find some new anime and have fun with other people with same interest. I watch anime for a while now and it's becoming hard to find anime that i am finding interesting, so i hope to find some good recommendations here . Also i have MAL account so if anyone want to add me CLICK . Hope to have fun with others! PS: Sorry if my English is bad.
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    nice to meet you enjoy your time here
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    Season 2 episode 12, so episode 36 overall.
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    Welcome in, Ristic. Glad to meet you & hope you make some new friends.
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    @RuthisianCodex Happy Birthday fellow fan of animated emotional trauma
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    Today is my birthday. I turned 37 & despite all the ridiculous things that have happened in this last year, I have a lot to be thankful for. One of those things is having been able to explore & get lost in the world of anime. The varying art styles, characters, story arcs, & story lines have not only given me a way to disconnect & just enjoy a great art form, I've also had the chance to connect with & share my joy with other fans & that's been the best part of all.
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    I'm new here but I really enjoy anime so lets enjoy together
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    So much packed into a single episode as we approach the season finale. Have to say Machi’s approach to housekeeping is disturbingly familiar That call from her mother was so cringey. Ostensibly to see how she’s doing when it’s clear she has no interest in anything she might say & spends the whole time criticizing her. Even though her school status is the opposite of Yuki’s (she’s ignored while he is the center of attention) she immediately recognizes the same loneliness inside him. And funny how her first step in coming out of her shell is to go full tsundere when Yuki notices she turned the leaf he gave her into a bookmark. I doubt his feelings towards her are romantic at this stage, but he does seem to recognize her as a kindred spirit & has become very interested in her wellbeing & wanting to learn more about her. It’s really sweet that Tohru is spending New Years holiday at Kyo & Shisho’s home and is a good opportunity for their relationship to progress. Unfortunately I still feel he’s hiding something from her about her mom. In retrospect it is possible that his emotional turmoil & apology at the end of that one episode last season was just an expression of shared grief since his mother died as well. But I still believe there is a more direct connection since the story has already established that Tohru, Kyo & Yuki were already connected by fate before she moved in with them. The Soma’s New Years party started out surprisingly upbeat (what I wouldn’t give to see that interpretive dance Momiji & Hatori apparently did But things quickly turn dark with Akito becoming violent when she realizes how much her hold over Yuki has eroded. I don’t even want to think how she would react if she found out about the dvd Tohru & Momiji gave her Boytoy #2 (Kureno). Which brings us to the inescapable confrontation between her & Tohru once she realizes just how much control she’s lost over the zodiac members as a result of Tohru’s “meddling”. Her instinctive response is to become violent & after what she did to Rin, yes I do believe she is capable of trying to kill someone. And I’m afraid she’ll make sure no one else is around to interfere when the time comes. I will say though that in addition to her god complex that flashback she had before lashing out at Yuki seemed to indicate she’s also got sone deep rooted abandonment issues. Though I hope they put all this on hold till next season or I might not survive the hiatus
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    Love how Yuki’s budding relationship with Machi demonstrates how a broken person who is still healing can still help another broken person begin the process of healing. I have more to say, but will have to wait till later as this is all I have time for right now.
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    First , i would like to say that Yuki and Machi was really cute together , im starting to ship them more and more . Yuki had changed very much from the beginning of the show , and i find that really great. Something I just CAN NOT not talk about is Akito ! HOW could Akito do this , after Yuki just told him that he forgives her. Though i do realize that Akito's expression changed for that one second when she said " whats that in your eyes " Theres no way that she wouldn't do anything after hearing that . In this episode , in the end , Momiji gave a DVD of Cinderella-ish play to Kureno saying it was a present from Tohru , I think she's so sweet , doing this for her Uotani and Kureno , she really thinks of others and is way too kind .
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    Hi y'all! You can call me Imaginary! I've been a life long anime fan having Dragonball Z as my first ever anime. I'm quite a big One Piece fan. Caught up in manga but not in the anime... Still on Cake Island there. I'm currently revisiting a lot of anime-esque games that I've played in my childhood like Persona 4(Golden on Steam) and Disgaea(1 complete on the switch). Anyways inspired by Geoff Thieu of Mother's Basement, I've decided to start making my own analysis type videos. I'm no where near great with the writing or orating just yet but they are all skills that I'm practicing at home to hopefully make better anime/ game/ pop culture analysis content. Below is the first video of it's kind that I made and even though it took a long time to make, I really enjoyed myself throughout the entire process. If there's anything you think I can do to make a better video please let me know. Also yes I understand that my idea bounces around never fully landing on one and that's another thing I'm trying to fix. And I would love someone to talk to about with current videos and topics that I am making. You know like is there any information that I'm missing and all that. Anyways I'm excited to be a part of this community. Love y'all! Thanks! {LINK REDACTED}
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    Thank you! I hope so too. It's honestly my first time being on any forums such as this site and I'm kinda lost on what I can do or talk about but I guess that's part of the discovery process. Hope to see you around sometime in one of these discussion pages.
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    I'm in the process of repurposing one of my clubs- Gaming Hub- into a totally different type of club. At the time it was made, I believe the gaming forum was out of commission. However, since its return, the club has become obsolete. Since I'm maxed out on slots, one of them needs to be sacrificed to make room, and it made more sense to reform GH. So please don't be alarmed if you are removed, I'll open it back up again when I'm ready to introduce my newest little corner to AF, and anyone will be welcome to the new one.
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    I just joined today. I hope we can get along.
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    Hello im new here. I hope you like my name. I hope we can become friends.
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    I just went to hide in another topic for a while.
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    no dont leave . and i wish i could be related to ceiling cat
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    Welcome Ceiling-san! Any relation to Ceiling Cat? (Sorry... somebody was going to. I'll show myself out.)
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    Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here
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    @Ceiling Greetings and welcome, I bid you a lovely stay in Anime Forums~
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    Sadly I didn't like mulan 2020 live version
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    Cool storm over central KS that I took the other day
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    I didn't make that connection before, but I love this sentiment. Well-spotted!
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    This episode really touched my heart. Hearing Yuki pour out & sort through his feelings & trauma & fight to overcome the shadow that's been hanging over him his whole life is truly something special. I found it of particular interest when he explains why he chose to help her at first. That desire to stand out so badly even if it's at someone else's expense whether by putting them in direct harm's way or at the very least embarrassing them is a running theme with the Soma clan. And it's not just about standing out really, it's more about honestly being acknowledged. Ayame's personality is a great example of this. Some of the things he does are flat out inappropriate but he slithers all over the rules with reckless abandon not because he's a bad person but because his need for attention is that deep. I'm waiting for the episode that digs into his background a little more despite the fact that the harsh truth behind his attention seeking behavior is sure to leave me a sobbing mess. And that whole exchange between Yuki & Kyo had my stomach in knots. It's like they're different sides of the same coin. They both feel terrible about themselves despite both being good dudes who really do want to do the right thing, they've each got their own tragic super hero backstories that could make Batman himself reach for a Kleenex, & they both love Tohru in opposite ways. Mark my words guys, Yuki & Kyo getting over their differences & becoming friends is going to be the final shoe that needs to drop in order to break the Zodiac curse & hopefully kick Akito right in the face! And I'm sure some of you have caught onto this already but I believe that Tohru's motherly nature towards the Somas is not only her nature deep down, it's also her way of keeping her own mother's memory alive. Also, yes, this play is going to be hilarious!
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    Guess that pretty much settles the question of who Tohru is meant to be with, as even Yuki admits that it’s Kyo that recognizes her as a woman & needs her romantically even if he doesn’t realize it yet. For himself, it’s all about gratitude for finally being shown the unconditional & non-judgmental acceptance he was never given as a child . And how it’s given him the courage to finally search for his own identity & soulmate. His interactions with Kakeru have also helped him be more open about his feelings with others. The antagonism between them is somewhat similar to him & Kyo, but without the raw emotions at the core. It’s ironic how Tohru’s nurturing & self-sacrificing nature has made her something of a surrogate mother figure to so many of the Sohmas (Kisa, Rin, Yuki & probably Momiji) despite her own youth & the fact that she is very much still traumatized by her own mother’s death. Agree with Shigure that I have got to see this play Especially with the script being reworked to suit the actor’s personalities and Ayame & his assistant providing the costumes. I hope they dedicate most of next week’s episode to it instead of just skimming over it. Just 3 more episodes till the seasonal break. Anticipating & dreading it at the same time
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    Its been a long time
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    On the plus, my mom has gotten into anime and it's been amusing giving her recommendations. She recently finished Death Note and talked to me for almost an hour about it. Now she's watching Haikyuu!! and thinks it's the funniest show ever. She even got a bit of nostalgia over her school years and just generally when she was younger. Which was unexpected but Haikyuu!! tends to work like that anyway.
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    I take crap photos but I like to think some of them are good, lol.
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    “I was a little useful. I’m happy if I was. It makes me so happy. Yeah, I know now. I know that there was a moment when someone else needed me. Even if nobody remembers, even if you forget, there was ... definitely.” ”This world isn’t enveloped in light, but it’s not all dark either.” - - Yuki Sohma (Fruits Basket 2019)
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    'Everyday....I heard that negative language every single day.'-Yuki Sohma, Fruits Basket(2019) 'Not like I knew how to interact with others in the first place.'-Yuki Sohma, Fruits Basket(2019)
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    @Orange.Kamikaze Greetings~ I warmly welcome you to Anime Forums. Please yourself by exploring and browsing about as you like.

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