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    I just realized that I'm going to be three years old here soon! I propose a pudding toast with mashed potatoes! Kampai!
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    I'll be away for this week-end, going to a wedding. I will login once a day to answer messages and such, but don't get nervous if I take a little longer than usual (◑○◑)
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    The first anime I ever saw from start to finish was Fruits Basket, after that I was completely hooked I guess I technically saw a few episodes of Speed Racer if you want to count that... But anyway, I'm curious as to what all of yours were?
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    I'm not done with the series and I'm not saying its bad but it was like taking a bite of watermelon and tasting mayonnaise with the texture of peanut butter....
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    Phew. My internet finally came back. It's a miracle I survived for a week without internet.
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    I think the first real Japanese anime I can for-sure remember seeing at least parts of was Tranzor Z, which was the Americanized version of Mazinger Z. Might have been others before that, but I can't remember details or names. (I was maybe 10yo at the time.) I didn't see all of Tranzor though. I only found it because it was on at around the same time as Space Angel, another (non-Japanese) animated show I was interested in at the time. The first anime I remember watching all the way through with any real interest was Star Blazers. (Americanized Uchū Senkan Yamato, or Space Battleship Yamato.)
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    I would go back to the past, to around when I was 11 years old or so, and stop myself from watching Anime and becoming a weeb </3 sike.
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    Hi everyone, Just a small addition, which some of you have already started to use. There is now a MAL button on the editor. You can use it to embed an anime, manga or character block. Just copy and paste the ID number before you paste it inside the MAL URL into the overlay when you click the editor button. The information will update periodically which is good for currently airing titles in the season. Best place to use it is in your first post if you're starting a topic on an anime, manga or character. Anime example: [mal type=anime id=17947] Character example: [mal type=character id=2010]
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    Hello guys , im new here i wanted to get myfirst amv videos evaluated so im gonna post the link here and please tell me what you think and suggest improvement (im newbie) Attack on titan AMV [critical Level°]
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    Hey there! My name is Annisa, people call me Nisa-Nisa-Nisa-Nisa for short(honestly I would be offended if you didn't). Uh, this is my first time on an anime forum in a really long time, honestly it took me like 20 minutes to figure out how to post this and I'm hoping this goes in the right topic or whatever. Just trying make some new friends which is almost impossible because for the last 20 years of my life with useless anime/manga knowledge. Looking forward to wasting all my time here
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    for those that don't know I'm a transport driver I drive real big trucks well any where when needed have been in a few roles with the company for a fair few years now and even tho this has been in the pipe line for a few months , today they officially approached me to step out of the truck and run our part of my companies transport yard (there is two sister companies in the same yard) not really a promotion or demotion , there will be a little pay increase per week still haven't said yas ..................... or no
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    Good luck to you too! Keep working at it! My hands aren't exactly huge either, so I try to just compensate with speed when going up and down the neck
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    being a real lazy butt think ill go get pizza for dinner haven't have it in like forever
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    At the last straw, it's tough. I used to fight, a lot, and sometimes I feel like fighting when I get angry, but I usually end up seeing the stupidity and uselessness in an unorganized fight.. I did it a few months ago. This kid on my baseball team pushed a freshman at school, so I told him to knock it off, but after throwing a few insults my way, he decided to fight me, so I invited him to my house to box, saying that he could bring friends to watch. At my house, we had a barbecue, and fought. I met some new people, and after kicking his ass, we became friends. Turns out that I actually hurt him pretty bad, though he did recover. Every time I think about the fact that I'm the reason he had dental issues I get angry. Was it worth it? No. Another time, I became pretty angry after a kid called a friend of mine a few rude names. Being an idiot, I accepted his invite to fight right there, but his friends surrounded and beat the living crap out of me. It left me with a few nasty scars and a little bit of lost dignity. Every time I think about it I get angry. Was it worth it? No. Other times, when my step father would hit my mother I would fight him and usually lose. One time, he hit me across the chain and back with a chain. Every time I see the scars he gave me I get angry. Is it worth it? No. I should've called the police and been done with it. My point is that no matter how angry you are, nothing good comes from fighting unless it's absolute necessary. Nothing good comes from lashing out at yourself or others. Nothing good comes from giving up, especially because it hurts those who care about you. A big part about being a strong person is about knowing when to express anger and when to realize that it's not worth expressing. (Me on the left, kid from first story on the right)
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    I love Naruto and I think it's the GOAT, but all stories have flaws and no story is perfect. I have acknowledged this and decided to make video essays on how I would fix the flaws that I see. In thesee videos, I cover topics such as Sakura's potential, her relationship with Sasuke, screen time of side characters, power escalation, the loss of the theme of "hard work beats natural talent" and much more, all in an effort to perfect Naruto or at least bring out its max potential, of course in my opinion. Please enjoy. Naruto Part I: Naruto Part II (1/2): Naruto Part II (2/2):
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    Teen Titans is amazing. These costumes are not, and I don't get Starfire's casting. I can't help feel like her personality is going be different than the actual character if only because black actors have to act a certain way in Hollywood films and shows.
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    So I have seen more than a few "Recommend Anime" threads so I am making a thread recommending anime each anime I recommend will be from romance to hard fighting.. oh yeah reply if you have a specific criteria for a anime so I can recommend something good! Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero - Action, OP MC Akame Ga Kill - Action, Rebellion against government, Magic-ish Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor - Action, Fantasy, Magic Alderamin on the Sky - Action, Fantasy, Magic, OP MC Mentally Alice & Zoroku - Slice of Life, Grandpa and superpowered Girl And You Thought There Never Is a Girl Online? - Slice of Life, Gaming A Sisters All You Need - Slice of Life, Little sister lover and writer goal to get a anime made Assassination Classroom - OP MC, tentacles, Assassination, School Attack on Titan - Action, Action, Apocalypses, Death, Human vs Titans(Giant Zombies) Blood Lad - OP MC, Magic, Vampire Brothers Conflict - Romance, Reverse Herem Castle Town Dandelion - Magic/Superpower, Royal Family, Competition Charlotte - Superpowered kids, Chuunibyou - Super Otakus meets embarrassed otakus Citrus - Romance, Yuri, Sisters Classroom of the Elite - Elite students Elite School Elite Problems Code Realize - Action, Poiseness girl with man who wants to save her, Industrial revolution London Danmachi - Action, Fantasy, Magic, OP MC sorta Darling In The Franxx - Action, Boy meets Girl, Mech, civilization leaves surface of earth because of monster take over Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody - OP MC, Transported to another-world/game, loli herem Death Note - Psychological thriller, brainy, OP MC Mentally Death Parade - Uhh Can't think of a good description... First Love Monster - Dense AF boy Meets Girl but knows it.. Free Iwatobi Swim Club Eternal Summer - Slice of Life, Swim team wants to win.. Fullmetal Alchemist - Action, alchemy, brothers, government dictatorship corrupt Fuuka - Romance, boy meets girl, boy reconnects with childhood bf and love triangle Gabriel DropOut - Slice of life, loli angle goes to earth and finds out about video games and becomes a snob Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash - WATCH NO DESCRIPTION, TRANSPORTED TO ANOTHER WORLD Handa-kun - Slice of life, boy is DENSE AF, school Hellsing Ultimate - Vampire... Bloody Hyouka - Mystery, problem solving, OP MC Mentally Hyperdimension Neptunia - Fantasy, Goddessess Interviews With Monster Girls - slice of life, monsters are real! Is - Mech, all girls school with 1 boy Izetta the Last Witch - action, witch interferes with the worlds wars and is stopped by Micheal the angle Juni Taisen Zodiac War - Action, Deathmatch with superpowers Kaze No Stigma - OP MC, Magic Kino's Journey - Slice of life, adventure, boy or girl(never found out...) journeys the world Kiss Him Not Me - Romance, Reverse harem K- K-project - Superpower kings, modern times Knight's & Magic - title says it oh Mech K-on - Music slice of life Log Horizon - transported to another world/game Lord Marksman and Vanadis - Fantasy, magic, OP MC Love Is Like a Cocktail - short 5 min Eps Love Live School Idol Project - Slice fo life, music Love Live Sunshine - Slice fo life, music Lucky Stars - Slice of life, highschool otaku girl(s) Masamune-kun's Revenge - Romance-Revenge Mikagura School Suite - Yuri, Superpower Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid - Title says it My Little Monster - uhh Romance? I cant explane New Game! - Slice of life, girls make a game! No Game No Life - Transported to another world, OP MC Noragami - god meets girl No-rin - Slice of life, pop idol meets fan One Punch Man - OP OP OP OP OP MC Outbreak Company - Transported to another world, teaching anime to other worlds people Plastic Memories - Sad Slice of life, beware Re:creators - Action, transported to another world Reversed, anime characters becomes real Recovery of an Mmo Junky - gamer meets gamer and like each other Restaurant to Another World - Food if you like to watch food watch this... Saga of Tanya the Evil - Fantasy, Magic, God, OP MC, Crazy, Reincarnation/Transported to another world, War Seiyu's Life - Slice of life, life of a voice actor Seraph of the End - OP MC, Vampire, Apocalypses Seven Deadly Sins - OP OP OP OP MC, Fantasy, Magic, Kingdom Corruption Sky Wizard Academy - OP MC, Fantasy, civilization vs monsters Snow White With the Red Hair - Romance, prince meets girl Sword Art Online - Fantasy, magic, OP MC, transported to another world/game, Romance Tales of Zestiria the x - OP MC, Evil vs good, Excalibur fable basicly The Ancient Magus Bride - Action/Slice of life, Magic, girl meets monster, Romance-ish The Devil Is a Part Timer - Transported to another world, Devil MC, OP MC, McDonald Worker The Disastrous Life of Saiki k - OP OP OP MC, Saikik MC, SLice of Life The Future Diary - Crazy physiological DeathMatch The Irregular at Magic High School - OP MC, little sister, School, Magic, Modern The Royal Tutor - Slice of life, title says it The Sacred Blacksmith - Action, boy meets girl, uhhh not much else Tokyo Ghoul - Action, boy turns bad, Trinity Seven - OP MC, magic, harem-ish Ultimate Otaku Teacher - Title says it, Slice of life Uq Holder - Immortal strong MC World Break - harem, action, reincarnate, magic, OP MC Worldend - OP MC, Last of Humans, Magic Yozakura Quartet: Hana No Uta - Superpower, action modern time Yuri On Ice - Boy meet boy slice of life, ice skating, Romance @B1gM0ist @Th3Law @Sawyer hicks @demonrider23 @RepentantSky @Part_time_anime I @ you guys because you made Recommend threads...
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    Hmm, you know I did consider that too as there are quite a few "male type" magical girls...I feel like I just confused myself. Anyways, Sailor Stars season of Sailor Moon, Cute High Earth Defense Club and some others feature Boys that act like Magical Girls (or turn into Magical Girls?). How do they fit into the big picture or are they something else? It's something I've often pondered, especially with more series like that being produced these days. To me it shows a "superhero's life" I suppose. In most comic books, the crime fighting happens in the evenings, after work (or school), and juggling a normal life with a secret super life is part of the story. For me, I think Magical Girls do mostly the same thing. It might be the age factor where most of the innocence comes from. It's definitely an interesting thought to consider. I think that a large part of Magical Girl stories is friendship (either with another Magical Girl or someone who is very close to the Main), which lends itself to hope...an innocent hope perhaps. Hope is a special feeling that is hard to cast and even more difficult to maintain. You don't see that many anime genres...or much anime at all trying to capture and convey that feeling. Hehe, I kind of expected Madoka to take the lead as well. I have so far abstained from the poll (being the creator) but I would have voted for Cardcaptors and Madoka would still be leading. I have to admit that Madoka is a very good Magical Girl series and it really blows some older assumptions of Magical Girls out of the water. It remains a top recommendation from fans for anyone, regardless of whether they are into Magical Girls or not, which really says something about the versatility of the series' own appeal. I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Christine Cabanos (Madoka's English voice actress) on multiple occasions at cons and she always has a large following. She can put a room in awe just reciting her favorite lines from Madoka. One of my best friends is kind of anti-Magical Girl (though she really loves it deep down inside! She has yet to actively dislike one she's seen. I guess she just doesn't see herself as enjoying the genre since she tends to gravitate towards bloody, violent stuff usually lol) and we binge watched Madoka one day and blew her mind with it I liked it enough to slowly purchase it myself but I'm always looking for the next one. I actually got Fate Kalied for Christmas one year and though it took me over a year to get around to watching it (I have a high stress job. You'd think I'd spend my time at home de-stressing but....bleh...), I absolutely loved it! I found it downright comical in some places (those who have seen it know what I'm referring to) but still with that Magical Girl charm of innocence and hope. The tie-in with the rest of the Fate series is a pretty interesting twist too. I have often wondered if the majority of the fans from the Fate series have watched it, or if it just appeals to a different audience altogether (Magical Girl audiences that is...). I'd love to know. I've watched Fate/Stay Night and Fate Kalied but none of the other Fate series. I agree that Fate Kalied should be on any Magical Girl fan's list to watch.
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    I've been waiting for this season for so long, I forgot to watched the finale for season 2. Lol, well, I barely remember anything at this point so I guess it would make sense to go back a little. I'm looking forward to it though.
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    As the title says if you have any black and white drawings does not matter if they are actual drawings or on computer Ill color them! An example: Original made by Seemore_bhutts You can tell me what colors or what ever you like for specifics!
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    Uhh Endride - Don't know much... Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash (Highly recommend) Knight's & Magic - Reincarnated robot lover into world of magic and giant robots Outbreak Company (sorta) took a job and transported to another world teaching the inhabitants about otaku culture Re:zero - transported to another world with crappy ability when he dies gets resurrected awhile before he died Saga of Tanya the Evil - Atheist gets scolded by god and re-incarnated with a bet that he wont ask for gods help in his new world. The Devil Is a Part Timer - Devil ran from his kingdom because holy knight chased him out and is stuck in a almost magic less world. The Silver Guardian - uhh this one is a stretch so like in sao he goes in a game so there.
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    A short (I mean <5 minutes) search on Anime-Planet revealed a whole lot. https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/all?include_tags=107 Browse through it. I love Anime-Planet and their tagging system...makes anime easy to find if you have certain criteria in mind.
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    Sorry but this feels an awful lot like a "help me with my homework" kind of question lol.... I used to get questions like that a lot from my older sister lol.
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    I did enjoy these too and also sisnt seem to get in to slow start (well I didn't even finish the first episode) mayne you would also like love hina
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    How about a list of what you've already seen so we can make productive suggestions?
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    I am going to confess right here and now. I... am not good with technologies. I was restricted from any technological thing. I was banned from watching TV or from even touching a phone. Well, I had other restrictions (and still have now) like not attending a friend's B-day party and stuff, but that's not important. Maybe that's why I turned out like this. So... I might feel a bit lost now and then, and I, um, would like you all to help me. Thanks. Regards, AniMeFReaK.
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    The first I watched was Your Lie in April. After that ending, I needed to find something to cure the sadness!
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    My old room mate told me that I should check out anime and give Soul Eater a chance. So one day I decided to watch and decided to continue on watching it. I ended up loving the series and wanted to watch more anime that seemed interesting to me. Death The Kid made me laugh during the whole series.
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    My first anime was pokémon lol ...
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    For me it was Doraemon, which I watched for a very long time, the second watched was the Pokémon one and dragon ball Z as well.
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    For me, it was more than likely Voltron. The original 1984 version. I didn't care much for it (liked the theme song, though...so epic), but my older cousin loved it and was a huge fan. He even had a big Voltron poster in his room. He had five years on me, so I was no match for him when it came to the television so fighting against him was pointless. lol
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    Dattebayo! I will go straight to work ANIME KOI TO USO Recommend it? Genre: HS, Romance This anime is about a boy who has a big crush on a girl since elementary school. But the most surprising thing is that she had a crush on him too (I call that imagination in real life btw), but they can't be together because the government has assigned him to his potential wife. Anyway he ends up falling in love with her too and it gets complicated, but at the end, they didn't show how it ended.. will he marry his assigned wife or go through hell to be with his elementary school crush? MANGA HINEKURE CHASER Recommend it? YES Genre: Yh, C, HS A cute boy chases after a seme KORE WA KITTO YUME NO NAKA NO KISS Recommend it? YES Genre: Yh, C Cute yaoi Artist x server KARE NO SHOUSOU TO KOI NI TSUITE Recommend it? YES Genre: Yh, J A meeting in a park led to a beautiful relationship... AA BOCCHAMA...! Recommend it? YES Genre: Yh, J About two guys who were given a goal: Make 1 000 000 Yen. Ended up that young master fell in love with his servant... BOKU O WARUI KO NI SHITE Recommend it? YES Genre: Yh, HS After few pages, a timid boy gets "ambushed" by a very handsome guy... MOTOYAN PAPA TO HITSUJI Recommend it? YES Genre: Yc, HS A single father (with a cute kid) falls in love with his son's teacher CASTE HEAVEN Recommend it? YES Genre: Yc, HS About an insane school system, there is also a lot of bullying. It is a recommendation from my fujoshi friend KANGOKU JIKKEN Recommend it? YES Genre: Horror (H), HS, Murders (M) For people who are tired of yaoi, I accidentally clicked on a different genre this time hahahaha.... A guy who is bullied at school gets to get revenge on his bully. The story is frightening sometimes but I was determined to read it to the end. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Where are the colors? I can't find them! Anyway, Besides anime, I have also a school life. I was wondering about how stupid is education system in Czech schools... School system works like this: You go to school at the age of 7, when you are in 5th grade you can either choose to stay at your current school or go to GYMNAZIUM which is a bit advanced school and you can go straight to college because you go there for 8 years after that you can go and work in McDonald's or go to college, then there is 7th grade you can choose to go to gymnazium (for 6 years) or stay at your current place, and then there is the 9th grade where you must leave school and you must choose a school this time. You have 3 options : Go to gymnazium (4 years) and learn all the subjects from middle school deeper (which is a pain honestly) OR go to STREDNI SKOLA and you can do what you have always wanted (you don't have many options, and if what you like doesn't have special stredni skola, it's bad because you have to go to college abd learn it there - my situation) OR there is another option, there is also a type of HS called "učňák", where not very bright people go, they usually fail subjects etc. they can become nurses, hairdressers or makeup artists. These all 3 categories of HS. Everyone must go somewhere because they have to leave middle school. Anyway, after the end of these schools, there is a big exam, MATURITA, this exam includes Czech, literature (Indian Czech, Persian, Chinese etc.), and Math + subjects you want. If you don't pass these exams, you can say goodbye to your college life. Then exams to college which difficult as f., I guess I won't understand why I need to go through all this just to get to a stupid college.
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    Follow for Follow! Jokes aside ^^ I don't know you well enough and since you didn't make any introduction thread yet - I'm just assuming you missed the right opportunity to make one? In case you feel like introducing yourself to the community, click here. Nevertheless, i would like to welcome you to the forums @I.Zara2006
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    Hi everyone! I'm quite new here and very passionate about anime though I started late (on campus) since anime is not as big here. Hopefully I'll learn more and meet some interesting people
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    When someone said, "What's Naruto?" i just about about collapsed in the floor.
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    Welcome to the forums. If you have questions, feel free to ask the people here (They won't eat you. Probably) Enjoy your stay here
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    Uwaaah~ you were living in Japan? What was it like? I myself was living in the US but had to move back to PR due to a leg fracture. Good plan! Im just waiting to be able to get my hands on an Omen laptop, since I have no room for a desktop and start Uni soon hehe same on all these, but im starting Uni instead, a bit late but oh well Thats great! Hope it just keeps getting better That’s fine its a big question I myself dont know what I’ll be doing aside from healing both mentally and psysichally lol
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    I don't think I heard of this group before but it sounds nice and I like "back in the day" songs. Brings back memories.
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    I have some regrets which are a bit too personal to share on here.. however I learned from them afterword and became much stronger and much wiser about things.
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    I would like to visit Ireland and Scotland the most. Then It would be nice to visit New Zealand and of course Japan as well.
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    Welcome to the forum. Nice question there. For me, I have no real plans, but I am planning on moving back home to the US at the end of April. I guess my plan is finding a new job once I move back home and plan to visit Japan next year.
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    I suppose it's too late to submit any characters now ;-; If not, here are some images of the protagonist of my RPG ⊙▽⊙
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    Pudding and Mashed Potatoes! Ehhhhhhhhhh, Paul eh? I can give you Danny!
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    Mine was Fruits Basket as well. : )
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    It feels like i only joined this place to find somewhere where i could fit in and make some friends. I did make some "friends" here but i haven't been talking with them because most of them are gone. Granted i have other online friends but it's good to have some more quality people i can interact with.
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    I added a few touch ups such as the eyes (couldn't tell where lines or shades were in eyes were so I went off a google image sorry) I also added a shine to the hair! I hope its what you were looking forward to! Is this a specific character from Pokemon? And yours will take a little longer sorry.
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