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    I just got the grade of my first college paper today, got an 83% which is a distinction! ~Working on some college forum posts now and the like.
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    Cost Each and every victory comes at a cost So what are you willing to give? Every victory has a bridge to be crossed So how long can you walk, just to live? Each victory sparks pride in your soul and it's fire But the price for your freedom is so extraordinarily high How far are you willing to go just to fly higher? Oh, what if you get too close to the sun and die? Victory! Victory! Shout it from the rooftop For you've over come a demon in your own mind The cost! The cost! Don't stand to close to the roof's drop Of you might just find the demons you didn't leave behind. In a moment of joy you feel over come With the pride that you've fought another day But that moment passes and you succumb To the feeling in your head that says, "It's doomsday!" You fought for your victory but you'll die for the cost For one small victory does not over come your own mind If no one helps you quick then your entire life may be lost For your mind kills you slowly and every night you unwind. So don't cheer too fast and don't smile too quick For a victory is a mere battle won, not the war And you may find that you blood runs thick When the demons come knocking at your door.
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    oh look @RyePotatoes members birthdays are back at the bottom of the main page near whos online . @Kohloo wont like that
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    Bought some tickets, Shinedown and Godsmack! YEEE BOYE
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    I hit 100 rep!
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    I'm going to try dipping my toes back into the forum. If I'm a little slow to reply to messages it's just because I can't handle too much social interaction all at once, but I will get back to you ASAP! Thank you all for the support during this hard time, it really does mean a lot and help.
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    As an animal lover I cannot choose favourite but I have a hedgy and a dog and also planing to get a cat (sphynx).
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    For me it isn't about fun, it is about relaxing and I never drink enough to lose balance or affect my ability to make decisions. From a pharmacodynamic perspective, ethanol is a unique drug in that smaller doses will cause stimulatory effects (increased energy, mood, higher thinking abilities), though increasing doses cause depressive effects (decreased energy, mood, confusion, interference with motor skills, lowered respiration and possible loss of consciousness). Because it doesn't take much to pass that sweet zone, most novice drinkers usually end up way beyond it where the negative effects are their entire experience. Moderation and taking it slow is how it is meant to be. still, to each their own.
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    I use it primarily for stewed tomatoes (and I pull out a jar whenever I want to make spaghetti or for pot roasts or vegetable soup), but my mom cans string beans and more and her mother canned nearly everything. It is a dieing art these days. But I tell you, my jars will taste just as fresh a year from now as it does today. I got 15.75 quart jars out of this batch today. The partial is in the fridge. I might make spaghetti for lunch tomorrow with it. Lots of people I know can salsa but I never developed a good enough salsa recipe to want to have it on hand like that. You should be able to use it for lots of things but if you can't find the jars and lids...you might be out of luck. I'm glad you learned about it today. Most people in my country don't know about it either sadly enough. Too busy to cook I suppose. She has her meals planned out for the next few days. Like me, they are mostly staying home (to avoid the traffic jams caused by the first day of tourist season). I might just drop by and visit tomorrow. Not what I planned on, but it is what it is.
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    Wow, fantastic words of wisdom from everyone! I don’t have much to add, everything has pretty much already been said. Just remember though, people do come and go throughout our lives. So just try to enjoy the time with each person and try to think fondly of those times if you/they eventually drift away. And if things happen to end badly? Well, not everyone is meant to get along, better to focus on the next positive relationships
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    Well you have to reply to things often as a start. People aren't going to remember someone who only posts rarely. If time isn't the issue, you have to start by being active wherever you're at. That way people can get a feeling about, what you're about, where you stand on things etc. Most people aren't blindly going to talk to someone, ask them to be their friends and have that go anywhere. If being active is hard, which I can understand why it would be, then it's going to be difficult to make friends. However, if you can manage it, that's the best way to start.
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    Thanks for the welcome!... :3 Hello!... :3 Ya, Izzy told me that Ryuji was active here and that she had signed up so I had to check it out too... XD Here is some general info about me... ~NickNames: Wicked, Whit, Wicky, Wickykins, WickyChan, Neko, wicky-woo, Neko-chan, WickWick, Wikinekoa ~Age: 26 ~Gender: Female ~Relationship Status: ♡Taken♡ ~Interests: music, anime/manga, video games, GFXing, and makeup... ~Favorite Things: music, sweets (chocolate, cakes, cookies, candy, ect), green tea, orange soda, coffee, food in general, anything Tim Burton, Halloween, spooky things in general, being wrapped in a warm blanket or comfy hoodies and sweaters, hot showers, adorable animals, rainbows, and sparkly/shiny things... As for my favorite anime, I would have to pick FLCL... I know it's not perfect but I can't help but love it!... XD Hello nephew!... ♡♡♡ Thank you!... :3 Thanks drill!... I've been kinda busy with work but other than that I have been been pretty well... I hope you have been well too!... :3 Thank you!... Yes it is, I got lucky with my family... :3 Hello sis!... XD Thanks!... :3 Good, if that's true then I will probably love it here lol... Thanks!... :3 I hope we can be friends too... :3
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    Hmm I think I'll try being more active here 🤔🤔
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    Honestly? I would probably jump up and down and move side to side just because I'm curious as to how it doesn't bother guys to have a snake between their legs. 😂😂 Also sex just to feel what a guy feels during.
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    @efaardvarkand @Wedgywell you two went and done it now and there will be consequences I went and got my self a G933 and seeing I was there I also got my self a new keyboard (also Logitech) a G613 now (well prob after a nap 😛 coz I can ! ) all I got to so is set up the 933 and all it can do for me and my gaming and what ever else
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    I just finished Bungou Stray Dogs. It was amazing!
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    I'm not quite that bad. I mean, I could be, but I don't have that kind of time. I've actually started avoiding those sorts of games in favor of the more open, "sandbox" games because I've found that I get less caught up in the "do it right" thing. Minecraft for instance, or my current obsession Kerbal Space Program, or I'm also waiting for Space Engineers. Great FPS, low latency, awesome physics engine. Plot needs work though.
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    I have no idea how online friends happen. I go online and BAM friends appear. It's a gift and a curse.
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    I'm happy to have made some friends here. I thank you for your kindness. It makes me feel happy. :)
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    T Name: The eyes are the window to the soul Every day I watch from my window the people outside as they hurry to work. Every night I watch from my window the people outside as they hurry to sin. The couple living one yard across from mine fight constantly and every night I watch as the husband leaves home; slamming the door and cursing wildly. I think to myself quite often, for I wish I could myself step outside, "What is the point of this routine? Why must people be so unhappy?". At night I do not sleep, my hands shake and my teeth rattle, my eyes dilate and I convulse; my life is terrible, though when conscious I am, I do not feel depressed. I yearn to feel the breeze upon my face, to with my toes touch the grass, to feel the kiss and touch of another human being. I want to be held, I want to be taken, I want to experience everything in life, yet it is this very covetousness, this very hope that keeps me invested in living. It fuels my soul to go on, it is my saving grace. Another night, another pleasure, that is how it goes for my neighbor's husband. I watch from my window as he in his car tears an unknown woman's clothes off her body; his eyes wild, in each hand rests a different breast. He does this almost every night though with a different woman each time and yet every time afterward he gets out of the car and he cry's, I do not understand him. I would kill to have a woman, a man, an animal, anything all to myself, for I have never felt the touch of another living thing. I have never been comforted, I have never felt the feeling of ecstasy I so often see him feel. If I am lucky sometimes he forgets to draw the curtain to the window of his own house, Into his life then have I a deeper look; I am lucky, for tonight is one of those nights. I can see he is stressed, he fiddles with a small black object and holds it to his head. This is something I have not seen before; I lean forward, my cheeks pressing firmly against the cold rain-drenched window-pane, my eyes wide and my heart fluttering. What will happen? I watch as he pulls on it a trigger, blood splatters across his room and a scream follows almost immediately. Who could be screaming? His wife is not home, suddenly I realize I am the one screaming, I look down at my hands, they are shaking uncontrollably, I give in and collapse onto the floor. The sun shines upon my face, I awake slowly as my eyes flutter and adjust. What happened last night, what was that? why would he kill himself, he had freedom, pure and untainted free will; he had what I have always wanted and yet.... I realize now, it has all become clear to me; we humans are inherently covetous, no matter what goals we achieve, no matter what prizes we are awarded, no matter what lives we live, we will always crave more. I am already damned, damned to live the same life as those I have watched through my window for countless days. Happiness seems to be something we cannot obtain, for the happiness we crave does not exist. I rise from off the floor, my head and bones ache. All I have ever done is wish for more, I see now that if I were to obtain what I so lust for, I would only lust for more; I have seen not a better example of a human being, I have seen not a contented man nor a satisfied woman. It must be the same way for everyone, for everyone I have witnessed lives a life mirrored not after their own personal conviction but rather that of everyone they have come in contact with. I will now do what I know to do, I will do what I have seen done, I will do what it is to be done when one cannot go on anymore. What I have always wished for, it would only pain me more; in mind and in heart I am a whore, for my entire life has been filled with a single emotion. An emotion of lust, an emotion that awakened in me even my most unholy cravings; I have not lead a meaningful existence, although do not let it be said that any other human being has either... I grab the knife from the cupboard, I refuse myself even the idea of stepping outside; for If I were to do so I would most certainly lose my resolve to end my life. I go up to my room and stand in the same spot I have stood for the last twenty-six years, in front of my window. Today is no different aside from the absence of my neighbor's husband. Its sad really, despite having watched these people for the past Twenty-six years I do not even know a single one of their names. I press the knife against my throat, close my eyes and I take my final breath, a long and deep breath, a breath of relaxation or is it... Contentment? -The end.
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    So i know this is completely random, but i don't have many friends right now so i'm pretty much a loner. I love Anime! so to have friends who love Anime too would be awesome, I have Aspergers and ADHD so if you don't understand what i'm saying, just don't worry about it it's just how i am lol Anyways drop down a comment if you wish
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    All of them!... XD
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    Well I am very interested in computers and technology. I know a bit of coding and scripting. So I’d like to go into Software engineering and development. But thank you ^.^ Only one of those I have seen, and to be honest I was thoroughly impressed with it. The Irregular at Magic High School. I really enjoyed that anime. And I’m sad there hasn’t been anymore. I would like to read the manga though. But those sound like good recommendations though. Why is The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, underwhelming? What’s it about so far?
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    *munches potato chips as the anime world engulfs with fan service* So disappointing. Sigh
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    Why not, if you said it wasn't you would be lying because art is by definition expression of human creative skill and imagination in a visual form.
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