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    Yes! After making some changes, my app has finally been accepted for sale. If you guys want to check it out, here is a link. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cc-verify/id1438705119?mt=8 This app is iOS only right now. I might make a version for Android, as I already paid the fee for that years ago, but it has been a while since I programmed in Java and I do not want to bother with Kotlin while my class on Swift is still going on (not to mention I hate how Google makes things hard for worldwide releases, due to having to manually entering prices).
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    Been so unproductive lately aside from this belly fat *eats pudding*
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    hey guys i don't know if you guys heard the news but i wanted to let you guys know i am pregant so we will have a new friend/family here
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    So now we have a new chiweenie "dog" - aka Mexican hotdog, aka German taco - in our household. (Chihuahua/Dachshund mix.) Cute as heck, and good lap dog for my 80yo mom, but I'd have liked a real dog. Preferably a pit (like our last), or at least a beagle or boxer. Something I could take hiking anyway. This would just be bait for the coyotes and mountain lions, even the hawks. 4 billion years to create wolves, and then humans came along and did this. smh
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    this topic is too sad, and as admin, i must shut it down, jokes~ but yea, lets see, i was actually thinking about this while bathing today to be honest, but yea i see myself as someone whom would give a helping hand to someone in need (only those who REALLY need it tho'), while also being a cold-type person (atleast, that's how i always heard people say it), me being a "cold", or "inclement" as google would translate the words they use but semi same on your problem too, minus the whole moving around, i generally observe my surroundings more, and talk allot less, (thus giving me less friends, and more alone time, if you know what i mean "winkwinknudgenudge") but its not couse im not a talkative-type of person, its just, i dont know how to engage in conversations, i don't really know much about recent things (e.g, movies, recent happenings in NEWS, etc), aside from meme's and game/anime/possible what i study, i really dont know how to say things >.> theres also the fact that, if i say stuff, they might not get it (spoiler alert: when i say something that feels kind of easy to understand, classmates tend to look at me dumbfoundedly, as if my way of thinking is hard, when i only just gave them a summarization of what to do, like jebus man <.>) also i have this wierd strange feeling, ill be laughed at off, if i do/say something stupid, which is why as much as possible, i avoid talking, unless theres already a conversation i know of, incidentally, i dont really, also mind that i dont have many friends, i have this firm belief that, a thousand fake friends, is nothing as compared to one real friend, you may be happy at that time being with a thousand friends, but the moment you hit a rut (like say money problems, real life issue, etc) those thousand friends of yours will be gone before i could even finish this sente--- meanwhile, that single true friend, will have your back, whether it be money real life problems and what not but yea, not sure if i answered the thread, feels like i did, but i also semi didn't >.>
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    Ill do yours next. Can you provide a link to an image? mmmm sure.
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    Word. I can be pretty cool, but I normally act cold with people unless I really feel that they're truly genuine.
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    Playing a bit of Minecraft gosh its been like 2 months since I sat down with this game. Built a ship, and now thinking of doing another sea based structure.
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    Oh hey, I think that's Sola. https://myanimelist.net/anime/1965/Sola?q=Sola Tagging you too, just in case. @Nono
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    Wish denied. Fine! Granted, but you are not allowed to touch them, if you do, you get electrocuted badly. I wish I could teleport from home to school and vice-versa.
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    It's been a long time since I've written here in my blog. I really write writing and somehow it's my way of venting out my feelings, emotions and especially my frustrations. Speaking of frustrations let's talk about my frustration about cooking. So if you knew me for like quite some time maybe way back December 18 or something I've written this blog about living on my own in college and so here I am today still unable to cook a single grain of rice for dinner. We all have that feeling heroic moments when you just suddenly woke up from an 8-hour slumber induced by no sleep late last night due to a long quiz that never happened caused by your teacher feeling like, "Oh, I'm not gonna give a quiz today just cause I don't want to." and think that you could do everything you want to do cause you think you're the most capable being on earth. So here you were, washing some rice, readying for your first ever cooking show and humming to yourself while putting it over your rice cooker. You take out your phone taking the most epic picture possible just cause it's your first time cooking rice and its expected in your country to know how to cook rice at the age of 10 and you're already 18 and ambitious enough. You take this little stroll in insta until you smell something burning and this time it's not your hair. It's your nonexistent work of art. You forgot to add in some water and all you had to do was wait for that rice cooker to just say keep warm! So College life is going well for me aside from the fact that I had to buy my Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner from the Cafeteria. Good job self! You're going to survive it all so come at me life! *notice the potato sarcasm* So if you're having a bad day out there cause you're crush can't notice you, or your being bullied by someone who doesn't really know your true self at school, or you're bored all the time just cause you have all the time in the world and time is your slave or you're just plain frustrated with life's problems and hurdles remember there's a girl out there that is supposedly expected to capable of cooking rice at the age of 10 and is now 18 but still can't have dinner due to her own clumsiness, negligence plain old stupidity. Don't be too harsh on yourself. We learn from mistakes but for me I think I'm going to learn from youtube since Mum's not here. 😛 Keep Breathing~
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    so in the end, i passed all those exams im really sugoi, really really sugoi >->
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    When I’m involved with a show or movie I can’t help that I feel it’s the only time I can feel human. Let me elaborate, I feel that being human everyday isn’t something that people everyday can do on a normal basis anymore. Like being vulnerable, genuine, growth, being you. I laugh, cry, relate, encourage, disagree, hope and so many more emotions everyday. But, I feel I can really let all my feelings out in the open “ vulnerable” and feel more human when I’m not with humans, strange I know 😂
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    The only question I ever was asked about anime was when I was watching some action anime, forgot which one it was, and my mother came in, watched a bit and then asked: "why can all these people jump so high?" Not the getting hit by a punch that breaks stone, falling from the sky and crushing the ground instead of dying or the hillariously flapping titties with the size of basket balls- no; it was the jumping that was the odd thing.
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    Holy chit! This series was ridiculously outside the box and weird and badass all at the same time. I kinda just stumbled onto this when I was looking to buy something on ebay, it was in the related section. What stood out to me was the name. The words serial and experiments caught my attention and from there, I immediately went to youtube to see if it was available, it was. I watched the first four episodes, and although it was a little strange at first and raised so many questions, it had something in it that kept me hooked. Luckily, from episode five forward, the show starts to make more sense and some of the questions start getting answered, and that's when I was like, "yeah, this is awesome". I finished watching the last seven episodes in a row last night and I just want to say, Wow! This series was ahead of it's time for sure. This is a 13 episode series, and only the first two eps are dubbed, it's all subtitles after that, but well worth the reading. I was actually about halfway into the third episode before I even realized that the english was gone. Lolz. I don't even know how to describe this show. Computers, alternate reality, god. That's all I got. If you haven't seen this, I highly recommend it, and if you have seen it, what are your thoughts?
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    General - applies to ALL areas of Anime Forums NO ADVERTISING your website / forum / YouTube / Discord / channel / etc. in any of the content areas. Only advertise in your profile and signature. If you have joined AF just to advertise you will immediately be flagged as a spammer and banned. Be courteous to ALL members, it's OK to disagree about differences in opinion but you must not resort to personal attacks. No linking to unlicensed downloads and streaming sites. No SPAM - no memes or pointless posts except via private Messaging and in the Forum Games section. Refrain from excessive swearing, younger visitors do visit this community. No racism, no politics, no discussion of general illicit activities. Do not harass other members via Direct Messaging and Profile Posts. No R18 content in any of areas EXCEPT in private, unlisted Clubs. Do not impersonate staff. Forums Please try to post at least 1-2 sentences in your posts. It is difficult to respond and add discuss short posts. Chat posts and casual posts should be moved to the Messaging feature or in the Random section in the Forums. Blogs Blogs and posts should be related to anime, Japanese culture, your personal hobbies or your personal life. Blogs are public. Please do not divulge personal information. Clubs There is a set limit of 2 clubs you can create and manage. Open/Public Club content may be featured on the front page from time to time, be mindful of this. Gallery If you are uploading fan art / images that someone else has made you MUST provide a link to the source and name the creator. The creator reserves the right to request it be taken down if permission wasn't granted. If you are feeling threatened, being attacked or find content that is inappropriate at Anime Forums: Report it. There is a report link below each content item. A staff member will respond to your report ASAP. Do not respond directly to the content or member as it may compound the problem. Account Deletion Policy Anime Forums is a public community. If you have had major discussions in forum topics, removing your posts can significantly affect the flow of the discussion as you may have been quoted. If you've been a member for sometime, and have made significant contributions to the community - your account will not be deleted. It will be anonymized. We will endeavour to remove any personal information during the process. After an account is deleted or anonymized by staff, we won't be able to restore it. Please think carefully before making this request. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask a member of AF staff.
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    Ooh, you meant MC server. Hmm... I wouldn't be against that, in all honesty.
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    I haven't played in a few years now. I was really into the game and actively played it for a long time but I was never really into single player I don't even think I ever finished the game on my own since I spent so much time on multiplayer in private servers or public servers ran by people I knew which was my favorite part of the game. I probably wont go back to the game since these were the only reason I played really. Its cool to see that people are still enjoying the game today, I haven't kept up with any updates so I'm sure there are a bunch of new cool things.
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    Granted, but you are squished to death, because you are traveling in a prototype vehicle with faster than light tech. I wish I could make the government inherit my debt when I die.
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    My suggestion to everyone else's suggestion is Gosick. That anime will challenge you in a lot of ways lol with story, animation, characters just everything lol. I watched it before I watch toradora but that was even better cause I could see tons of victorique and kujo in taiga and ryuuji. Not just that the tons of supporting characters and minor characters that move the transitions the series along compare very well to toradora.
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    One of my favorites, To the world you are somebody, but to somebody you are the world.
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    welcome to af~, to be honest, never heard of "kobe" (but to be also honest, im not great at history/good at geography) as roxeg-senpai has stated, we have recom-threads, but as he also said, everyone wont mind helping you in this thread and also, as neptune-senpai has said, Death note is a fun anime that gets allot of people into anime~ ...hope you enjoy your stay in AF~ (anyone else noticed, i literally said nothing, but say, "someone else said something", and this message is pretty much, TLDR is : "welcome to af" ?, no one? good >.>)
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    I found Princess Princess to be really good, it helped me find confidence in a personal way in myself, its genre is shounen ai but its centered on cute boys dressing up as princesses at their all boys school which the main character and one of the supporting characters develop a very close friendship to each other. There is a third supporting character but he's absent in the presence of gay relationship but his girlfriend makes up for it later in the series for her feelings towards him crossdressing as a gothic lolita princess lol which I feels was a great presentation of a girl in a relationship with a guy who crossdresses. Another one to consider is Fake, its short very short, a ova, but it's about two nypd officers one japanese american and the other american who have a gay relationship in secret and how they try to have their first getaway together ends up being a crime they solve together. Has some good gay relationship qualities that felt relatistic in the portrayal of having a secret gay relationship as both officers and in the early 90's late 80's when that was a time of the great AIDS epidemic and the hostility towards gay men. I know of tons of anime that have crossdressing male being friends with another guy and having a platonic relationship/friendship but that really doesnt correlate to your interest into other gay themed anime. Im sorry I have only two titles to offer...but I hope they help give you something fresh to enjoy...if I failed your satisfaction your more than welcome to rant me out for it.
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    Yea I have a actual establishment, you can come and just hang bout the place all you wish! Bookcases of anime and manga, gameboy colours and advances, a ps3 and xbox 360 two tvs, a fridge and pantry full of free for all food, a 300 inch outdoor projector theater with tables surrounding a fire pit. But...im struggling to get interest in the club I have a meetup.com site dedicated for the club...only two people have shown up...I'm thinking of setting up a meetup before I open the club at the local library to help generate public interest. Im sorry...I kind of went off the rambling bridge there...sorry...
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    I like to change icons / avatars / wallpapers often. But I've been riding with this one for a few months on the laptop.
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