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  1. Don't worry about that. We've all been new to forums at some time. As has already been said, if you see a topic you're interested in just join in and add your contribution. The important thing is to enjoy discussing anime with your fellow anime fans.
  2. Today I am a very unhappy anime dragon. I spent all morning and part of the afternoon replacing the motherboard, CPU and RAM on my main computer. When I'd finished the job I connectect up the monitor, mouse, keyboard and power cord, pressed the power button there was no display on the monitor so I waited, and waited, and waited then the speaker gave 5 beeps. I looked that up in the error code list and it means CPU error! I've contacted the supplier of the board and CPU and am awaiting their reply. In the meantime my main computer is dead and I am not a happy person.
  3. First indications this morning would appear to show that the warm sunny weather is back after yesterday's rain. The garden really needed that rain.
  4. Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here.
  5. That's an interesting breakfast. Mine was the usual bowl of cereal, milk and a cup of tea.
  6. It's still reasonably warm, but the sun has gone behind the clouds and the rain has arrived.
  7. Way back in the old days I used to rebuild my computer every two years when a new faster CPU came out. My current machine was built when Win 7 came out so its CPU is well out of date and struggles with some modern software, so it's well overdue for a rebuild.
  8. The rest of the parts for my computer upgrade have arrived. Now comes the fun bit of taking the computer apart and fitting all the new bits in.
  9. What happens when it rains cats and dogs? You have to be careful not to step in a poodle.
  10. The weather here is warm and sunny, long may it continue.
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