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  1. Bright and sunny and it feels reasonably warn, but what the outside temperature is is something I'll find out in about an hours time when I go out!
  2. I've been seeing a lot more anime related content on my Facebook feed recently, I suppose it's really all my fault for liking and commenting on a couple of anime postings. On the plus side it has made FB a lot more interesting.

  3. I finished Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club this evening. Ok so this one was a bit different, the school is a huge modern hi-tech one with loads of students, so no School Idol Club needed to save it from closing. There's still a school idol club, of course, but rather than become a group the nine members all decide to become solo idols so in effect each episode revolves round one of the girls. The problem with this approach is that there's very little in terms of coherent storyline. It's an interesting series, but with the group's members all doing their own thing the storyline really lacks the overall sense of purpose that the previous series had.
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