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  1. Still continuing to be bright and sunny, but not a warm as it should be for the middle of June.
  2. While there are a lot of bad things happening in London, it after all a big place, it's generally a safe place. I worked in central London for about 40 years and at one time my job required me to travel around quite a bit and I also visited several places in search of anime related merch and never really encountered any trouble. It's just a matter of being aware of where you are and what's happening around you.
  3. Google "anime wallpapers" there's several websites that have loads of them. You can also go to Google and go to Images and enter the name of your favourite anime in the search box.
  4. They'd stab you because they;re probably dealing in class A drugs, heroin, cocaine etc, which is illegal and they don't want witnesses. The drug gangs are dangerous people, although they're more likely to stab you look like a member of a rival gang. Knife crime is a serious problem in some parts of London, sadly several people have died as a result of being stabbed, mostly young people which is even sadder.
  5. I hope everything goes smoothly with the move and you don't have any last minute problems.
  6. It's overcast but bright and probably a bit chilly outside.
  7. The last time I moved house was about 65 years ago. I don't remember much about it, but I do remember that the removal men packed all our stuff in large tea chests and when we arrived at our new house they wanted them back so they emptied them out and left a everything in a big heap in the middle of the living room! It took my parents days to sort the mess out. My grandfather was moving in to live with us as well and his removals men arrived at the same time so there was absolute chaos !! Have you ever visited another country?
  8. I can relate to that. There's some strange people on our trains as well. A few years back I was working in one of the parts of London that had a certain "reputation" and when walking along the road the rule was look straight ahead, note, but do not look at, anyone standing in doorways. To look at them, or even worse make eye contact was to invite serious trouble, especially in the darker winter evenings. The 'serious trouble' could be anything from a bit of verbal abuse to a knife in the ribs, I was very glad when my job moved me to another location.
  9. It's bright and sunny, but there's a cold wind blowing.
  10. I gift you several packets of crackers to eat with your cheese log.
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