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  1. Metro

    HEY!!! YOU!!! GUYS!!!

    This has actually got me so confused, I only got a notification saying it was only posted yesterday )_)
  2. After seeing your waifu I just had to share with you my favourite poster in my room 😂



    1. Wedgy


      I have to know where you procured this poster, for science.

    2. Metro


      I randomly found it in gamestop 😂

    3. Wedgy


      Don't have those here… dag nab it.

  3. Metro

    HEY!!! YOU!!! GUYS!!!

    Welcome back Cirky, good to see you back man!
  4. Metro

    Kirry back in the house

    Welcome back Kirry Glad to see you back!
  5. So the question is what do you guys prefer and have you been to them? I'm currently going through a phase I haven't had in years where I'm obsessed about Disney and all things to do with theme parks and as someone who lives in Ireland and has never experienced a theme park besides Disneyland Paris and Legoland UK (aged 7) I don't really remember much and want to know which one is the best in all of your opinion?
  6. //Babe you look so cool.//

  7. Metro

    So.. does anyone drink?

    Firstly I'm underage for drinking and in my current state of mind I'd never drink and plan to keep it that way.
  8. Ah, @Metro-san, long time no see! How have you been?😏

    1. Metro


      I've been good, just been busy with exams and sports and just focusing on other stuff in my life that I really enjoy ^-^, How about you? how have you been? :3

  9. Metro

    Food Wars! (Shokugeki no Souma)

    I would have liked it, if it was just a straight up cooking anime show
  10. Metro

    Which SAO game would you prefer to live in/your avatar

    I love fantasy so I would go Aincrad or Alfheim online
  11. Metro

    Live Action Cowboy Bebop Show

    As a movie I'd love to see it, I feel like they could pull of a show of it and I would love to watch it.
  12. Metro

    Why School Days Why

    It's honestly one of the most disturbing things I've seen...
  13. Metro

    Favourite Anime

    After being away from anime for a very long time the only one I still remember really well is Death Note and SAO so overall I'm going to have to say SAO because I love the concept of the show and I just personally enjoyed it.
  14. Metro

    Favourite Death Note Character

    Well after they made the live action on Netflix they make Light to be a lot more victimised in the whole show with L being a lot more hot headed so depending on the one you watch it might vary but overall L is still my favourite.
  15. Okay so long time no see, some of you will probably you and I assume most wont but anyway I just wanted to address that I still check the forums everyday or two but never post and I've been thinking over this for a long time but I just thought I'd make it official that I have stepped away from being a member of the forum due to focusing more on other stuff in my life and plus I don't watch anime anymore so in concept I really don't fit in any conversations of the forum as it is an anime forum. It honestly has been an amazing time here and I've met so many amazing people and I'll always remember this place close to my heart. I'll still lurk around the forum from time time but for the most part I'm not active. I wish luck to all the staff here and especially Optic! 

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