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  1. Metro


    Welcome to AF Loki, I hope you have a great time here!
  2. Welcome Humbby to AF, I hope you have a great time here!
  3. I feel like this year I've realised what's important to me and what I love the most in life and luckily I have enough time to go back on all the lost time I gave up on doing the stuff I love to focus on stuff that hasn't made me happy and only brought me down.

  4. I've always been a fan of Cidona (Apple Flavour) or Irn Bru but when it comes to a certain type of fizzy drink with different flavours I would say I love Coca-Cola Vanilla.
  5. Feeling extremely tired and worn out from just everything.
  6. Metro

    Weather in your area?

    Extremely wet and cold, all I wanna do is go for a few runs but this is just horrific
  7. Metro


    Hahaha, funny this topic is brought upon here when I was thinking about it, Yep due to a really messy and complicated breakup with my 2 year long relationship I've feeling pretty heartbroken, at first I felt fine but the time that has past the more my mind starts to remember what we had and it makes me absolutely terrible, But I guess time heals all wounds.
  8. I've always wanted a nose piercing and lip piercing! I also absolutely love tattoos but I'm just to scared to get them because I cant deal with needles and pain
  9. Hmm let me think: Nyctophobia Arachnophobia Slight Acrophobia Blood Phobia Needle Phobia Agoraphobia
  10. So I haven't watched an anime in 2 years, well that was the last time I watched recent anime so as you could probably tell I'm really far behind but my friend convinced me to start watching them again and we've started off with Goblin Slayer, after that I'm gonna go back to finish anime that were still coming out at the time and have since finished up!
  11. Welcome Vick, hope you have a great time here and stick around!
  12. My friend has convinced me to slightly get back into anime, so I guess I'm slightly back! :D


  13. Metro


    Welcome! I hope you have a great time here!
  14. Wait, were you gone for a long time or you just followed me now? Either way it's been a long time!

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    2. RyePotatoes


      It's pretty nice to see some old faces you know gets a lil lonesome sometimes. Waaaaaah, Honto ni Gomenasai! I didn't notice this. This is a very late reply but how are things going?

    3. Metro


      There has been ups and downs but overall pretty good, what about yourself?


    4. RyePotatoes


      Nothing really. Just wandering around here and there

  15. I personally see myself in a lot of characters from people like L in Death Note and even Taiga from Toradora at times but I probably see myself in a lot of the Haikyu!! characters the most for example Shoyo Hinata: Mostly due to his mindset and pure determination to be the greatest and to prove everyone wrong even though he's the shortest.
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