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  1. Hello and welcome to AF! Absolutely love classic rock as well, two very good bands you have there!
  2. When you think something can't get worse... 

    Having major difficulties communicating with Charles university, subject issues and then also sprained my ankle last night and got told this morning while standing there in crutches that I have until Monday to move out of my dorm into a different dorm...

  3. Little life update: 

    Was hit with my first ever dose of homesickness after being abroad on off for the last year and a half.

    Wasn't a great feeling to be honest, just missed everything about Ireland which I never thought I would say but sure here we are. I joined a GAA club to give myself a bit of purpose, bit of fun and pretty good to be playing something I played throughout my childhood/teen years.

    In other notes, struggling with exams and sorting out my timetable for next year, in Ireland I'm so used to not picking what I do and just being told by the university but here you pick your own modules and it's crazy.

    Anxiety has gotten incredibly bad as well, I find myself avoiding social activities and struggling to even go shopping because the thought of interacting makes me feel like I'll cry.

    So yep, rough start to the year. 

  4. Exam in the morning which I am very confident that I will fail miserably so I have spent the day emailing both my host and home university about what happens if I fail a module. Honestly so stressed that I might be kicked out and sent back to my home University. ;-; 

    1. Animedragon


      This doesn't sound good. Hopefully your confidence in failure will be misplaced, but if it isn't I hope your host university will be lenient and not send you back to your home university.

  5. Heyo! Welcome back to AF, hope you have a great time here!
  6. Metro

    WiFi Names

    Honestly, my home wifi is just my surname, but my hot spot for mobile data is "You're Welcome"
  7. Had myself a nice cheese burger, super hard to find beef burgers in shops here (grocery shops, easy to find fast food ones) and a good ole cup of chocolate almond milk!
  8. Heyo! Welcome to AF or welcome back! Hope you have a great time here!
  9. Hi there! Welcome to AF! Hope you have an amazing time!
  10. Yesterday night was one of the most fantastic moments and a core memory. With my partner visiting me here in Czechia. I decided to propose! And she said yes!!

    1. Myouya


      Congratulations on the engagement!

    2. Animedragon



    3. Sakura


      Congrats! That's so sweet I'm happy for you ^^! 

  11. No better way to start the year, we got that Rose Bowl game live! 

  12. I was planning on seeing the new years celebrations in the new city I live in which would be awesome cause it's a new culture and plus I've never properly lived in a city before but I heard it's quiet rowdy and alot of the locals tend to leave the city so I might just chill at the dorms, see if my local church is doing anything oooor watch the celebration from across the river! How about you?
  13. Lots of Christmas films..... Also watched The Watch
  14. Welcome to AF! Hope you have a fantastic time here!
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