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  1. Thanks for the follow Cirky! :D 

  2. Cirkadian

    Joker Game

    Jokes on You Joker Game, an anime that takes place in 1936 just as World War II is about to break out across the great nations. It is not an action filled anime about the soldiers on the front lines but about the mind games and what happens behind the scenes of war. A game of politics between spies, military personnel, and your average citizen makes for an amazing psychological thriller that leaves you hungry for another episode. The anime has an episodic set up. In each episode you follow a different character in sequence and the events that surround their life. Personally I am looking forward to what this anime may become. The animation is wonderful, the music fits nicely, and the art is brilliant with the feel of realism and the style of each character appearing when the moment finally presents itself is spot on. The main characters are not funny, they are not good or bad, and they are not over charismatic. They are calm, collected spies. So if you like politics, criminal series and need a break from all the harem and super power animes that are thrown around everywhere, I suggest you give 'Joker Game' a watch. So in conclusion, I give 'Joker Game' a 7 out of 10 overall. This is my first review I've ever written so don't judge to harshly. : ) The Good Every twist that's around the next corner.
  3. Cirkadian

    HEY!!! YOU!!! GUYS!!!

    how.. is.. it.. GOING?!? I know it's been awhile since I've shown my face around here, let alone anywhere really lmao (status: Hermit) but I've been having life slap me in the face continuously this year of crap '17, but today I had some time to at least hop on and say 'Hi, how's everyone? Hope the AF family is all good'. I dont know when I'll be able to get back on a regular schedule for any community based stuffs but hopefully I will get some time this autumn to come back for a bit and see everyone again. Miss you guys and hope everything is going smoothly for everyone.
  4. Cirkadian

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to AF @anidrunk!!!! Pretty sure you'll enjoy it here!
  5. Cirkadian


    Welcome!!!! Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy it here! Come and chat with some of us on the AF Discord server too! https://discord.gg/cmvKtxU
  6. Cirkadian

    Hey there!

    HELLO!!! Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy it here! Come and chat with some of us on the AF Discord server too! https://discord.gg/cmvKtxU
  7. Cirkadian


    Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy it here! Come and chat with some of us on the AF Discord server too! https://discord.gg/cmvKtxU
  8. Cirkadian

    My name a Kóhe

    i wish i had Overwatch and Arma, im usually playing on the Xbox One currently but i do play some games on STEAM
  9. Cirkadian

    My name a Kóhe

    Welcome to AF @Kohe !! Im sure you will enjoy it here and have a good time! Come join us on the Discord server too and chat! https://discord.gg/cmvKtxU
  10. Cirkadian

    USB Thumbdrives

    i have 3 usb's i use and 3 external hard drives that are pretty much full now lol and of course theyre not organized the best and have just a bunch of random things ive saved over the years lol
  11. Cirkadian

    When I was little...

    when i was little i had long hair down to my shoulders lol my mom loved it because my hair would curl and when i first cut my hair short she hated it. now my heads always buzzed really short lol i dont think i look good with long hair
  12. Cirkadian


    i have a big family. i have 3 sisters and 2 brothers that are blood related and then there are the 4 other sisters and 5 other brothers that were pretty much adopted into my family, they even call my parents mom and dad lol. and we get along, we're family lol but we do get on each others nerve lol. growing up my older brother and i used to fight all the time lol
  13. Cirkadian

    Winter, 2017 - upcoming anime discussion!

    i somewhat made a check list of the ones i would be kind of interested in watching, i have SO many anime that i need to watch since theres alot out there and my list is always growing lol. https://goo.gl/xA0uDw
  14. Cirkadian

    How long has it taken you to finish a manga?

    it would depend on how into the manga i am. if i really enjoy it ill binge read all of the available chapters in the firt day if i have the time lol. otherwise with some manga i try and drag it out a little just so i have something to fall back on and read now and then.
  15. Cirkadian

    Ecchi anime - how do you feel?

    i do like a bit of everything so i dont mind it that much, but im not looking up ecchi anime that much lol.
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