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  1. Hi mallow! I actually made a thread about it (with links and all) here: https://animeforums.net/community/threads/my-first-anime-video-feedback.3469/ If you have the time I would love to hear what you think. c: Hope you're having a good day!
  2. Oh my goodness thanks! I just saw masamune-kun ep 2 and I honestly think this anime is going to be so good. What else are you watching this season??
  3. Hi cirkadian! Thanks for the welcome message!
  4. Aw thanks! Everyone seems so nice! Haha yay! I'll be sure to post it!
  5. Hey guys! I just made my first anime youtube video and am wondering if anyone here makes videos too and would be willing to depart some of their wisdom. c: I'm new to being on camera and to editing! Any advice on what programs to use/how to be more engaging? I was so nervous making this video I almost shat my pants multiple times. Oh! If you notice anything you like I'd love to hear about that too so I can do it again in my next video! c: My first video! My channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCnRhMXnRYF3xets0J5VN_0w
  6. I'm new here! Mainly looking for a new place to chat and meet new people! I recently started making videos about anime for fun. Anyone a video making here wanna depart some of you wisdom on meee? c:
  7. Hi there I'm ani and I just out on youtube! I'd love any feedback and support. c: www.youtube.com/channel/UCnRhMXnRYF3xets0J5VN_0w

  8. Welcome to the forums! How bout you come and [URL='https://animeforums.net/community/forums/introductions.7/']introduce yourself?[/URL] See ya around!

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