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  1. It becomes a struggle to be honest. I get overcome with sadness or just regret and I can't find the motivation to do anything I love. Even talking to people will become hard. Makes my life a pure struggle sometimes.
  2. I am currently rewatching Naruto Shippudden, I'm on episode 280
  3. Episode 3 isn't out yet but so far I think its pretty entertaining. Sure SAO has some big flaws but I feel this season will make this anime better than it was before I like SAO and i realise the flaws but just try putting past judgement to the side before judging a newly made season. I'd hate to see how you judge other animes just because previous seasons werent as great and are doubting a new season before it even fairly begins.
  4. I agree and greatly disagree. Its very confusing but it eventually explains itself. So just keep watching before saying it will fail :')
  5. Episode 1 reactions: SMALL CHILD KURITO WHAT THE HELL?!?! What is going on, this isn't the past I know. Is this reality or just fantasy? Like wtf is going on. Kirito freaking dies and it just cuts off. I honestly wonder how they are gonna explain how he survives a Death Gun to the heart Episode 2: Kirito wakes up in a forest and is more selfaware. I was a bit confused as to how come Eugeo recalls all that happened as if Kirito wasn't there. That bugged the hell outta Kirito and me geeeze.. Is this like a virutal world or what cuz how does Eugeo not know what logging out means. What is really confusing is how does Kirito not remember ANYTHING about him "dying" or what or who Eugen and Alice are. SO FAR ITS NOTHING BUT CONFUSION AGHHHHHHHH
  6. Okay so if anyone here has read or heard the ending, doesn't it feel lackluster? I was sooo unsatisfied with the end. I still believe Ichigo should have gotten with Rukia. His kid looked awesome but I don'tunderstand the need to add any new characters. Why do that if we will never see what they will go on to do. The time skip, the cut off of the battle and just whole last chapter had me messed up. So many good moments and pure awesomeness just to leave a sour taste in the end? Honestly, I love Bleach with all my heart but I need more of a well said explanation.
  7. Hmmm..I am boored o.o

    1. Kohloo


      become unbored! *throws glitter and lights sparkles and launches bouncy balls into the air*

    2. The District
  8. "Oh its what you do to me."

  9. Hello world

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      Hello, stranger. ('-' )/

    2. The District

      The District

      Omg someone said something to me :'D

  10. I'm so pumped for Mob Psycho episode 4!!!

  11. #savemarinajoyce

  12. I am wanting to get slaughter or if by some grace from God I am victorious, I want to fight someone in RP..private message me if you wanna do it..I am looking forward to our glorious battle! Until then..ENJOY THIS KITTEN MEME!!!!
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