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  1. I think it was Apocalypse Now Redux
  2. I just finished Dial A For Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanto. And now I’m ready When Women Were Dragons by Kelly Barnhill.
  3. Westworld season 2, Malcolm in the middle, just finished season 1 of American horror story, also have His Dark Materials season 2 to watch as well
  4. Same thing as every morning pretty much! Hash browns (homemade), and a breakfast sandwich with bacon, cheese, and tomato on an English muffin mmm
  5. Cut up broccoli, cucumber slices, celery with peanut butter, an orange, honey maple turkey sandwich with cheese and lettuce, and a banana
  6. It was toasty today! But now it’s cooling down nicely
  7. Are you gonna make em for me??? Lmao that’s way too many! Haha, I gotta be honest, my favourite part of it is tormenting my poor mother because I’m her baby
  8. Kohloo

    Gaming chat

    Hopefully you get some time soon! I didn’t get any DLC with it because I couldn’t afford to and I figured I should probably learn how to play the darn thing first before even thinking about DLC haha. And even then I’ll probably explore mods waaaaay before I think about DLC lmao! I’ve heard great things about the game, and it totally looks like something I can get absorbed into, so I’m pretty stoked I got it finally
  9. Lots of the Sims 4. If I’m not playing Sims 4, I’m probably watching my boyfriend play Fallout 4 or helping to play Yakuza 0.
  10. Kohloo

    Gaming chat

    I so want to get the Cottage Living expansion for the Sims 4! There’s other Sims 4 stuff I want as well, but it’s gonna be a long time before I can buy more for that haha. Not too long ago I got Cities: Skylines for super cheap through Steam. Haven’t actually played it yet (I’m on a Sims kick at the moment), but I’m suuuuuper looking forward to it. Hmm, I should probably also see if I can restore my village in Banished. It got slammed by a couple tornadoes the last time I played, ruined a whole bunch of buildings and very sizeable chunk of the population. I miiiiiight be able to just barely save my village and rebuild, takes some serious priority management though, which is why I stopped playing for awhile hahaha!
  11. Sometimes I watch FakeGamerGirl, but that’s about the only one I actually deliberately search for. The rest of my YouTube browsing is typically searching up something in general and perusing through the results to find what serves my purpose the best at the time.
  12. I’ve wanted to build my own computer for a very long time now. I think it would be amazing. Sadly, I most definitely do not have the money or the space for it. I use some Asus laptop (I have no idea which one) that has served me well for several years now.
  13. We got a brand spankin’ bed with a bed frame and two new pillows. The mattress is memory foam, and the pillows are filled with shredded memory foam. It’s like sleeping in heaven What a precious, adorable little cutie! You got a name for her? :3
  14. Wowza, I’m gonna be 30 soon. I better make some cupcakes when it happens!
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