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  1. Kohloo

    Happy (super early) Halloween AF~

    it would only be set up like a beach, not an actual beach. It'd be inside.
  2. Kohloo

    Do you like to Travel/Want to Travel

    I love travelling within my country and province and would love to see what more it has to offer. I've only seen glimpses of places here really. I think it'd be killer fun to take a few months off work, sell everything, and road trip all the way across Canada. From the west to the east I would pop through all the provinces. And then on my way back to the west, I'd go along northern Canada to check out the territories. Where I've lived in Canada: Squamish BC (born and raised, also living here again currently) Richmond BC (3 years) North Delta BC (1 year) Hardisty AB (3 months) Niagara Falls ON (1 year and a bit) As for out of country travel, I'd like to go to South Africa, Amsterdam, and Mexico
  3. Kohloo

    Happy (super early) Halloween AF~

    One day I'd like to acquire a ton of skeletons and have a skeleton beach party for halloween one year. set them up like they're playing volleyball and tanning and stuff. and have the living guests dress in summer/beach/tourist clothes. serve summer food and drinks. but like, skeletons everywhere
  4. Kohloo


    Can't say I relate. I'm typically fairly open about myself and emotions. I don't see the point in hiding who I am. Everyone has weaknesses and vulnerabilities. I'm much more cold online than I am in real life
  5. Kohloo

    The Minecraft Topic

    I don't really dig straight down though. I essentially make ever expanding caves that go deeper and deeper lmao. Sometimes you'll come across a hidey-hole in them where I've decided to live temporarily!
  6. Kohloo

    To Fan Service Or Not To Fan Service?

    I'm really not a fan of fan-service in anime, or any shows in general. I don't mind it in comics though. Couldn't tell ya why
  7. Kohloo

    Piercings and Tattoos?

    It's really important to do this anyway. Everyone is different and has different styles or specialties. My uncle runs a tattoo shop. A lot of people would think that I'd go there because he's family (and I can get a killer discount), but his style and specialty doesn't really fit in with what I want done. If I ever get any lettering done though, I'll definitely be going to him. If you aren't comfortable with an artist, then they're probably not the artist for you.
  8. Kohloo

    The Minecraft Topic

    I have an obsession with digging holes in Minecraft and hoarding blocks I think are pretty. I liked playing with friends in the past and being a tourist to the things they build. I don't have anyone to play with now though and I find it boring alone
  9. Kohloo

    Anyone have a favourite zombie anime?

    The only zombie related anime I've seen is High School of The Dead
  10. Kohloo

    Anime Database Request / Curator Assist

    Texhnolyze Planetes Hinamatsuri Azumanga Daioh Ben-To Macross Frontier Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki
  11. Kohloo

    New Staff

    Congrats to the new staff
  12. I watched the first movie of Mardock Scramble tonight. I went into blind, without looking anything up beforehand. Wow, I had no idea what I was in for... Can't wait to watch the next one!
  13. @awesomedude20 I'd love to try the Regular Mode. Sub or Dub is fine. I prefer shorter series (around 12 episodes), if possible. This is my list! My Anime List - ColuSeven
  14. Oh yeah, I've played Persona 3 a little bit, years ago. I've always wanted to play more of the Persona stuff
  15. I honestly had absolutely no idea what I was even slightly getting myself into when I started playing it. I can already tell though that I'm going to have a lot of fun replaying it in the future. I have it on Easy though
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