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  1. I can make cake, but I’m not gonna share
  2. Welcome to AF. It seems a bit quiet here, but people are friendly enough and more activity can always be created!
  3. Nah, I wouldn’t live there. The language is the biggest thing for me. And while I could learn it, I’ve never wanted to learn Japanese and I’m already dedicating myself to French. Would I visit it? Maybe, but honestly not likely. There are other things/places I’d much rather do/visit before Japan. Sure, I like some Japanese food, but we’ve actually got some of the very best available here because we have an even larger variety/availability of fresh fish where I live. Most of the Japanese restaurants here are run by Japanese individuals and even they attest to better quality ingredients (namely, fish) here than in Japan. So, it’s not like I’d be visiting Japan for the food. And I don’t collect anime/manga related items, so I wouldn’t be going there for that either. The culture stuff might be fun, but again, there’s other places much higher on the list that I’d like to see first. The opportunity to work in Japan though? I’d do it if I were you, assuming you’re willing to learn at least a working knowledge/capability of the language. It’s a fantastic opportunity and you’d have a purpose for going there, which I think would be a lot more enjoyable than just visiting or going there on a whim.
  4. Currently reading The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman
  5. Last night we watched Fritz The Cat. What a trip!
  6. The c word? obviously that’s referring to “casserole”
  7. Hello and welcome to AF! I’ve just recently returned here myself, it’s a pleasant place
  8. Hi! I don't know what else to say, soooooo.....
  9. Kohloo

    coffee or tea

    Oh my god, I totally missed the post about espresso and redbull. I think I would actually die! My heart gets panicky just thinking about it haha
  10. Oh! I've made crackers before! I have a recipe kicking around somewhere to use the discard from my sourdough starter for crackers. I like them, but I usually don't bother making them haha
  11. I used to have the same problem here, not ever finding time/motivation to read. As for Andy (my boyfriend), he didn't enjoy reading because he's dyslexic and it takes him a long time to finish a book. It's become part of usual routine to relax at bedtime and read before we go to sleep though. I love it because it's getting me reading more, and he loves it because he's actually enjoying reading now. Plus, making a point of having some no-screen downtime before I sleep is a huge positive for me. It's impossible for me to sleep a whole night through (I'm constantly waking up), so being mindful of what I'm doing the hour or so before bed helps at least make it more bearable!

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