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  1. Lately we’ve been cycling through: • Food Wars • Inuyasha • FMA: Brotherhood • Bleach • Gurren Lagann We’re coming to the end of Food Wars and FMA: Brotherhood, so we’ll probably continue watching Sailor Moon once those are done.
  2. I recently picked up a set of Douglas Adams books at the thrift store for cheap. It’s got the five Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy books and the Dirk Gently books. I just finished the Hitchhikers books (what fun reads those were!) and now I’ve just started Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.
  3. Finally got around to watching Deadpool 2 (it was okay, I guess) and decided to give The Lone Ranger a watch (better than I expected)
  4. I’m loving the pictures! I have none to share, but maybe one day I’ll do a Before and After of my balcony once we’re done building the benches for it
  5. It’s gorgeous and sunny and crisp, absolutely lovely. But, I mean, it could be a torrential downpour and I’d still say it’s lovely haha
  6. I’m feeling a little cruddy today (physically), but it’s nothing I can’t handle. My mood has been fluctuating between neutral and good. Overall, it’s a quiet and calm kind of day for me.
  7. I think for this, your best option will be to just experiment around until you find some styles that you like! Another thing to keep in mind, there are different styles of Bobby pins, it might be worth it to try out different kinds and find which ones work best for your hair. You might also find different clips/barrettes that could look good too! As you said, finding men’s styles of what you want is pretty difficult. Try looking at and wearing a few different women’s styles and see if you can’t modify them at all to suit your tastes better. Another option could be more androgynous ha
  8. The last thing I bought hmm...probably groceries! Soon, I’m hoping to buy some new clothes, I have a desperate need for them, everything I own is falling apart or doesn’t exist!
  9. I’ve thought about watching One Piece, but man, it’s so huge! I don’t think I’ll ever bother haha
  10. I think forums, in general, started slowing down awhile ago. There’s so many different ways to communicate now, and many of these are instant (or at least nearly instant), which might make forums feel slow or archaic. I think it’s worth it to stick around or pop in every once in awhile though. Sometimes older members will stop by after an absence. Or you’ll see the occasional spike in activity. It’s not much, but it’s not quite dead yet!
  11. I can make cake, but I’m not gonna share
  12. Welcome to AF. It seems a bit quiet here, but people are friendly enough and more activity can always be created!
  13. Nah, I wouldn’t live there. The language is the biggest thing for me. And while I could learn it, I’ve never wanted to learn Japanese and I’m already dedicating myself to French. Would I visit it? Maybe, but honestly not likely. There are other things/places I’d much rather do/visit before Japan. Sure, I like some Japanese food, but we’ve actually got some of the very best available here because we have an even larger variety/availability of fresh fish where I live. Most of the Japanese restaurants here are run by Japanese individuals and even they attest to better quality ingredien
  14. Currently reading The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman
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