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  1. @XII360 Was aiming for Summer Linde and Genny, but you know what I got?  +Def/-Spd Summer Takumi.... At least he has Fury 3 or Odd Res Wave 3 that can be passed on.

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    2. drill


      Alright, finally done then.  Hector has Pivot due to Vengeful fighter allowing him to attack twice when he is attacked.


      Decided to switch back to Dragonic Aura for more consistent damage.  Also, ties with the new Fjorm set I have.  Everything else is the same.


      Didn't even change anything here.  Hector works great as is xP  Sure he might lose some HP every now and then, but overall, very strong.  Possible change to Aether after I actually complete the other two.


      Mostly done, just need to get more sacred coins to level up Atk Ploy 1 to level 3.  Also, need to get Def Ploy on her.  With Odd Res Wave support, she can get 42 Res and should be able to shut down a lot with that.  Also, Draconic Aura will do more than Luna with lower Def on the enemy team.


      Hardest thing to get below will be Def Tactic 3 (again due to coins).  She'll be a great tank, and do rather impressive Bonfire damage output if attacked (due to the +7 Def from the weapon).


    3. XII360


      yea i say thats pretty good enough, you should even counter my bridelia-team, mainly my bridelia wont be able to do a dent on your hector,--  but thats where my tank xmas tharja comes in, she pretty much will lower hp's and tank whenever bridelia cant do the job

      and you have a dancer to help push someone to their limit's, or help someone escape

      your team is scarrryy, like scary scaryyyy


    4. Ryuji


      drill is good at making scary teams of top tier waifus for Fire Emblem xP You should see his Pokemon teams xP Terrifying xP

  2. drill

    what type of occupation do you have ?!

    Just got a new job recently in which I check online for usage of brands and fraud for companies. This is not what I originally intended to do with having a degree in Accounting, but I don't mind that I've ended up here. Was doing background screening for two and a half years before this though. So glad I'm out of that.
  3. @XII360 +Atk/-Res Tana-chan is now mine :D


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    2. XII360


      ..new summer banner on feh, i was clearly shocked when i woke up and my friend talking about a loli tiki and a thot camilla being there, ah crap what do i do

      i dont wanna roll

      but i wanna roll

      ...i think this is a bait banner, i dont have luck or orbs in my side >.>...

    3. drill


      Is tiki's VA british or something.... xP  Seems like I'll have to save up for Linde now xP

    4. XII360


      im sure the v/a is english, just has the accent of british probably ?! (the power of google compel me !, but nah im sure i searched it up before, just forgot again >.>)

      ill....i dont know yet >.>, maybe only on my first draw, if i see any red-orbs/blue ill roll them, otherwise i think i should hide the orbs away, i for some reason, can smell a better banner in the future, one that i missed and got 3x inigo for ...

  4. drill

    does an anime charactor share your birthday ?

    Remember seeing this site a while ago, it seems that they've updated it a lot with new entries, as there were not nearly as much before on my birthday. The ones that I recognize out of the list that share my birthday would be: [mal type=character id=22636] [mal type=character id=46163]
  5. Yeah, I used to like just normal romances a bit more, but its just not something I enjoy as much nowadays. Don't know how you do it with the sports anime though. I've tried several, but none of them really seem to stick with me at all. I think if I were to enjoy one it'd have to be a comedy first before it was a sports anime. With the Irregular anime that makes it easier to watch for me is that you have to realize that Tatsuya really doesn't have any feelings for anything, so the only way he can remotely express happiness is through his relationship with his sister. Fortunately Tatsuya doesn't really have a harem since they do pair pretty much everyone off, and while Miyuki will probably never find anyone later on (although, would be huge character development if she did), it also does not appear that her relationship with Tatsuya will really progress any further than it already is (as it didn't for the entire season).
  6. drill

    Which Song Are You Listening To?

  7. drill

    Sentai's Summer Sale!

    Thanks for the link @Beocat! Planning on getting Penguindrum 1 & 2, Shigofumi, and Someday's Dreamers. Normally costing a whole 239.92, but getting it all for 51.96! I would have gotten a lot of other stuff, but a lot of shows were available on Crunchyroll, so only decided to pick up shows I couldn't watch normally.
  8. @XII360 Really try to like Seigbert in Heroes, but every time I use him, this is how I feel xP


    And in case you don't know, one of his most common lines really is just 'im seigbert' xP  Blend S is also a pretty good comedy if you haven't seen it already.

    1. XII360


      i didnt get sieg, or xander >.> (somehow, i keep getting soleil on normal roll's, and i am not even aiming for soleil, but i guess its a bonus to my units..?)

      but for him to use "im siegbert" as a common line, that's some high confidence level


      haven't seen it, school is hella fun time for me, even now as im typing, i should be studying lmao, 

      well whatever happens tomorrow happen's, im gonna ace practical's anyway >.< (just gotta keep lying to myself~)

  9. Romance is completely fine with me as long as that is not the only thing going on in the story. Basically anything but Romance + SoL I will probably find enjoyable (kinda why I like the first season of Clannad over the second). As for harems, they are usually just annoying to watch in general. Just having one increases the chances of blander characters, cringeworthy cookie cuttered events, and the MC not picking the character you want them to, or just not picking one at all. Not to say all harems are bad, just seems to be a running trend is all. Lastly, blood related incest in anime will probably turn me off to the point where I actively choose not to watch such shows. The Irregular at Magic High School is probably the closest I'll go in that regard where the romance isn't really taken anywhere in that relationship.
  10. I really see Discord as an improved group chat in Skype rather than a replacement for forums. The two can coexist just fine since they really provide two different types of communication as other people have already pointed out. I've never been a fan of real time communication online with multiple people at once though, so I've only tried it once and wasn't really surprised that it really wasn't for me.
  11. Just binged Hinamatsuri on a whim today.  This anime is such a gem, really love everything about it.

  12. drill

    anime - stream,download or buying ?

    I've done all of the above. I used to download a lot overnight due to bad internet connection at my parents' house and was still in school so didn't really have the money otherwise. Later into college I was much more into collecting blu-rays rather than streaming since I had the money then and parents' internet still was ok at best. After I graduated and moved out on my own, I've solely used my Crunchyroll premium account now that I've got good internet and a TV of my own to work with as well (streaming via the PS4). Can't really see myself going back to anything else. For some reason, was always a bit slow in watching blu-rays vs steamed anime, and I really don't have enough time to watch more anime than what Crunchyroll provides anyway. And yeah, I even fall into the last option at times due to manga usually being better imo.
  13. @XII360 Just pulled +Atk -Res legendary Hector on my free summon for the new banner, went back and tried to summon Tana/Cordelia, no luck though.  Don't know whether to be happy or sad xP

    1. XII360


      legendary hector, that's also +atk and -res, that seems like a nice stat distribution, he wont be neat againts mages, but that atk+ legendary hector gonna be wreaking havok like an angry fighter thats just there to fight 


      and here's my status:


      feh is so trolling me, giving me so many regular cordelia's now that summer cordelia is out >__>, 5 more regular cordelia, and im gonna have a +10 regular cordelia >.>

  14. drill

    What was your most recent delivery?

    A game that I should actually play sooner rather than later (have a feeling that wont be the case though since I've had the urge to restart Persona 5 recently)
  15. drill

    Which Song Are You Listening To?

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