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  1. This one would easily win for me for OP of the season: Mahoutsukai no Yome
  2. What Game are You Currently Playing?

    Currently playing: Persona 5 (PS4) Pokemon Ultra Sun (3DS) Etrian Odyssey 5 (3DS) Rune Factory 2 (DS)
  3. Whats your gaming rig?

    Mostly use the PS4 for anything major. Have a low end laptop (i3, hd3000, 8gb) I got for cheap several years ago just to play VNs which works fine. My main machine (amd a8, 8gb) runs Solus Linux which I find to be so much less of a hassle to use every day compared to Windows.
  4. What Are You Watching Today?

    Just caught back up on The Ancient Magus' Bride. Really love the characters and world they've made for this show. Not only that, but the music is phenomenal.
  5. Your Lie in April

    Near Perfect When I first found this anime, I considered it very similar to the visual novel, Symphonic Rain. The MC has a tragic backstory and goes through life as a very depressing individual. The MC grows as the story progresses, both as a character and through his talent. If you like a good slow paced music/romance anime, this is for you. Also, if you like this, you should go read Symphonic Rain as well. The Good 1) Amazing music 2) Good characters 3) The ending The Bad 1) Pacing could have been a bit better
  6. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

    Very enjoyable and relateable If I were to describe Sakurasou, I would probably say that its a very down to earth anime. While it does start out with a bit of fanservice in the earlier episodes, that dies down rather quickly, and the story moves into more serious arcs. However, no arc is too serious enough that it does not bring along comedy with it. While some anime might stuggle to blend the two, Sakurasou did a perfect job in blending serious elements as well as comedic elements in the anime. It knew exactly when it wanted to be serious, and didn't water it down with comedy. Also, this is a real pick me up anime that it will definitely make you feel better. For anyone that is a fan of romance, slice of life, comedy, and even some drama, while not minding a bit of fanservice at the beginning of the anime, I would highly recommend this to you and suggest you watch it as soon as possible. The Good Great characters Well thought out story, with realistic and relatable circumstances The Bad "Kouhai-kun, if you write anything bad here, no one will come to watch the anime." "Hai, hai..."
  7. The Fruit of Grisaia

    A Bit Rushed Considering this was a VN adaption, and looked halfway decent, I picked it up. During the course of the series, I contemplated on dropping it many times, and decided in the end to stick it out. Grisaia just starts out as a slice of life anime with a tad more fanservice than your average anime, but that all starts when the first rout is entered. The series becomes a completely series anime that is quite dark. Overall, this is a very well written story, but the only thing wrong is that it was a bit rushed and could have easily taken a full season instead. I would suggest this to people who are looking for well made characters while being able to overlook fanservice, and can handle a few dark themes. The Good 1) All the characters that get any significant screentime are interesting 2) Setting of a school with only six students is unique The Bad 1) Amane's path is disturbing 2) MC is too stoic 3) Paths are very rushed
  8. Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!

    Had potential I had originally picked this anime up last year, as it was highly recommended by a few people I knew. All was going well, as the first few episodes were done very well with introducing the characters. The problem lied later on when they started adding backstory to side characters, as well as "trying" to develop romance, but failing miserably. I would suggest this show if you are not looking for a romance, but just a simple slice of life and comedy anime. The Good 1) Unique setting 2) Interesting characters 3) Good SoL/Comedy anime The Bad 1) Romance was not done well 2) Sanae Dekomori is an extremely annoying characer and gets in the way of any possible plot development/romance.
  9. Fate/Zero

    Watch Fate/Stay Night First A while back, I tried to watch Fate/Zero, as I was thinking it was the first one in the series. However, it was completely boring. In most cases, including this one, watching anime in the order they aired is a much better idea, even if you have to watch the sequel first. Fate/Stay Night explains everything really well that Fate/Zero does not. After watching Fate/Stay Night, I finally understood all the stuff that was happening. Although, there were several instances where I wanted to drop it, not from it being bad, but from being flat out scary. If you cannot handle bugs, zombies, or gruesome murders, you probably want to skip over this title (just go watch the new Fate/Stay Night: UBW which doesn't have any of those things.) However, if you don't mind those things, Fate/Zero does a fantastic job of creating an anime you won't forget. The Good 1) Great animation 2) Both the masters and servants are really strong, to make for great fights The Bad 1) Caster's team is disturbing to say the least 2) Anything dealing with the Matou family is also disturbing
  10. Clannad

    VN adaption done right I haven't actually played the VN, but I really enjoyed this anime. It added many characters while giving a good amount of depth to all of them and keeping them interesting throughout. I would highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys a good slice of life anime. The Good 1) Interesting characters who are introduced well, and stayed interesting throughout the series. 2) Has OVAs of alternate paths 3) Nothing really feels forced, they kept the slice of life genre while adding comedy and romance at good places. The Bad 1) Alternate world is boring and uninteresting
  11. Black Bullet

    No real character development I felt like this would have been an anime that would have benefited from holding off until an adaption. Many times when the source is not done, the anime has to create original content, and if the studio does not have enough money, only have a one cour anime for what could easily be a two cour anime. Black Bullet really suffered from this as it had a lack of character development that could have been prevented from a two cour anime, as well as killing off characters that should have been far superior to the MC. The Good 1) Both main characters were likable 2) Good action scenes The Bad 1) No real character development 2) Protagonist has obvious plot armor 3) Not enough Midori screen time
  12. Angel Beats

    Simply Amazing I had first started watching Angel Beats several months back, and I don't even think I got halfway through the first episode before I dropped it. Recently, I decided to pick it up again, and I figured I would watch it from the start again as I had already forgotten many things that happened within the first episode. I was not disappointed in the least. As I discussed in the pros and cons, this anime does everything right, except for maybe being not long enough (however, if it was longer, it might have felt too stretched out). This is currently tied as my favorite anime, and I'm a bit sad that it ended, but I'm really glad I gave it another chance. I would suggest for anyone to watch this because it is just simply amazing, but don't be turned off if the first few episodes are kind of slow. The Good 1) Well made characters 2) Great ending 3) The story/art/ and even the OP were just amazing The Bad 1) Needs to be a full season, not just 13 episodes.
  13. A Certain Scientific Railgun

    An Amazing Super Power Anime This is easily one of my favorite anime. What I think what makes this anime really amazing is not the main character, Misaka, but the side characters. This not only includes Shirai, Uiharu, and Saten, but the other characters that they interact with throughout the series as well. Also, they did a really great job in explaining how esper powers work, and the struggle that some people have in not being able to succeed, even though they are giving their best. The fact that it takes these realistic elements, and applies it throughout the story is what I think really helps make this anime shine. The Good Great characters Good world building Saten Ruiko The Bad Some of the antagonists might have been taken a bit to the extreme to draw out certain character reactions.
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