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  1. Hay there Drill how you been.

  2. I'm 25, and moved out 2 years ago due to issues with mom. Up until that point, I was going to college full time, working part time, and paying rent. After I moved out, I skipped the whole renting process, and just went for buying a house. In 3 years, I should have about a third of the original listing price paid off, so looking forward to that. ^^ Anyway, I would say that overall though that moving out really was necessary, and has not only improved my quality of life, but my relationship with mom as well. @efaardvark Just thought it was interesting that there was very similar pricing over where I work near DC for renting or buying a condo.
  3. I usually prefer either in depth strategy games and jrpgs. Personal favorites include: Persona 5, Trails of Cold Steel Series, and Utawarerumono Mask Series. Very rarely play online games, but a few of them are Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, Age of Empires II, and 100% Orange Juice. Very rarely will I pick PC over console unless the game was made with the PC in mind and isn't just a port.
  4. Yep, no problem ^^ Also, to answer your original question, I think anything with more balanced stats like Arcanine would help out a lot. Don't remember how accessible it was in Silver though.
  5. Pretty sure this is actually just a permadeath run, check out this page: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Nuzlocke_Challenge Only capturing the first Pokemon in an area is listed as one of the mandatory rules for a Nuzlocke.
  6. Planning on picking up these titles over at Sentai: Girls und Panzer der Film Princess Principal Complete Collection No Game, No Life Zero Chivalry of a Failed Knight Complete Collection Wanted to pick up K-On Season 2 Collection 2 as well, but that isn't even on back order for some reason.
  7. Pretty sure you don't look for specific Pokemon in a Nuzlocke challenge, as you are only able to catch the first Pokemon in each area.
  8. Couldn't get it on any less than two screenshots. xP I typically only go for VNs nowadays, and almost always play offline so that playtime/last played is not current at all (most of the reason I play offline is actually the steam client chat being terrible than actually caring what my status is. The web version of chat is way better imo). Anything listed under Fun Games or VNs to Replay I would highly recommend.
  9. I think being mistaken for Ryuji is a first xP But yeah, glad you like my system. ^^
  10. Being on someone's top list for avatars makes me really happy ^^ Hm... I'd probably say @xWickedNekox has always had some of the best avatars (here and another site). Her current is no exception.
  11. I usually have to be in a mood for rewatching shows in general, and typically comes around when there is a lack of good airing stuff, or not completely invested in a video game. There really isn't a method of how I rewatch stuff, but anything that listed higher than an 80 on my list usually gets a rewatch eventually as well as anything with magic and/or isekai. Currently rewatching Gate, Outbreak Company, and K-On. Really wanted to start rewatching Steins;Gate, but Steins;Gate Elite is coming up and looks amazing (plus portable if on Switch), so can't really decide if rewatching now would hurt the experience or not.
  12. Goblin Slayer episode 4. I keep up with the manga for this as well, and have to say that I really feel like before they start a party that the series in both forms tries to be way over the top (especially in the anime adaption). Guess they probably want to scare people off to not try and pretend to be a series it's not, as sometimes it does reach near that level of intensity every now and then. I do find it rather amusing that the series is able to get away with not referring to much of anyone by name, but just nicknames each of the cast has for each other. Best Girl:
  13. @XII360 So, my luck in FEH soared through the roof today.  I summoned 3 times (two being the free summons) and here are two of my results:


    Btw, Linde was summoned on Reinhardt's banner where she isn't even displayed xP

    1. XII360


      linde is -hp, +speed

      while ishtar is +hp, - res, 

      i have linde too, her dark aura is neat xD, as for ishtar, i never really used her as much, i just had other units to use

      but thats hella lucky, getting two 5 stars >.>

  14. Hay there Drill how has things been whats new.

    1. drill


      Hey Archie, doing alright.  Living with my parents right now as there is a really loud sewer pump where I live for the next week and the county won't do anything about it (already called them to complain).  Had a huge house repair done recently as well, can write that off on my taxes though and makes my house value go up, so not too concerned there.  Good news is that I just got Labyrinth of Refrain for Switch, and it is easily among the best dungeon crawlers I've played to date.  Best part of it is probably the amazing customization that other dungeon crawlers don't seem to have.  Definitely more of a handheld game, so wouldn't recommend it for Steam or PS4 (there is a Vita version though).

      Btw, love your new avatar.

  15. Will be sticking with Crunchy, and maybe even going as far to get VRV when HiDive joins. Joining VRV was a good move by HiDive as they have been bombarded by people to make apps for like 2 years now, and VRV has an app for a lot of the platforms requested. I feel like this is really bad for Funimation, as while they do have Sony backing them, even Amazon wasn't able to make a dent in the market really, plus HiDive has their deal with Sentai. I do feel like this was a good deal for Crunchyroll's parent company as well as the demand for more subs is much higher than dubs, and their deal with Funimation really wasn't providing much on that end.
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