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  1. Hay there Alupacard how are you hows things been.

  2. I really love Love Stage!! and Hitorijime My Hero. They're both super cute so I highly recommend these
  3. It's beautiful! How old is your tattoo?
  4. I will agree that P4G had one of the best plots of any game I have ever played ^^ Oooh SMT IV. I haven't actually finished that one yet, but it's on the books. I'm a fan of Devil Survivor personally. Are you generally a fan of strategy-based games too?
  5. Hey there! ^^ Welcome to AF~ Hope to see you around and feel free to talk to me I am always up for a conversation about anime, manga, video games, food, etc. Have a great day!!
  6. So you like the Persona series to!!!!!! Thats awesome do you like any of the other SMT game?

    1. alupacard


      Yeah, I love the Persona series!!! ^^ I have played P4 along with Devil Survivor 1 and 2 and got partway through SMT4. What about you? :) 

  7. It certainly is ^^ Which was your favorite in the Persona/SMT series?
  8. For tips, every one had really good tips and I really don't have anything more to add. Just congratulations on the new place!!! But @Beocat, I love this tip. Amazing and really really important!!
  9. I also try and get a look at other people's tattoos, but sometimes it is pretty awkward to get caught staring lol ^^;
  10. Hey there! Yep, I would even go as far to say that I spend more time gaming than I do watching anime. I have lots of games that I love and have lots of time invested in, but the current game has to be Persona 5. I played it last year, but recently went back to take advantage of NG+ and explore the stuff I couldn't get in the first playthrough.
  11. I have a couple of friends who watch anime and read manga irl. ^^ Aside from my best friend, I met most of my friends who watch anime in college where it was arguably easier to pick which crowd you wanted to be around. That and I think that people generally get along well with people that are similar to them or share certain interests. @anime4eva Sure, I am always open to make friends or to just talk about anything!
  12. Hmmm. I guess I tend to like more modern animes or ones that are drawn in a more modern style. Animations that are HD and smooth are beautiful to me and usually serve to elevate my whole experience. Subjectively, I am not too into older styles like Sailor Moon or Inuyasha, but those that I watched during childhood are still enjoyable to me just because of the nostalgia factor. I still love YuGiOh for example. Idk, I guess the bottom line for me is that if the art is attractive to me, I tend to watch it but am open to watching older ones that are tried and true.
  13. Hi there! Welcome to AF ^^ Please do share what fandoms you're a part of if you want to~ I also love videogames, manga/anime, and writing fanfiction (when I actually feel confident enough to post anything). Hope to see you around! ^^
  14. Hmm... this one hits home for me. I am usually quite shy and a little awkward when people first meet me irl so it was tough for me to make friends quickly in school like other people could. I have never really introduced myself to others first with the intention of being friends because as chipper and lively as I may be online, I am definitely not super confident or anything in person. I'd describe myself as quirky, sarcastic, and talkative to those close to me, and polite and quiet to those who don't. In your scenario, I would probably portray myself as a jokester because it is close to how I am when I am with people who actually know me. I don't really see the point in hiding my true self just to make people like me and it is an empty existence for me if I do that. But if I was lonely and wanted to make some conversation with others, this is how I would do it instead of hiding away behind my phone. In 1st year (freshman year in high school), it would take a lot of courage for me to speak out but as I grew older and went to college, I just became more content to pick who I talk to carefully and toe the line of how much of my personality should come out. It is natural to be "different" around different friends, but the way you portray yourself should still be true to who you are - just to varying degrees. No one is going to like you 100%, but it's those who can like you despite the things that they don't like that are worth keeping in your life. Does what I just typed even make sense? Maybe... maybe not. Well. I typed it all out soooooooo I will just leave it here. Yep. ^^;
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