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  1. alupacard

    bluetooth - wired ? - "gadgets"

    @brycec Hmm, that is pretty interesting now that you mention it. I can't say for sure that my wire ones are more comfortable than my wireless ones (bc they're both different models from different companies), but one reason the wireless ones may hurt more may be because they're trying to hold onto your head to stay on...? Or maybe they are a model that doesn't have active noise cancellation and instead rely on blocking out sound by clamping around your ear?
  2. alupacard

    What was your most recent delivery?

    Just received my contacts in the mail today ^^
  3. alupacard

    bluetooth - wired ? - "gadgets"

    Whenever I am using my phone, I prefer wireless because I am usually moving or doing something else like cooking. My current earbuds are not totally wireless (like the apple airpods), but instead are the type that can hang around my neck when I am not using them. (makes for a nice accessory also lol) I also have a desktop tower setup and when using that, I usually opt for my traditional over-ear headphones which just give better sound quality overall for the price point. My drawing tablet is not wireless (bc this version was ultimately cheaper) and neither are my mouse or mechanical keyboard. Idk, I don't really get annoyed with wires unless I am being active and need to be nimble. Quality experience and pricing is usually more important to me ^^
  4. i finished up till #2, do i post it now or do i post it when im done ?!


    i mean up till #2 i drew stuff, and since i didnt know what clothing to give your character, i just gave it the official sylphie-high uniform ;o!


    i would keep going too but i must stu-die 


    edit: nevermind i just finished it, couse i couldnt get my nep-nep's so i just rush finished it, gonna try to get my nepneps now, my back is killing me tho' ugh

    also for better viewing download the image and open it ;o



    1. alupacard


      ahhhhhh I am so slow!! I am working on it today~~ 

    2. XII360


      delete the right side >.<, i wrote some on right side thinking i had all the space >:O

      that was my bad my bad

      incidentally i had to rush couse of studying, so my bad if hand isnt as same as the way you draw your's !

  5. alupacard

    Who are some of the new faces?

    Hello! I am fairly new around here and it's nice to meet you
  6. alupacard

    Gacha games (mobile)

    I had played only console games up until someone suggested that I play Mystic Messenger, which is a mobile otome game. I think that most mobile games leave a lot to be desired, but I really enjoyed MysMes. ^^
  7. alupacard

    Do you prefer drawing digitally or physically?

    I don't know which one I prefer really. Until this year, I have only drawn traditionally and I really like the crispness of the lines I can pull on paper. I really like digital art as well though because it does look cleaner as a whole in my point of view/drawing style. The color palette in digital is also amazing -- I can mix my traditional media, but on the computer, it is much easier to play around with different options. The only thing I have to complain about though is my monitor, which is my own personal issue. My monitor tends to show warmer colors so when I export my work and view it on another computer or my phone, the colors are colder than I originally thought.
  8. alupacard

    I forgot my intros before so...

    Welcome welcome~! It's nice to meet you I hope we can talk about anime/manga/gaming some time! Have a great time around here~
  9. alupacard

    Anime - dub or sub ?

    For me, I always find myself preferring sub to dub. I like the nuances of the Japanese language and it seems much more... authentic this way? I guess that's just my opinion haha. The only anime that I prefer dub to sub would be YuGiOh because I grew up with the English dub and kinda got attached to the characters that way.
  10. alupacard

    fast charging or normal charge !?

    I usually slow charge my phone because this is ultimately better for the long term life of your battery. When I get really busy, then I use fast charging just because I don't have time to wait around for it.
  11. alupacard

    All about me

    Welcome~! I'm sure you'll get to meet awesome people here
  12. alupacard


    Hi there! Welcome
  13. alupacard

    What’s your nickname?🤭

    thank you~ hahah I can imagine why... wow really?
  14. alupacard

    What’s your nickname?🤭

    Most of my nicknames are just different versions of my name and no one close to me actually calls me by my full name. My parents and close friends shorten it. As for other nicknames, I have a few of them on messenger. I was the president of one of the clubs at my uni for two years and all of the members call me "overlord" for some reason. Some of my other friends call me "kitty" because they think it's hilarious that I am allergic to cats even though I love them.
  15. alupacard

    Best boy/girl?

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