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  1. Bringing up SAO to anime watchers is like bringing up "The last Jedi" to star wars fans 

    1. brycec


      Only difference is that SAO is actually enjoyable in some portions, while Last Jedi never seemed like anything more than ok at best 

    2. IntoMyWorld


      My point was that it's controversial and creates arguments. But yeah. I liked SAO. Last Jedi. Nah.

    3. brycec


      I see. That makes sense.

  2. IntoMyWorld

    To Fan Service Or Not To Fan Service?

    This is probably just because I'm a gay male. But I'm sick of sitting down to watch what I expect to be a good anime and then having characters in sexual positions or breasts bouncing around everywhere. I mean, that's not all Heterosexual relationships are about and why do they have to portray them as such? How would the general anime viewer feel of they sat down to watch a Anime and then dicks started flying around and Guys falling over each other? They'd feel forced Into seeing it. Same as I do with most anime. Why can't we just have good stories without all the stupid fan service. Ugh.
  3. So you are icon for hire fan?

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    2. IntoMyWorld


      Same, been listening to them since the early days :)



      So, what is your favourite song of theirs? My personal favourite is "Counting on hearts". 

    4. IntoMyWorld


      I don't know how I'm supposed to pick one song. I tend to like every song from artists I like.


      But here's some favourites 


      Call Me Alive 

      Too Loud

      Think I'm Sick

      Under the knife



  4. IntoMyWorld

    Any good LGBT or Gay anime?

    These two both sound interesting! Thanks
  5. IntoMyWorld

    Any good LGBT or Gay anime?

    I'm looking for some good LGBT or Gay anime to watch. I just need to watch something that feels accepting, I'd prefer something gay since I am a gay male. But I'm open to others themes. I love Yuri on Ice Likes Karneval And I enjoyed Akuma No Riddle But anything overly Heterosexual or with too much fanservice makes me feel alone. But I guess I'm just looking for something good. This season doesn't seem to have many shows when I look online. So.. Suggestions?
  6. I always forget to check back here because the website really confuses me ever since the change to Invision from Xenforo.


    But..... hi all! *waves*

    How are you all doing? 

    1. XII360


      im doing daijoubu dayo~

      that's english for fine

      i got here when it was Invision, so i cant compare differences, but i somewhat prefer current AF, its stylish af

      like girl, those shoe's, with that top ? (j-just imagine that in a girly voice or something <.>)

    2. IntoMyWorld


      I mean sure it's stylish. It's just I typically used Xenforo websites and Invision seems so clunky compared to it xD

      I mean it's been like two years?

      And I'm still not used to Invision xD


    3. Optic


      Hey, yes admittedly Invision is not as quick and a little more difficult to navigate but it has built in blogs and clubs which was a huge plus. 

      Still trying to improve the Activity Feed. Got an upcoming Community Manager that will hopefully help address this.


  7. IntoMyWorld

    one magical wish -- what would you wish ?!

    Happiness would be not having to rely on alcohol or self harm to forget about how sad I am.
  8. IntoMyWorld

    Stereotypes and opinions about us and anime

    Lol, welcome to the world of being a Gay anime fan. *Watches Absolute Duo* "Dude you must be straight!" No, I'm gay. I just enjoy anime *Watches SAO* Me "Asuna is so cool!" Them "Ah so you like girls!" Me "Asuna is just cool, still gay" *Walks down any street or any store or any convention* Every presumption is that you are straight. I'll never understand why straight people find it so annoying to be called gay occasionally when we have to put up with people presuming we are straight 24/7
  9. IntoMyWorld

    one magical wish -- what would you wish ?!

    I would wish to be happy
  10. Whiskey helps to take the pain away untill it's 5am, you can't sleep and you have a headache.

    1. XII360


      little known fact: alcohol actually helps the body, if drank moderately, it helps get proper sleep (since you get drowsy), promotes you to take a bathroom break, and i forgot the rest, but im sure it was something along the lines of "powers you up?", i think that last one was wrong

      but over indulging in alcohol can cause pain, aside from headache's, vomitting, and feeling like utter sh*t, and also, killing your liver

      think about platelet chan when you overindulge in alcohols~!, if you die, she dies, and if she dies, you fail to protecc her 💔

    2. IntoMyWorld


      Who's that? I haven't heard of this reference? Besides, I'm gay, so I don't care for anime girls xD

    3. XII360


      its from a show that's overhyped xD

      "cells at work", or hataraku no saibou, 

      aka this girl



      platelet_chan_by_euvean-dcgwhi4.jpgthis made me kek tho >.>


  11. IntoMyWorld

    Favourite form of source material?

    I dislike every anime original you listed apart from Death Parade. As for source material I'll go with manga.
  12. I wanted to change my username but don't have enough points :(

    i tried to win points but lost 1000 :(

    don't think I will be coming back here

    I don't like having this name

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    2. XII360


      man, all you need is ask, and i shalt give

      not sure why you hate that name, but i wont pry, soooo


      edit; there, that should be enough for a name changing skill

      now all you need is your birth certificate, and 5 months of waiting to process the waiting time of changing names, no pressure ^_^

    3. IntoMyWorld


      Thank you so much both of you :)!

      Loving my new name :)



      Loving it as well! :D 

  13. Notice; Homophobia and Sexual Harassment are not okay.

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    2. IntoMyWorld


      I have experienced this unfortunately. That's why I made the status update.

    3. alupacard


      T^T I was hoping not :( I've also experienced these things so if you want to talk about it, I'm all ears :) 

    4. IntoMyWorld


      Thank you :)

  14. IntoMyWorld

    Which Song Are You Listening To?

    I don't know how to insert video links here
  15. IntoMyWorld

    Help me find this anime

    At first I though Tokyo Ghoul. But, yeah, it's probably not.
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