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  1. If you were there, you'd be staring at my gunpla in my room.
  2. -Create a hit game -Create a hit anime -Create a hit manga/novel -Make a successful multimedia franchise -Experience flight in a military fighter plane -Go to space LOL. This counts right?
  3. Writing I guess. I like writing...fiction.
  4. LOL. Today was fun. Street Fighter x Tekken button bashing. RE6 trolling. And monopoly. Wish you guys joined the fun
  5. boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai, therefore I dont play online. And i hate listening to racists, kids and people bitch.
  6. 999 is not scary. Only scary because of the bad endings where you get jumped.
  7. Google my dear friend. Also, I finished Resident Evil 6 on the easiest difficulty lol. It was quite fun, but some parts made me rage.
  8. ORC is another genre man. Cant compare. Its not even canon. Btw, I heard Corpse Party is creepy as fuck. Im actually afraid to play it.
  9. I would play a new MMO if it had mecha in it. I wonder how fun it will be if the AN ppl got together in one game and formed a guild.
  10. You know why the old games are scary? Bad fixed camera angles, limited ammo, creepy as fuck music. Gameplay was really limited back then. COmpared to now, I feel like I can take on anything. Its just not the same, but then RE has to move on. Like any other game.
  11. Shit looks so cool. Idk if my laptop can do anything with it though.
  12. WOah! GiTS and you actually used my slogan.
  13. You should immigrate to the US or Europe where Racing is a culture and ppl drive cars.
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