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  1. *poke* ^^

  2. Ciara

    12 or 24 hour time?

    24 hours for me now. Nursing school trained me haha. I still slip to 12 hour every now and then. Sent from my SGH-M919 using AN Community Forums mobile app
  3. I will add this to my watch list and get back to you on it!
  4. Woo, I love languages! Other than English, I can speak Tagalog fluently. I am quite confident to say that my Spanish is getting better too. I can have a basic conversation and could grasp it. Some words in Spanish are quite similar in Tagalog too because Philippines were once under the Spanish rule, I want Spanish to be my third language for sure. I used to teach myself Korean and took Japanese for two years in high school but didn't learn sh*t and forgot them afterward. I would like to pick up on this again on my spare time because I have the books for it. Same with Dutch. So far the countries I've been in can speak English so I'm happy, but I'm thinking of picking up some Dutch and Portuguese for some future plans. =)
  5. Ciara


    Wow, it has been awhile since I posted here! As for random rant, I am still pissed off that my nursing license takes forever to process. I am ready to get out in the real world!
  6. Ciara

    Travel Plans

    Confirmed to go to Las Vegas mid November and Manhattan New York around late December time!
  7. I LOVE this Anime (will read the manga soon). I love the storyline because it gets me screaming. I can't count how many times I've said OMG OMG OMG haha. I really like the art in the anime.
  8. ^ OH SAY WHAT HOMIE!? lol. I'm going to follow you on livejournal!
  9. ^ I don't know you well, but nice to meet you!
  10. I love how Optic said that Psycho-Pass has a reference to English literature. I will check that anime out! (Late realization) I'm getting back into anime again. Mushi-Shi is added on my list!
  11. This reminds me of my middle to high school days! AN was never blocked.
  12. The Justin Bieber one is soooooooo hilarious!
  13. Reviving this thread because I am in love with this game right now! I love Jake and Sherry's story and as a couple, they both look good! I also find their story to be the easiest! I am currently playing Leon and Helena. Reached chapter 5, woohoo!!
  14. Ciara

    Relieving Stress

    Ah, you are nowhere to being weird in my honest opinion!
  15. Ciara

    Travel Plans

    What the heck, Vic?! You're considering Singapore?! Dude, you totally need to let me know if you pull through. That country is one of the safest that I know! Anyway, checking out New York in 3-4 months time! I lived in America forever and I have nothing to say about it to my international friends. LA isn't all that great as it used to be.

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