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  1. Happy birthday Taalen!

  2. Uni life is stressful sometimes v.v

  3. Taalen


    I'll have anything for breakfast. Anything. Plus I don't really make distinctions between breakfast, lunch and dinner food, it's all kinda wherever
  4. Big believer of sweating out fevers, and trying to keep the immune system up. Eat your fruits and veggies!
  5. Watched the first episode, seemed like it was just setting things up, watching the second now, will edit when I have.
  6. Hey this is when I caught up with you isn't it?
  7. Taalen

    Ocean thread

    Fishing happens from the beach and pier/jetty, don't have a boat to go fishing on Crabbing is good fun if you don't want to hurt anything because you can just put it back
  8. Merging on the freeway (Optic will get this one )
  9. Hi Rin, nice to meet you! For some reason I just immediately assume Rin = guy, and I have no idea why, sorry . Probably thinking of an anime or something
  10. I'm probably at the peak of my productivity the hour before I need to submit my report
  11. Flown with Royal Brunei Airlines a good 8+ times ( connecting flights ), very interesting pamphlets which I distinctly remember hadn't changed from 2005 to 2009. There was entertainment, relatively comfortable seats, not bad food if you sat at the front and always a chance to lie down across 3 chairs at the back of the plane.
  12. Taalen

    Ocean thread

    Going fishing soon so I thought I'd talk about oceans and such Does anybody like fishing? Fish? Seafood? I don't have many friends in Australia that do so I need other people to express this mutual love
  13. Looks like you're a ranged freak Haven't played regularly for several months now, but favorite characters (not necessarily any good at them ) are Ezreal, Akali, Nid, Kat, Vayne and Cait for high dps characters, Garen and Malphite are my favorite tanky picks but in the end ill play whatever
  14. I thoroughly enjoyed it despite the plot holes. As far as the rebuilds went, I liked 1.0 and 2.0, but wasn't feeling it with 3.0
  15. Dishwashers are a mystery to me, I've never used one

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