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  1. Oh here you can actually choose what kind of internet speed you want =O
  2. @Fab We don't have those kind of cinemas here I believe. We do have a cinema that has love seats for couples to lay down on a couch together to cuddle and watch a movie. I think that makes a regular cinema date something more romantic. It's not nearby for me though. One cinema in Amsterdam is to be said one of the most beautiful cinema's in the world. Click on the link for an impression =) https://www.google.nl/search?q=amsterdam+tuschinski&rlz=1C1OPRB_enNL552NL552&espv=2&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=3mH0U73sCYSmO96_gOgB&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAg&biw=1920&bih=979
  3. I reached my first goal! I can do 5KM in 30min! Now my next goal is 10km in an hour
  4. I never get sick, a simple flu or cold is not really something I get. Last time I was sick was in 2009 with the swine flu. But I try to avoid painkillers and such, after a while your body needs more and more of it. So I prefer "natural stuff" like herbals =) Whenever my boyfriend is sick I make specific food and drinks for him which seems to work very well, he sleeps a lot and I make sure he "sweats it out" so I cover him with a blanket and such.
  5. Hey ND ^^ Was just wondering if you were still interested in the Gods RP. If so, the OOC thread and the RP thread have both been made.

  6. Always really liked this one! Cause it's purple and fresh white Plus the winter uniform, jacket & bag are amazing too! That you get it like that =D [ATTACH]13334[/ATTACH]
  7. What kind of subjects do you like at school though? =) Random Rant: Almost weekend! So happy about that, nice things to look forward too. =)
  8. Im so glad that they are doing this though! I think every person who watched Adventure/02 are really excited! I feel like rewatching it all =)
  9. I just started for 2/3 weeks now? But I really have to improve a lot. I want to be able to do a marathon of 15km next year =)
  10. It would be strange for me to watch it in English, I am used to the Dutch dubbed voices. I rather watch it in Japanese then =)
  11. I am the only one then that has 02 as her favourite digimon season haha. =) I really liked Ken and Davis!! =) But Ken & Yolei are a couple so I wonder who will appear and who won't.
  12. Yes a lot! Oatmeal soy milk, coconut soy milk, hazelnut soy milk, almond soy milk, rice soy milk, chestnut soy milk, banana soy milk, chocolate soy milk, vanilla soy milk, strawberry soy milk and I could go on like this I would suggest oatmeal soy milk for cereals ^^
  13. Oh that sounds really cool! I use Endomondo, aww so I can't add you
  14. NightDancer


    Do you have any? =)
  15. Same here fab! I run as well! Do you keep track of your running? =) Like with an app for it or something.
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