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  1. Upcoming Maintenance

    Hi everyone, AF will be unavailable for up to an hour whilst some major updates are being applied to the platform.
  2. Name change requests

    Done - sorry for the delay. Certainly - what would you like it changed to?
  3. MyAnimeList Module

    Yes, there is an option for manga too: [mal type=manga id=65155]
  4. MyAnimeList Module

    Hi everyone, Just a small addition, which some of you have already started to use. There is now a MAL button on the editor. You can use it to embed an anime, manga or character block. Just copy and paste the ID number before you paste it inside the MAL URL into the overlay when you click the editor button. The information will update periodically which is good for currently airing titles in the season. Best place to use it is in your first post if you're starting a topic on an anime, manga or character. Anime example: [mal type=anime id=17947] Character example: [mal type=character id=2010]
  5. Netflix Anime Wave

    I've only seen a few Netflix titles so far: Kuromukuro, Knights of Sidonia and Violet Evergarden. Out of those three, I really LOVED Knights of Sidonia - the style of animation really suited the awe-inspiring mecha battles against the Gauna. The other titles I saw were not so memorable. But to be fair many of the titles Netflix funded were for new and original anime titles, not adaptations of previous material. I do think with Netflix's deep pockets it really does help to fund new anime titles that probably would not have been produced in the first place. It is risky to create new original anime titles due to cost. And at the end of the day they're still produced by the Japanese animation studios, it's not like Netflix is wholly dictating the creative direction of each title.
  6. Anime that feature humanoid robots

    Was going to recommend Clockwork Planet but see you already have started it! RyuZu and Anchor are adorable. Dimension W has a cute android as a main character - Mira Yurizaki. I quite enjoyed it. Also I can wholly recommend Unbreakable Machine Doll. It has a fair bit of 3D but Yaya is soo adorable with lots of combat.
  7. What Anime Should I Watch?

    @Th3Law I have now merged both your topics together.
  8. Idea - anime identification section?

    Hi @DevoidReaper yes as mentioned above we already have Recommendations/Identify as a separate section. Having said that, it easily gets swamped and can be hard to find older recommendations and identify requests in there. I am certainly open to ideas to help improve it.
  9. What anime are you watching now?

    Older series: Macross Delta Yu-Gi-Oh GX! Season 3 Dagashi Kashi 2 Yuru Camp World Trigger Current/previous season: Steins;Gate 0 My Hero Academia Season 3 High School DxD: Hero BEATLESS Darling in the FranXX
  10. Is there anything you hate about yourself?

    Please @I.Zara2006 don't hate yourself. If there is a particular issue in your life you would like to discuss please feel free to start a new topic, or feel feel to write a blog entry. Unfortunately as it stands I have to close this topic as it doesn't leave much room for discussion or for us to help you.
  11. Favorite Magical Girl Anime

    Personally I think any female mage, magician or sorceress should qualify! Often they have cute costumes too. BUT I suppose the key thing for a magical girl anime is, the female character(s) have to transform from a normal human. And after they transform, they have to gain mind blowing abilities. On that definition Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha would be my favourite magical girl anime series. Am really looking forward to the new movies.
  12. Shop

    Sorry for the late reply to this. @Greeneyes currently on this platform, only I can create custom items which are shown in the global shop. You can't self-manage your own shop and items like on the old platform. If you like I can look at adding items/services as custom items for you, let me know which services you would like to offer. Tweaking and re-branding the shop items is still on my list of things to do.
  13. High School DxD Hero

    [mal type=anime id=34281] I don't think much needs to be said about this ecchi harem series... what I found very interesting though is the art style has changed. Looks softer. Could take awhile to get used to. Look forward to seeing more of Koneko.
  14. Tokyo Ghoul:re - Episode Discussion

    Agree that the move away from Kaneki has resulted in an underwhelming start. Not really liking Quinx Squad too much but might warm up to them as it progresses...
  15. Steins;Gate 0

    [mal type=anime id=30484] Loved, loved, REALLY loved the first Steins;Gate anime TV series with it's time travel plot and paradoxes. The movie after that was great too. I've never played the VN... but am loving it so far. In this timeline, seeing Okabe move away from his energetic side, a glimpse at a very bleak future revolving around Kurisu. And seeing adorable Mayuri again!
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