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  1. Ask Optic

    Ooh so many questions! I've been to Malaysia, Singapore, China, The Netherlands, Lithuania, UK (London only) and more recently, Japan. Needless to say, Japan is my most favourite by far! I'm thinking of doing a long term working holiday in Japan (Australia is one of the countries that has a bilateral agreement for this type of visa) Maybe Genki dere? Full of positive energy!! @Roxeg and @Baku has answered this. It was inspired from the name of flatbed scanner model quite sometime ago. I'm decent with HTML/CSS and a bit of PHP. I think the methodology and approach is much more important than just coding syntax alone. And these days I'm more focused on content. I've made several websites and forums in the past - AF is the one that has been going the longest due to its broad appeal among anime fans. The main issue is time. My websites have always been hobbies (not for profit) and of course there are real running costs that are needed to keep a website going on the web. I think more websites/fansites/forums are needed more than ever - Twitter and Facebook really reduced the number of anime websites out there to a just handfuls.. I do miss the friendly competition amongst other forums/fansites!
  2. Episode 6: 6/10 Hiro's third climatic battle....
  3. The last 2 weeks have been very hectic. @_@ This coming week should be much better!

    1. Wedgy


      Glad to hear things are settling down!

  4. Hey Optic, what's up!!


    1. Optic


      Hey, nice to see you again! Going well - how are you?

    2. Digimon_Sommelier


      Hi! I'm good. I just opened up a new forum called Anime Crusade. It's my first full-on anime website, and I'm just starting out; a rookie, if you will. I don't want it to fail. Take a look and tell me what you think, Op. 


  5. I don't know if you've already answered this somewhere else or not senpai, but how do users get more points + what are they for?   Thanks in advance

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    2. Baku


      Thanks @Roxeg and if you were right here's some points to get you started *reacts to comment*

    3. Roxeg


      Thank you :) 

      @Baku Here's a link to the shop https://animeforums.net/shop/

      In fact it's more useful than I thought, there's username change avaiable, getting reputaion points, stealing reputation point from others (lol this is going to be funny) and other 'perks' like that.

    4. Optic


      The points you earn for posting in the anime discussion topics which you can spend in a virtual shop which is work in progress, hoping to get it sorted in a week or so (just been so hectic lately on my end). Will announce when it's ready. ;)

  6. Anime Fanservice

    Certainly. I refer you to our classification board in Australia: http://www.classification.gov.au/Guidelines/Pages/Guidelines.aspx You can also search anime titles on that website to get an idea of the ratings applied in Australia vs. the US. The only ratings which ask for ID (proof of age) would be MA15+ and R18+ in Australia.
  7. @SeaOfRed - I find it amusing and absurd fanservice.. there's no reason why the handles needed to protrude from the female partners' bodysuit in such an elaborate manner like that. But yes after E04 now the fan service around those bodysuits has appeared to tone down now (if you recall Miku was really complaining about how tight and skimpy they were when putting them on) and all the suggestive moans have also been toned down/trimmed now (to be fair I suppose they were still getting used to each other as partners which appeared to be a very exhausting process if out of sync). To be honest I can't say it surprised me too much. Trigger did do absurd fan service with the outfits in Kill la Kill.. This anime is also reminding me of so many other titles... I got vibes of Evangelion (with the genetics, sync ratio, council meetings), vibes of Gundam (launching sequences, cockpit and hangar shots), Gurren Lagann (the comical and diverse facial expressions of the mechs), Kill la Kill (those extra long and wide shots within the plantations and ceremonies) and even that live action film Pacific Rim (the two partner mecha system). Overall am really enjoying this title.
  8. Expressions of Interest: Graphic Designers

    @Greeneyes more details to come but points are being accumulated in the background for those participating in the anime discussion topics.
  9. cyanners introduction

    Hi @cyanners, welcome to AF!
  10. This is the episode discussion for Darling in the FranXX. General discussion: --- I've started this topic a little late with 4 episodes already aired but of course feel free to join the discussion at any episode! Episode 3: 7/10
  11. ok may seem a silly question but seeing I cant use spoiler tags as I just tried how do you do hidden content tags ??

    1. Optic


      Hi @Wodahs

      On this platform spoilers are called "hidden content".

      To use spoiler tags you need to type it out manually e.g.

      Text here

      There is no button on the editor anymore for it.

    2. Wodahs


      yep that's what I did and it didn't take but maybe coz I did [spoiler=bla bla bla] expecting it to say in the tag box bla bla bla , and it never hid the spoiler just showed the tags at each end like normal text

    3. Optic


      Ah I see the problem. This platform doesn't support custom spoiler name buttons like the old one did. You have to just use normal spoiler tags sorry.

  12. Content Editor Tips

    Hi everyone, Some general tips below when you're using the content editor: You can adjust image size and align images left or right by double-clicking the image once you've inserted it in the editor. Linking to other content on AF will insert a "Rich Embed" - this includes an excerpt and preview image (if available) of the page you are linking to. There is no more BBCode plain text view. You can still use BBCode tags (such as SPOILER) but the next time you edit your post they will be parsed. To embed a YouTube video / SoundCloud clip or Vimeo video, just copy and paste the link and press ENTER. The video should automatically embed. 1. Screenshot of image editing options (after double-clicking an image in the editor) 2. Example link to an AF topic (after copying and pasting a link in the editor)
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