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    Noire, Black Heart, Dark Magician Girl, Angela Balzac
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  1. The updates have now been completed.
  2. Hi everyone, The forum will be undergoing a major core update which will result in some downtime whilst the update is applied. The updates will include some UI improvements as well as significantly improved performance with the themes, particularly for mobile users. Also please note, we are suspending the Member Shop and Trophies/Medals features due to lack of developer support. We are looking at bringing these back in a new form sometime in the near future. Thank you for your ongoing support.
  3. Hey there Optic-senpai hows it been hope you're well, and staying healthy. 

  4. I've been hearing a lot about what's going on with the fires in your corner of the world. Just wanted to wish you a Happy 2020 and I hope you're safe and well. ❤️

    1. Optic


      Thanks Wedgy, Happy New Year to you too! Yes the bushfires have been very ferocious and we're not even in the peak yet... I'm in a different state but we are still impacted, though not as badly as NSW.

  5. Episodes: 25

    * Based on a super hero manga series written and illustrated by Horikoshi Kouhei.

    The villain world teeters on the brink of war now that All For One is out of the picture. Shigaraki of the League of Villains squares off with

  6. 3 reviews
  • Nova

    Optic hi by the way i really love this site and also i like dark magician girl too👻

    1. Optic


      Hi Nova, sorry I missed this! Yes DMG is the best! ;)

  • Episodes: 8

    In a world where magic is everything, Asta, who is the only person who can`t use magic, and the magical genius Yuno go all out to become the Wizard King. This is a spin off of the anime series "Black Clover" with an unbelievable story and an amazing cast.

    Source: crunchyroll

  • Hi everyone: Community Manager A vacancy exists for a community manager for AF. This position is perfect for those that have community experience, are passionate about anime and have a genuine desire to grow the community. Duties Encourage engagement by arranging regular community events Assisting moderators as an escalation point for community queries and resolving member disputes that may arise Optimising features of AF including the Forums, Clubs, Gallery and Blog modules to improve the user experience as required Adjusting user groups and perm
  • Hello @HanaApril , thank you for your kind comments. Yes, you can of course approach me with any issues, certainly the other staff here can also assist too. I myself have been taking care of mostly the technical back-end of things since the founding of AF.
  • Hello everyone, Due to some personal reasons @ArchieKun has decided to step down as Community Manager. He is pursuing a few opportunities that will take a good amount of his time. He will still be around to hang out when he can, but will no longer be serving on AF staff. I sincerely thank him for the contributions he has made to AF. A vacancy for this role will be advertised in future.
  • Optic! Hope you're doing well these day~

    1. Optic


      Hey Tear, yes doing well, but super busy. Hope you are too?

    2. SanguineTear


      Ah, well busy can be good in some ways~

      I am pretty well, things have changed a lot for me over the last year but aside from one detail mainly for the better~

  • Hi @Illusion of Terra Thanks for the feedback. Our main focus is on the forum discussion areas. So at this time we're not considering any official live chat groups / chat boxes. We did have a few in the past but they drastically increased our moderation workload and also split the community between the forum posters and chatters - not an inherently bad thing but currently we are a rather small community. We're not completely ruling it out, they might return as the community grows.
  • *poke*

    NepNep and Noire asked me to bring you some pudding cause they miss you.


    1. Optic


      Noire is the best, and she definitely shines more with Neptune.

    2. Ryuji


      Yeah Noire's reactions to NepNep are so cute xD

  • If we're both thinking of the same community, there was an older community called "Anime-Forums.com" which went down due to new owner issues. A handful of members started their own community called Sakuga City. And no relation.
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