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  1. Optic

    New Staff Vacancies

    Applications have closed for the Moderator and Anime Page Curator roles. The Community Manager role is still open for applications for another week. Thanks to those that have applied so far.
  2. Optic

    nippon-yasan help

    Hi @numlockQ welcome to AF. I have never shopped at Nippon Yasan but here is their preorder policy: https://www.nippon-yasan.com/content/10-precommandes Sounds like you chose to Pay Later just before the release date? I would confirm with customer service before making payment just in case they already cancelled your pre-order as you’ve missed the reminder date.
  3. Optic

    A few questions on the site

    Hi @Yasu_Takagi, welcome to AF! There are anime fans here from many different age groups, so I wouldn't worry about that. We encourage members to be friendly with their opinions as noted in our Rules and Guidelines. Given that this community for anime fans from around the world, you certainly won't be chastised for liking anime here! Please, feel free to take a look around at your own leisure, post in topics or start new topics that interest you and if you have any questions or issues, feel free to ask.
  4. @Spookyburrito yes after you've made a few approved posts many features become unlocked including the ability to edit your own posts. We've had to put this restriction in due to recent SPAM.
  5. Optic

    Creative Corner - Closed and Archived

    As I said, you are welcome to post a link in your signature to your channels / portfolio hosting these. Forum topics here were never a great place to discuss individual pieces like this as noted in my first post above. Discussion on general art techniques and technologies can go into Chit Chat.
  6. Optic

    Creative Corner - Closed and Archived

    @Greeneyes I noticed you have created 2 albums in the Gallery already, and they are also visible on your Profile - so you can just promote them in your signature and profile for now.
  7. Optic

    New Staff Vacancies

    If it no longer exists, well I am certain you can find some evidence that it existed in the past - such as other websites or social channels linking to it? Previous experience is not the only factor when assessing applications. Of course, relevant, verifiable experience would reflect positively in your application, but the other selection criteria would also be strongly taken into consideration.
  8. Forum Rules and Guidelines are up to reflect the new platform. Nothing has really changed compared to the old ones other than advertising and clarification on our Account Deletion policy. 

  9. Hi everyone, Today the Creative Corner is being closed and archived. It's original intent was to showcase merchandise, creative projects, drawings and fan fiction. Unfortunately the vast majority of topics created in this section have been YouTube channel posts which makes it REALLY difficult to discuss at a forum level. This is not an attack against those that followed the eligibility rules to use the section when the section was created. Unfortunately, the section has resulted in a prime area for new visitors to advertise their channels. I am considering a Link Directory as a POSSIBLE future replacement but have no ETA on this. Of course you are still welcome to advertise your channel in your profile and signature. Thank you to those that followed the rules and apologies for any inconvenience caused.
  10. Optic

    Rules and Guidelines

    General - applies to ALL areas of Anime Forums NO ADVERTISING your website / forum / YouTube / Discord / channel / etc. in any of the content areas. Only advertise in your profile and signature. If you have joined AF just to advertise you will immediately be flagged as a spammer and banned. Be courteous to ALL members, it's OK to disagree about differences in opinion but you must not resort to personal attacks. No linking to unlicensed downloads and streaming sites. No SPAM - no memes or pointless posts except via private Messaging and in the Forum Games section. Refrain from excessive swearing, younger visitors do visit this community. No racism, no politics, no discussion of general illicit activities. Do not harass other members via Direct Messaging and Profile Posts. No R18 content in any of areas EXCEPT in private, unlisted Clubs. Do not impersonate staff. Forums Please try to post at least 1-2 sentences in your posts. It is difficult to respond and add discuss short posts. Chat posts and casual posts should be moved to the Messaging feature or in the Random section in the Forums. Blogs Blogs and posts should be related to anime, Japanese culture, your personal hobbies or your personal life. Blogs are public. Please do not divulge personal information. Clubs There is a set limit of 2 clubs you can create and manage. Open/Public Club content may be featured on the front page from time to time, be mindful of this. Gallery If you are uploading fan art / images that someone else has made you MUST provide a link to the source and name the creator. The creator reserves the right to request it be taken down if permission wasn't granted. If you are feeling threatened, being attacked or find content that is inappropriate at Anime Forums: Report it. There is a report link below each content item. A staff member will respond to your report ASAP. Do not respond directly to the content or member as it may compound the problem. Account Deletion Policy Anime Forums is a public community. If you have had major discussions in forum topics, removing your posts can signifcantly affect the flow of the discussion as you may have been quoted. If you've been a member for sometime, and have made significant contributions to the community - your account will not be deleted. It will be anonymized. After an account is deleted or anaonymized by staff, we won't be able to restore it. Please think carefully before making this request. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask a member of AF staff.
  11. Optic

    New Staff Vacancies

    Someone asked me a question about the probation period. The probation period goes both ways, if the role is not what you expected then of course you are welcome to decline the position. Everyone else has explained it well, but just to clarify with an example: if you claim you previously worked as a moderator at MyAnimeList Forums for 2 months, then I would check with their staff to verify that.
  12. Optic

    New Staff Vacancies

    Yes I can certainly setup an online private test/dev instance, we did that before during test migration from the previous platform.
  13. Optic

    New Staff Vacancies

    Hi @brycec yes the Community Guidelines are still a work in progress since we moved to this platform. You an assume though it's pretty standard stuff: no flaming, no annoying SPAM, no blatant advertising, be considerate of spoilers, etc. The areas in the guidelines that need work is taking into account the new modules: Clubs and Blogs. Also need to re-evaluate our stance on the Creative Corner in relation to channels as we are still getting a lot of new people trying to advertise there (we'll probably go the route of either banning it altogether and just allowing profile/signature links only OR have a dedicated directory to house them).
  14. Optic

    New Staff Vacancies

    Hi everyone, As mentioned in my previous update, my life circumstances have changed significantly to a 4 day on and 2 day off rotating roster of very unsociable hours including overnights due to having to provide 24/7 support for the company I work for. With my current commitments this unfortunately leaves me with very little time to dedicate to AF and give it the attention it really deserves. My free time towards AF is split towards community management and managing the technical side (keeping the platform up to date and ensuring up-time from the web server side of things). I am therefore looking to step down from the community management side and hand the reins over to the right person. This will allow me to solely focus on managing the technical side of AF. We have the following staff vacancies available: 1x Community Manager 4x Moderator Positions (2x US, 1x Europe, 1x Asia/Oceanic) 1x Anime Page Curator Detailed role descriptions and applications can be made using this link below: https://animeforums.net/application/ If there is insufficient interest then I will unfortunately have to look at placing AF on hiatus due to lack of time and capacity from my end, so if you know anyone that is interested please do spread the word. Thank you for your support.
  15. Optic

    Test YouTube channel

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