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  1. Optic

    Whats up with the dots?

    I've changed the field type so you should be able to choose a blank option now..
  2. Optic

    Whats up with the dots?

    The pip dots are for rank, we've actually had the rank system for awhile but most of the members just changed their title so the pips were hidden. Am looking at bringing them back again.
  3. Hi @Greeneyes unfortunately due to lack of interest I didn't proceed with this.
  4. Thanks everyone for your support. @FinDee thanks for your suggestion, yes I agree. Automatic moderation via members flagging content using the Report system is on the cards.
  5. Hi everyone, We are continuing to have ongoing SPAM and new registrations from those trying to advertise. We have had manual approval put in place for new members but I am currently not able to sift through the queue in a timely manner because I am currently undergoing some challenging life circumstances. In the small amount of free time I have in ensuring the upkeep of AF, I am spending the remainder on moderating new registrations/posts instead of being able to participate in the anime discussions. In future I do intend to recruit moderation staff but I need to write guidelines and processes to accommodate this platform which I still have not been able to do yet at this time. In the meantime I am suspending new member registrations until my life circumstances improve. Apologies for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.
  6. Optic

    Am I allowed to cuss here?

    @Dot.com it's not encouraged. We don't have a clear rule on it, but you won't get in trouble for it unless you're abusing another member. In a blog post it's not a big deal but in the forum topics you'll definitely want to avoid it altogether or at the very least censor it.
  7. Optic

    Shirabe WP Small.png

    Best girl
  8. Optic

    Yo yo its ya girl

    Hi @Reiko, welcome to AF. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  9. Hi there, I've now actioned your name change request. This thread was before we had the Shop, so there was a grace period to transition the requests. From this point on, everyone else will need to use the Shop now.
  10. @Wedgy It was too finicky trying to get the image proxy to work reliably with external image hosts, so I have now adjusted the styling to remove the border from images inside signatures.
  11. Optic

    The Siblings of Fate

    Hi @the_twig, welcome to AF! Hope you enjoy your stay here. Ooh interesting to see moderating staff from Kissanime here. Welcome. To be honest I'm surprised you have a forum presence given that last time I checked it out awhile ago, it appeared your subreddit and Discord were very popular. Hope things get sorted out on the forum - any word on an ETA when it will be resolved?
  12. Optic

    Hello hello ;)

    Hi @awesomedude20, welcome to AF! Hope you enjoy your stay here. I'm a HUGE fan of Symphogear myself. Loved how ludicrous the combination of songs, and the cute battle transformations. Shirabe and Maria are my top two favourites. AXZ was pretty good but I think G is still my most favourite.
  13. Hi everyone, a reminder that personal attacks are NOT permitted. Please keep it civil or this topic will have to be closed. Thank you.
  14. Optic

    Steins;Gate 0

    Well I'm already committed to the anime adaptation and am happy with the pacing so far. It's just my own personal preference, if there's an anime adaptation I will see it first (even with knowledge there's a prior VN/manga before it) - for me, it leaves me guessing. I am sure I will definitely check it out after the anime if there are alternative endings... 😃
  15. Optic

    Hyperdimension Neptunia - Steam sale

    Put it on the credit card all the games will be back to full price on Monday..
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