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  1. Can anyone suggest any anime series with the following? Slice of life Side bursting laugh out loud comedy No romance or drama Thanks
  2. I noticed no option for updating my email address. Can I update it? Does it matter if I can't update it? Thanks in advance for any help and info
  3. MMO Junkie....it's addicting to binge watch for me currently. Not many eps yet though.
  4. I've been on hiatus for awhile. But I'm back. Sorry for late reply. I talk to them online. They are all doing well. Thanks for the advice everyone.
  5. Thanks for the reply and advice. While I really miss the way it was in the Philippines. I'm sure it's probably never gonna be the same as it was when I was there. I'm just gonna give up on travel and realize it's time to move on to something else. Anime,Manga,Comedy movies and TV shows will help to keep me laughing and smiling I hope. It's too hard to try and make friends right now. This forum and a Reddit are the only social networking I do. Other than that... I just stick with my hobbies and garden occasionally or exercise some. Thanks again for your advice. Hope your always doing fine in the Philippines. Matt
  6. Hello everyone. I just recently joined his forum. I am having a very hard time with something. I really I can get some good advice here. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. It is all some friends I made a few years ago in Cebu Philippines. They had became very close friends like family almost. I was making plans to go see them again and also invest and live in Cebu for awhile. But now with this pandemic thingy the Philippines borders have been shut off to foreigners since around March 2020. I also had stopped communication with them a long while back. Cause I just miss them too much. Well I'm losing faith in ever being able to travel there again. So I am thinking of just getting more into my hobbies and focusing on life as it is now at my home. It has been very hard to make local friends. No one seems to share my interests in my area. So I want to make friends more online. Anyways. My question to everyone is "Should I forget the Philippines and just focus on life as it is with my hobbies?" Thanks in advance for all your help Matt
  7. Hello everyone I'm new to this forum. I used forums many years ago from 1997 up to 2008. Then I just took a hiatus from internet related stuff for awhile. Since around 2012 I started using social networking sites and apps. Recently I stopped all social networking accounts that seemed to be just sitting there. I couldn't really find any active Anime groups in Facebook Instagram Reddit yada yada blah blah. Anyways I'm back to forums again. I hope to be able to make friends with similar anime manga interests. I also wish to be a more active part of this forum as time goes. Anyways a little info about me Favorite type of Anime genre is comedy and slice of life. Anything similar to uzaki chan or yuyushiki and Amagi Brilliant Park. Thanks for allowing me to join the forum. Matsu
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