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  1. Photos N' Some Other Stuff From AnimeNYC!

    Nice, great cosplay!
  2. Help finding anime... female fighter w/ light sabers?

    F******** SOUND LIKE SWORD ART ONLINE GUN GALE ONLINE B***************** I went a little overboard...
  3. Your Philosophy

    What is your favorite anime Philosophy?
  4. If it were two girls you forgot this girl! Oh yeah by picture do you mean a wallpaper or was it more like a snapshot from an anime?
  5. Newly registered

    Kool, welcome an see ya around.
  6. Help! Can Only Reply in Pictures??

  7. Chibi

    Most I found searching specific images but everyone I edited to have green eyes except for the natural one!
  8. Whoa profile change from Hyperdemension to Yu-Gi-Oh xD

    1. Optic


      Yup, Dark/Black Magician Girl is really adorable. ;) 

    2. Greeneyes
  9. A Sleepy She-wolf ( Poem )

    I'm not big on poems as I cant understand them but I think its vary properly worded, and I'm sorry you had to go into any darkness like that...
  10. Is this a good character idea?

    Creating characters is vary useful do you get requests to create characters for peoples story's?
  11. Need help finding anime? Ask here!

    Here are some Comedy's I found really funny and some I think you would to! Assassination classroom+1 Lucky Stars +1 Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid No game no life +1 Shounen Maid One Punch Man +1 Mob Psycho 100
  12. Cutest Anime Girl This Season

    Cute but not cute enough!!!!
  13. Why SAO

    I can't say I believe you I seen the first 5 Ep. of Re Zero but probably liked it x7 less but thats just me...