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  1. Greeneyes

    Whats up with the dots?

    @Optic Good to see Updates to the Forums!!!! They make better and better!
  2. Greeneyes

    Who are some of the new faces?

    Same Yea, I hope to talk more in the future! *-* Yo Nice, Good to meet you!
  3. Greeneyes

    Who are some of the new faces?

    Yes I've seen you on AF, nice to actually say Hi! Nice to meet you! We must protest the bots rights!
  4. Greeneyes

    Whats up with the dots?

    Kulio Hulio!
  5. Whats up with the dots under our Ranks?
  6. Good Idea! But what will happen to all the previous threads?
  7. Greeneyes

    Who are some of the new faces?

    So no music, LIAR BANISHMENT!
  8. Greeneyes

    Who are some of the new faces?

    Hey, Reiko nice to meet you I will definitely check out your music and I hope to be on more and see you around the forums!
  9. Greeneyes

    Who are some of the new faces?

    So I've been, not on AF for about a month or little longer and haven't really been checking content or anything so I am wondering who are some of the new people who have joined AF lately? Or as lately since there is a block on new sign ups...
  10. Greeneyes

    I need 3D software (free)

    I am doing some robotic engineering and I am using gears so before I build I would like to test it our on my computer in 3d so I need software to use....
  11. Greeneyes

    Forum Contest Completed

    I'm sorry just not enough people joined in...
  12. Unfortunately we did not get enough submissions and so I will be giving 800 points to every participant!
  13. Greeneyes

    Yo yo its ya girl

    Yo, Sup
  14. Submissions close in 6 hours!
  15. Today May 30th is the last day for Contest Submissions! Submit: https://animeforums.net/forum/88-submissions/ Info:
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