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  1. OOOOH I was thinking and was like "wtf witty" AND I remmebered an anime called Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai I don't know if this fits as well as Im hoping but if not maybe these as well: Chuunibyou Haganai Kokoro Connect The Fruit of Grisaia Trinity Seven
  2. Princess Nine - Dubbed 26 Ep. Its about a group of girls creating a team to play baseball but they play against boys and prove they can win. Also if you want more recommendations lmk
  3. Ive gotten to the part where we meet Gordon's parents... I can't say I love this anime, I really can't get past a few things: First Nozel was a complete a*sh*le to his sister all her life even over 100 Ep. in and than we learn naa its a 180 degree turn he truly loves and adores her.... I cant... 100 Ep. of world building and him telling her to back off cuz she is weak etc.... ANimAtion - If you like animation and quality Skip the fight where asta gets his demon mode, that fight shows truly terrible fight scenes in my opinion its like you got 2 characters fighting and you could replace the background with white static and it would be better. Black Bulls sqaud.... STOP ADDING ALREADY "EXISTING" TEAMATES, cant they find any other way to add people other than "oh yeah he has lived her all along" or "yeah he is a member just never shows up.." like seriously wheres the next magic knight thing where we pick more recruits huh? Just a few of my pet peeves on this show so far.... However not to say that I dont love some aspects but I think I am currently watching the show to say I watched it more than I want to watch it for funz...
  4. ixion saga dt Tokyo Mew Mew GEGEGE NO KITARO Legend of Galactic Heros? Gundam? Spelling anime dont exist my guy but maybe this Chihayafuru.
  5. Greeneyes

    Whats new?

    Lol I want to start seven deadly sins but I know once I start I won't want to stop so I am trying to wait till its fully released! You have any favs this season?
  6. Are you a treacher? Sounds like a history assignment. Its a fun idea and I will definitely participate.
  7. Greeneyes

    Whats new?

    Yea I would like to join you, umm could you explain it a little? And of course I am also enjoying the seasonal anime! I've also been playing some recent games like Modern Warfare or Borderlands 3.
  8. Greeneyes

    Whats new?

    Yo, been while since I've been on actively on AF so whats hangin?
  9. Interesting, what is this survey for if I may ask?
  10. Hey, you still interested in Fan Dub Club? Thinking about reviving it.

  11. Waves long time no see, Greeneyes

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Greeneyes


      Oh you know how it is some killing lots a stalking... Lol how ye been?

    3. Seshi


      Ah, sounds tedious for a normie like me :P 

      Doin good over here, just watching the time pass me by as they say.

    4. Greeneyes


      Lol our job as humans to observe the flow of time, fun.

  12. If you haven't tried this site here: https://animeheaven.es/detail/new-fist-of-the-north-star-dub.18193 I can look for more but this may be the best you get lmk.
  13. Was the fighting like supernatural magical or normal martial arts?
  14. Lucky Star is a pretty funny and good one no supernatural stuff. These are others: Castle Town Dandelion - This one is supernatural but not like most because it doesn't have MC's fighting to save the world or anything like that its an anime about a royal family of 9 ish kids in modern times, and they are to use their powers to help the people of their country to be chosen to become the next king. It's light-hearted and funny. Chio's School Road - This one is about a girl named Chio and her journey to school. Chunnibyuo - This one is about a Chunnibyuo=Otaku who is embarrassed about his past and meets a girl who is just like he used to be and she saw him act out is "finale seal" to put his past behind him but now she is stuck to him and his past. Gabriel Dropout - This is about an angel who was sent t earth and when she got there she comes across the online world of games need I say more? Blend S - This one is a girl who gets a ob at a coffee shop however when she tries to act nice she comes off as rude and scary mean however at this shop she plays the role as Sadistic and it is a perfect fit for her.
  15. Hmm could be a good idea but there should be requirements like a minimum amount of questions or something.

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