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  1. Hello All I'm here to vent my disappointment on the new series Ulysses with a HUGE major issue about the story so if you like the show PLEASE try to convince me otherwise that its not a garbage trash show... Now down to the issue, the show starts off a with an ok beginning introducing a curious nice boy excited about alchemy and is surrounded by 3 girls off the bat, he wants to become a alchemist but one of the girls which he likes gets taken away to fight in a war (they look young btw so weird) so he does ritual to summon help to save said girl and gets a fairy that guards the philosophers stone and to use the power he needs to do some special liquidation to it but ends up passing 7 years in a moment for him and than we are than brought to him traveling continuing to turn the rock to a liquid and ends up GIVING THE DAMN POWER TO A NEWLY INTRODUCED SECONDARY CHARACTER so basically episode one was useless and the MC has been switched and the original MC is completely useless since he will be carried by the new MC which has the power so yeah bad show.
  2. Greeneyes

    Do you play games? What kind?

    Want to play me?
  3. Greeneyes

    Do you play games? What kind?

    Anyone interested in some chess?
  4. Greeneyes

    Do you play games? What kind?

    Do you play games? Yes no? What kind? Computer, console, board games? Whats your favorite and why? What Genre? Personally I like FPS (first Person Shooter) Strategic games MMO's RPG's Mainly the ones above, some of the games I've played and currently play include: CSGO, Minecraft, Black Dessert Online, New World Alpha, Halo, ArchAge, Garry's Mod, Guns of Icarus, Total War, The Forest, Vindictus, Osu, War Thunder, Arma Elder Scrolls, etc.
  5. Greeneyes

    Favorite Profile Pic?

    @XII360 I really like your profile pic too!
  6. Hello please tell me what this anime is. I watched when i was twelve.

    The anime started off with this girl being given an artefact by her father. That artefact had a boy and a weird old man in it. The ending of the anime series had the girl turn into a giant and rest the boy in her breast

    1. Greeneyes


      Yes I will be searching for it, do any of these ring any bells? Gungrave, Roujin Z They may not all fit what you said but it is possible you mixed up 2 anime but I am still searching.

  7. Greeneyes

    Need help finding anime? Ask here!

    Ghost in the shell or cowboy Bepop?
  8. Greeneyes

    Need help finding anime? Ask here!

    Ok Ill start Looking remember any details help so even if your only 50% sure please share!
  9. Greeneyes

    Creative Corner - Closed and Archived

    couldn't one have just pasted rule that said no you-tube promotion and put a blacklist in the creative corner for direct you tube links, i see the problems with that but either way there wasn't all that many youtube promoting after the 10 topic minimun requirement was added for the creative corner before it was shut down.
  10. Greeneyes

    Is VR possible?

    Okay first off for the bear minimum we need to see in a virtual world and move in a virtual world... For the seeing in a virtual world they are creating a bionic eye to repair vision in blind or partially blind patients and they do this by connecting something to the part of the brain that processes images, to a camera on a pair of glasses (this is over simplified explanation.) and than basically they see what the camera sees instead of connecting, to a camera, connect it to a computer and code it so they see through the "camera" that would be on the head of a player model and you can see in that virtual world.. Now to move in that virtual world we would need to connect our other parts of the brain for moving limbs to a computer and code it so when a signal is sent from your brain to move an arm it would move in that world. to not hook up directly to brains we could use the New BMI tech that D.A.R.P.A created to hook up our brain to a computer without surgery.. There was a study done where they hooked up monkeys brains to a computer and they were able to move an arm to touch a target on 2d screen. What do you think? Links to studies and information: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/608844/blind-patients-to-test-bionic-eye-brain-implants/ https://www.theguardian.com/science/2013/feb/28/brains-rats-connected-share-information https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn27869-animal-brains-connected-up-to-make-mind-melded-computer/
  11. Oof my updated picture wasn't uploaded u must of had the pictures rdy before the end of the time limit.
  12. Greeneyes

    Halloween Anime Character Drawing Contest

    My entry
  13. Will get try em out and If I like what I make ill maybe submit it in the drawing contest. Og course with a Halloween twist.
  14. Greeneyes

    Halloween Anime Character Drawing Contest

    Will you be posting all the participants drawings?? Or even the winners? If they Pm you them then no one can win..
  15. Greeneyes


    Where did ye get it from?
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