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  1. Expressions of Interest: Graphic Designers

    Oooooh what did you use to make animation? @Optic About the shop I have a question Is there gonna be added where members can put up there own things like last shop?
  2. Before and after

    Before is top after is bottom I could have done more but the things I fixed kept the image clean but not to clean to really change the base.
  3. Expressions of Interest: Graphic Designers

    Mm i see that there now a point system and also that next to the amount of points there is something that says donate but you cant click it so I am wondering what the use is.. Also I am assuming there is no use for said points yet..? 1 more thing is there a criteria that has to be met in order to gain points?
  4. Expressions of Interest: Graphic Designers

    Hmm so the relaunch mean everyone starts at zero?
  5. Forum theme

    ok ok i know i was gone for like 3 days but what happend to the forums why does it look different again I honestly like the other one it looked cleaner, is it because of the theme?? @Optic
  6. A Sword Art Online one? ssyes eys yse YES
  7. help with identifying an anime

    It is......... This thread has been answered....
  8. New built pc Help

    I did it using a thumb drive thanks for all the help!
  9. help with identifying an anime

    Yeah, I just did a reverse search and opened all the tabs it came from and than seen a face and did another reverse search and still had to end up looking through a bunch of hentai but I was determined to find it..
  10. help with identifying an anime

    It took time but I found where its from its not an anime its defenitly a hentai sifting was hard but I got it its called EROGE! H MO GAME MO KAIHATSU ZANMAI
  11. Anime you're looking forward to in 2018

    I can not say what because I am currently putting a list together but I plan to watch 500 anime this year..
  12. Howdy, new guy!

  13. Hello~

  14. New built pc Help

    This is a new pc first boot, idk on the second part I just put a windows download disc i had in the optical drive...
  15. New built pc Help

    Well I never got to BIOS it goes straight to this: "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press key"
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