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  1. Ahh, Friday the 13th.... 

    would be scarier if it wasn't for the fact that my birthday falls on friday the 13th of october, sometimes! (Albeit, not this year though, since its the 13th of October, which is Sunday ;-;)


  2. Hey all, going to be dipping for a little bit, since I have a butt-load of work, uni coming up and head cold from hell.

    Will still be around, just not going to be very active. Sorry ;-;

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Seshi


      I’m sorry you’re not feeling well T.T plz get well soon and come make us smile at all your artwork again 😊

    3. Muco


      Take your time pal and get well soon.

    4. Beocat


      We'll be sick together. Get some sleep and recharge some.

  3. spent a lot of time doing writing over the last day or so, and been a little head-coldy, so haven't really had the time to do anything decent. but instead, I did try and make a little sketchy-sketch, so made this; I kinda get animation, but don't at the same time. still learning though ;-;
  4. Nova

    Lil bro have as well a box of donuts 👻

  5. Alrighty, after a whole load of stressing out over details, I made a little chibi version of Kiskuna (EV26), one of my OC Enforcers for "Memetically Me" (Which is ironic to me, since she is pretty much a chibi anyway, to an extent). Initially built to act as a mobile fire-warden, after the Omer cataclysm, she followed her dream of, and I quote "Being a bad-ass". She may look a bit intimidating (Which she is) as well as a hothead (Which she is) but she has a soft spot for helping those in need... sometimes. ...Oh, and shes also the youngest of the enforcers in regard to her mental age and also her height, standing at 3' 9.... But her size has never prevented her from hacking at all that appose her with her fire axe.
  6. Yee, but she's just a concept art for an overall species, so not a specific character per say (Known as Myci, mushroom people. They tend to be carnivores, but prefer picking off carrion)
  7. ......Meh, MS paint is annoying to use
  8. ....I usually hate drawing cute little things...... but here's Kanna sitting on ploosh cushions....
  9. thank you :3 Well, MMaM has the first 8 books shells done, so I'm currently working on finalising the first book to then find a publisher that would want to take me on Then after the first book, I want to then start writing up the "Memetically me" series, so that should maybe take 3 years or so before I could officially get it released and out there (Considering that MMaM is my main passion, so it will be taking priority for a bit :3) But that's all estimates really. will likely take longer, what with my second year of uni coming up soon and loads of art and games design Ill be starting ;-; long story short, its a lot to be doing! XD
  10. Fran bow (My favourite game) meets dead-space!
  11. Looking back on it now, I've realised that my first anime crush was celestia ludenberg from Danganronpa...
  12. "I is bell!" XD sorry, this is what happens when you mix silent hill with animal crossing haven't played AC, but I know Isabelle is popular, and I couldn't resist the pun. ^^
  13. Ahh! why thank you! *Takes the beer, which seems to disapear within the blink of an eye* .....Ahh! lovely! Party? early? awh damn, is it someones birthday or somet.... *Trails off in a drunken slur*
  14. Errrrrr.... lets see here.... 1,2, 14, 7.... ....damn, you have a lot of fingers....
  15. Shweeeeeeeeeet! I'll take 10.... and, errr, three for everyone else?

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