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  1. Do you sleep a lot or very little?

    I sleep for around 6 hours on a good evening. But to be honest, i wish I could sleep more. I sometimes feel allot better sleeping then waking. Mostly because I have a place of my own design, and a universe to explore.... ....Unlike now, in the waking world, where I have allot of work to do
  2. O_O I would like to try both..... But if i had to choose I would rather try dorayaki first.
  3. O_o So many Sneks! So much slither! Too much io! Game is good game. Rate 7/10 Needs more pudding cups.
  4. Kon'nichiwa

    A bit late from me, but welcome to the anime forums Vivi ^w^ I hope you enjoy it here. Like always, we have cookies in the back.... And we DID have pudding cups, but somebody ate them all... *stares at AniMeFReaK*
  5. How are you feeling right now?

    I feel OK. Not good, not bad. just peachy ^w^ .....Although I wish somebody would get more pudding cups for the forum.... *Looks over to the anime forum fridge, which has a single half-eaten pudding cup sat in the center of its barren shelves* .......... ;-;
  6. [Game] Tell us 5 Facts about yourself

    1. I have accumulated over 50 different nicknames. These are not limited to; Xyro, X.D, Cinnamon roll, C.P, The mascot guy, exedra. 2. Thinking creatively is my passion in life. nothing comes between me and creating stories. 3. I try to help as many people as possible, at the expenditure of my own emotional state. mostly because i know I'm way too hyper to be kept down. After a week or so, I get back up again and do allot of incredibly random stuff. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing to be honest with you ^w^ 4. I am known as being a jack of all trades, and a good one at that. there is nothing I don't strive to learn (Apart from politics... I'm not cynical enough for that XD) 5. I hope to make my writing my line of work, and I wish it could one day help others then just myself. Kind of a boring list, but I don't really have anything else to rattle off the top of my head My whole personality revolves around writing....... ha! XwX
  7. Simple: "Dont you just hate pudding cups?"
  8. Favourite Youtuber?

    Northernlion and the rest of the NLSS crew. All of them are great! ^w^
  9. Ok, so I know this is a little late into it, but I have received two more questions through PM, and I would like to share them anyway. Now, the first one that I get quite allot is advice when it comes to relationships and so forth. While I'm not truly experienced in this topic (Since I currently have no interest in a relationship, and I am completely dedicated to nothing but work and making sure friends, family and myself are ok) I can happily say without a doubt that this mostly falls into a category that I like to call "Get to know a person before you jump the boat." Thing is, you cannot rush a relationship. It takes more then a few months to get to know a person properly. In-fact, it should take you a year in order to fully understand and be with a person to get to know them fully. While some will disagree with me, you are completely entitled to do so, but like I always say; If it takes you at least 18-24 years to find out about yourself, then I don't think your going to learn about a new person in one or two months. That's ridiculous. Still, on this account, you also need to consider the situations surrounding the two of you. Obviously, certain relationships may be harder to maintain, due to work or distance. Regardless, this may prove an issue, however this should only be seen as a negative if it actively impairs the two of you. otherwise, simply finding ways around the problem is always advised, as doing so shows love and devotion to your partner. Anyway, like I said, I really shouldn't give love advice, since I wouldn't really know where to begin It's an experience that you as an individual have to learn. It affects us in so many different ways, that it is next to impossible to give direct advice. All I would suggest is holding back for a while (Aka, get to know the person better, and don't rush things, or it can come across as forced), always remain a gentlemen/lady and respect the other member within the relationship. you are both individuals after all, and you both have separate ideas and needs, such as the financial, medical and family situations. And lastly, just be yourself ^w^ If the person wont accept you for who you actually are, then it was possibly not love in the first place. .... The second question I seem to receive quite often is why I use "^w^" So much. Well, that's actually a fairly long story. A long time ago (Aka, 3 years. not actually that long, but you know ) I used to be a competitive player on a game called "Block and load" Sounds stupid, but I got on pretty well with the community (Its small now, but back then it was fairly big). When I was within the community, I used to do a tone of live-streams and competitive matches within the game, especially with the actual developers (Most were pretty nice, although one of them was one of my arch rivals at one stage.). While it was fun, I used to be called..... Well..... ....Cinnamon roll..... Don't you dare laugh! I know you are laughing! Anyway, i was called that because I wanted to make a "Emote" that was unique to me, so that whenever I was in a match, I could use it to signify that it was actually me playing. Regardless, that meant that quite allot of the players within the community saw me as a "Mascot" player, so I was dubbed the nickname of cinnamon roll, even when playing competitively. I also never used a mic, so while everyone was chatting away, i would type and play at the same time, which was rather tricky but kind of fun. Heck, i even did a live panel at one point, which was me and about twelve others from the community, and they thought it would be funny to make my stand a cardboard box with a giant neon sign above it with "Cinnamon roll". Anyway, long story short, i use ^w^ quite often in honor of that, because lets face it... ....if you cant beat them, join them
  10. Well, here we are again... I would like to start this off by simply saying that at times being down really, really sucks. We've all been through it, since its just human nature. But tell me why it has to be such a great weight, huh? Now, I always try to stay as positive as I can, but sometimes things get to me. Recently I have been going through some stuff, and in all honesty I just feel unhappy all the time. While its not exactly apparent on the surface, it feels as though there is a little part in the back of my brain that's rotting. Like a nagging doubt and decay. Either way, I just tell it to stuff it! I'm not giving in to some nagging mournful voice of doubt. I've had this before, and i sure as hell am not having it again! Anyway, regardless, the point in this was not for me to complain. In fact, I actually wanted to vent about why I love the anime forums so damn much. Over the, well, I would like to say two years as a a cover, of being on this forum, it has slowly become much like a home to me. Everyone here is like family, and I wouldn't change that for the world. So, thank you so much Optic, and everyone who has been along for the ride. it's wonderful to have such an amazing community, and I look forward to seeing where we all end up in the next few years. So yeah, just know that you are all amazing people, and you all deserve to know that. Here, we are family. Anyway, like I said, thank you so much for allowing me to feel welcome in such a loving community. Without it, I don't think I would be as happy as I always am now ^w^ (P.S: Don't worry about me either I will be fine in about a month or two. I cant stay unhappy for long. I'm too positive...... )
  11. Thank you for the follow. I'll give you one too. :) 

  12. The magic of pixel art and Photoshop ^w^
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