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  1. Ehh, drinking is one of those things where its a hit or a miss for me. if I find something I like, I'll have a good o'll swig every now and then (Maybe 1 or two every few months, especially If I'm out anywhere with buds, or at a meeting... meetings are weird ) Regardless though, I am no connoisseur of alcohol by any stretch of the imagination. My non-existant specialties will always remain in variations of tea, I suppose
  2. I sleep for around 6 hours on a good evening. But to be honest, i wish I could sleep more. I sometimes feel allot better sleeping then waking. Mostly because I have a place of my own design, and a universe to explore.... ....Unlike now, in the waking world, where I have allot of work to do
  3. O_O I would like to try both..... But if i had to choose I would rather try dorayaki first.
  4. O_o So many Sneks! So much slither! Too much io! Game is good game. Rate 7/10 Needs more pudding cups.
  5. A bit late from me, but welcome to the anime forums Vivi ^w^ I hope you enjoy it here. Like always, we have cookies in the back.... And we DID have pudding cups, but somebody ate them all... *stares at AniMeFReaK*
  6. I feel OK. Not good, not bad. just peachy ^w^ .....Although I wish somebody would get more pudding cups for the forum.... *Looks over to the anime forum fridge, which has a single half-eaten pudding cup sat in the center of its barren shelves* .......... ;-;
  7. 1. I have accumulated over 50 different nicknames. These are not limited to; Xyro, X.D, Cinnamon roll, C.P, The mascot guy, exedra. 2. Thinking creatively is my passion in life. nothing comes between me and creating stories. 3. I try to help as many people as possible, at the expenditure of my own emotional state. mostly because i know I'm way too hyper to be kept down. After a week or so, I get back up again and do allot of incredibly random stuff. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing to be honest with you ^w^ 4. I am known as being a jack of all trades, and a good one at that. there is nothing I don't strive to learn (Apart from politics... I'm not cynical enough for that XD) 5. I hope to make my writing my line of work, and I wish it could one day help others then just myself. Kind of a boring list, but I don't really have anything else to rattle off the top of my head My whole personality revolves around writing....... ha! XwX
  8. Northernlion and the rest of the NLSS crew. All of them are great! ^w^
  9. Lol, I forgot that I still had my good old Chihiro Emote!

    Good times! ^w^


  10. Xyro



    I challenge you to an all out Hedgehog war!

    The winner....

    ...gets ALL the pudding cups! O_O

    1. Optic


      Hedgehog war?

      What does that involve? :P

    2. Xyro


      Gathering a huge force of hedgehogs and going into full-on war!

      But I also bring my secret weapon.... Porcupines!

      Their quills will block out the sun!


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